Fit Mom Fitness. How To Become Stronger In 2024

Fit Mom Fitness

Fit mom fitness is the epitome of what true strength is.

I was raised by a single mother so my admiration and respect for what mothers do will always remain high.

There are millions of mothers around the world juggling work responsibilities, raising their children and still putting in the mileage to prepare well for their races.

A true description of fit mom fitness is a determined mother.

You’ll see strong women up before the sun comes up preparing for their races or at the gym during their lunch break.

Fitness means time management for many of us.

We, who are not living the lifestyle of the full-time athlete, have to manage our time well, otherwise we are not going to live up to our expectations or meet our goals.

I have a lot of friends within the distance running community who train full-time and have no other responsibilities.

There only job is to get up and do their workouts, maybe go to the local coffee shop afterward to read, go back home and take a nap and go out again in the evening for another workout.

How do I know this?

Full Time Lifestyle

I lived the lifestyle of a full-time athlete while I was a member of the United States Army World Class Athlete Program.

It was only for 12 months and what I found out from that experience is that without some balance, you can become really dull really quick.

I ran my current best time for the marathon (2:19:35) while working full-time as a staff member of the same unit.

It wasn’t until I had failed training full time with no cares in the world that I finally earned an Olympic Trials standard when I had to balance other responsibilities.

What fit moms understand is balance, they can manage multiple tasks and still overcome.

The fit mother is just as determined and focused as any world-class athlete.

The full time athlete has no other cares other than to train.

They are not managing a full-time job on top of a full-time job along with putting in 20 to 80 miles a week.

Fit mom fitness is an example to us of us, especially males, that in order to live healthy we all need to take notes from our strong mothers and spouses raising out children.

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