Forget Status

Forget Status

There are those at the bottom who are up late at hours most folks are unaware of putting in the work to live their dreams with only their heart working for them. Everyone who has worked as an employee long enough has their breaking point and will take action. One thing when I reach the pinnacle I will never do is not associate myself with those beneath me.

One of my mentors Chad Statham said it best. “Nate, we are all equals”. I had never heard someone of such prowess in the network marketing business be so humble. I had never heard anyone in the corporate world tell me that.

I can remember times being an invited elite athlete to road races being in the ‘VIP Tent’ and having runners ask me if I could give them some of the food in the tent, I brought them into the tent with me.

We ARE all equals and when you make people feel like they are important they will open up. No one in the military, which is always caught up in who is wearing the highest rank on their collar, ever told me that.

I am a Captain but I remember and have never forgotten my days as a Specialist so I can talk to a Private knowing I will learn something.

There are people sleeping on the streets and if you feel you are important or worth more than someone else because you drive a Mercedes (I have owned one) or because you got the highest earner ring on your finger you will lose.

I remember countless ‘big wigs’ who wouldn’t give me the time of day in my years in uniform because they were too caught up in status and saw my rank as beneath them.

I have also met those with the highest of ranks who were also considerate of me and they know who they are.

The Private is no less of a man or woman than the General.

I like being with people who are not caught up in having the fanciest cars, phattest homes, shiniest watches, biggest bank account. I want time freedom. I love luxury too but time freedom is first, the money and everything else is a distinct second.

People who think they know me should know that first and foremost.

No amount of money is going to give you back your time with those you love.

The hours you could have owned had you sought the  out could have been spent with your spouse, child, brother, sister, father or mother, traveling the world instead of being stuck achieving someone else’s goal.

Status is for those who think they are the biggest hog in the trough and forgotten where they were prior to finding this wonderful business model.

I intend to remain focused. The money is secondary. What will make me hustle and get out of my comfort zone is leverage and control of my time.

I have loved and hated what I have done for a living for the past 14 years and even in the best of times my time was still taken in order to get payed. This industry doesn’t care about your status, how may degrees you have, what kind of car you drive, how many years of corporate experience you have.

What it cares about is that you are willing to do what others won’t.

There is a man with a 4th grade education who can barely speak a lick of english in Houston, TX right now making $725,000 per MONTH.

More importantly, the man has control of his time.

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