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Formula For Success: What It Takes To Reach The Highest Level

formula for successFormula for success

What is the formula for success?

I was reading The Slight Edge on my Kindle this evening and came across a great quote by Thomas J. Watson, Sr.,

The formula for success is quite simple: double your rate of failure

How many athletes, regardless if you are a runner or not, have quit or just grew tired of going after the goals because they didn't reach it on their time?

I would bet there are far too many.

How hard are you willing to work if you believe success must be earned?

It is ironic that I had the biggest opportunity in the world to be a part of the army world class athlete program.

I was given a chance to train full-time, no distractions whatsoever. Personal trainer? Check. Physical Therapist? Check. Travel paid? Check.

Coach? Check…not only did I have a coach but also the last American female to win the Boston Marathon (up until 2018).

Never think you have to have it all in order to succeed. You don't. There are numerous examples of successful people who had to endure setbacks to make it.

Don't measure yourself by what you have accomplished, but by what you should have accomplished with your ability.- John Wooden

You must accept failure as your best friend sometimes and clear on your objective. Furthermore, have a stoic attitude that no matter what adversity you are going to face, you will conquer your goal.

There are countless men (and women) over the age of 40 running world-class times, that motivates me. What motivates you?

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