Fitness Program For Weight Loss That Will Yield Results

Fitness Program For Weight Loss

One of skills as an athlete is to get individuals to break free from mental barriers and help them achieve what they believe was impossible.

I will be discussing a fitness program for weight loss combined with an intense desire to not just be interested in losing weight but fully committed to achieving your weight loss goal.

Fitness has been a part of my life for the past 23 years starting my middle to long distance running career in 1992.

Weight loss is an issue for everyone.

There are people who are physically fit who still want to lose weight so this is an area that is very important to me.

Weight loss and running

A great fitness program for weight loss is one that is comprised of running.

The problem is not everyone enjoys running as much as I do.

My brother Paul hates running and perhaps you are much like him.

There are days when even I have a hard time but the commitment is too strong to let up.

You have to expect it to be hard sometimes but don’t lead your mind into believing that your past equals your future.

If you have always been overweight there is zero excuse into believing you always will be.

The subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between reality or imagination – Billy Mills, Olympic Gold Medalist

Weight Loss And Thinking

Few people realize just how powerful autosuggestion is.

What we think and feed ourselves on a daily basis creates an effect on the subconscious mind.

Studies have proven that, on average, we have between 40,000 to 50,000 thoughts per day.

People that fail to realize their dreams and goals have more than likely talked themselves out of it – Holton Buggs, 8-figure per month earner, entrepreneur

I will tell you that none of this information is going to be easy writing because I know how hard it is to go after hard goals.

That being said, keep in mind the powerful quote by Jim Rohn

People would do better, if they knew better

The difference between you retiring 20 years earlier than your co-workers, losing weight faster than your family and friends or earning income while you sleep is a matter of researching what those around you either are not interested in seeking out or too entertained to find out for themselves.

Invest In A RunDreamAchieve Training Plan Today

It all is a choice.

Losing weight is not an easy process but I will be discussing some facts that you and quietly literally millions of other people need to know in terms of weight loss.

These suggestions and the max product I will be discussing will create a fitness program for weight loss that will make the process much easier than you expect.

A History Of Thinking

Autosuggestion was coined by apothecary Emile Coue.

What Coue discovered was that his patients could not be hypnotized against their will.

Furthermore as the effects of hypnosis waned his patients regained consciousness.

He wrote a book called Self-Mastery Through Conscious Autosuggestion.

It was published in 1920 in Europe and two years later made its way to the United States.

Coue described what he termed the Coue Method as this.

An instrument that we possess at birth, with which we play unconsciously all our life, as baby plays with a rattle. It is however a dangerous instrument; it can be would or even kill you if you handle it imprudently and unconsciously. It can, on the contrary save your life when you know how to employ it consciously.

I have seen this first hand in sport and I have seen it the way people think about how money is generated.

The truth is everyone is going to think whatever the way they see fit.

It doesn’t change your reality by thinking the same way everyone around you does.

Network marketing, to me, is a a wealth generator.

It frees people who take the time to learn it wholeheartedly, from a great deal of stress, monotony and unhappiness of a job they have no passion for.

Think Unlike The Masses

It is a state of mind and it takes someone to think differently to see the gold mine that lies within it.

The reality is people run the first time the two words are even spoken, written or hinted at.

They would rather drive to and from work, day after day for years accepting that as their reality and it doesn’t have to be, especially if they are dissatisfied than spend a couple hours per week or even per month studying a business model that could free them from what the masses are doing.

Jobs, even if you love what you do, still require you to show up in order to be payed.

Do not show up for work, do not get a paycheck.

What happens if there was a way to earn income even if you didn’t have to show up somewhere?

What would happen if there was, in fact, a money tree that did exist, provided you watered it from time to time and gave it the care it gives back to you?

It takes a different approach to generate income in alternative ways.

What your mother or father told you about money not growing on trees is not true from my experience than I thought it was and I can prove it.

It is a way to financial and time freedom but hustle is involved and weight loss as well as running take the same form of commitment.

It is all a choice.

Have you ever watched the 1972 Olympic 10,000m.

Two men fell that day.

They both are Olympic champions.

One, Mahommad Gamoudi of Tanzania and the other, Lasse Viren of Finland.

One chose to not finish the race and the other did and not only won by set a world record in the process.

Both are incredible athletes but one, on that particular day, got up won and broke the world record.

The reason why I am writing about the way we think about weight loss, network marketing and fitness is that they all are related.

If you want to be successful at losing weight you have to research what others are not.

Let me ask you this before I go any further?

Have you ever heard of the AMPK pathway?


I bet all your friends who have been trying to lose weight have never heard of it as well yet researching what it is may be the secret you have been longing for in your weight loss journey.

I hope that this post will make a difference in your life and help you see why I have been so adamant about Herbalife and what they are doing as a company for people around the world.

What Emile Coue believed in the effects of medication but also that our mental state was able to affect the actions of medications patients took.

He observed that when his patients repeated his mantra-like conscious suggestion

Every day, in every way, I’m getting better and better

replacing negative thoughts of illness with positive thoughts of cure, power, healing, he could augment their medication plan.

Do you not think this has an effect on fat cells as well?

According to Coue, repeating uplifting and positive words or images enough times causes the subconscious to absorb them and work for the betterment, rather than the predicament, of the individual.

 Distance Running

I ran several sub-par marathons before finishing as the top American at the 2007 California International Marathon.

I was a 2.40.02 marathoner prior to the start of the race that morning and left a 2.19.35 marathoner with an Olympic Trials standard and a National ranking.

This all occurred on one morning after several failures so trust me when I say this.

I am committed.

Although they may yield short-term results they are also extremely difficult to sustain and many dieters return to their former eating habits.

Reducing calories is not wise and I say that because often times it only makes us feel more tired and makes it much more difficult to workout.

We need calories in order to be active and we have to be conscious of that when trying to lose weight.

The idea here is to work smarter, not harder.

It seems all we as athletes have been indoctrinated into believing is that results only come by way of hard work.

The truth is they came from a mixture of hard work but also smarter planning.

Diet pills usually just keep you feeling ‘jittery’ or ‘wired’ and usually contain caffeine to get your body to work harder.

These come with a risk of increasing your blood pressure, heart attack and stroke.

Mindset Shift From Weight Loss To Your Metabolism

Meta-Switch’s core ingredient is Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) is a very powerful antioxidant that helps your body utilize its metabolism capability more efficiently.

It is water and fat soluble, which makes it effectively penetrate every aspect of the cell.

What ALA does is allow your body to better stimulate  your metabolic ‘master switch’ that responds to how much energy is available to your body.

You don’t have to work harder to lose weight but you do have to research and find out for yourself why more folks are lose weight with Meta Switch smarter and easier.


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