Fastest 2 Mile Run

Fastest 2 Mile Run

The military is one of the most comical places to hear stories of Soldiers with their fastest 2 mile run stories.

I was recently asked what is the fastest 2 mile run I have ever ran.

The truth is the best I have ever run for 2 miles was when I was in college.

Jack Hazen, my collegiate coach and coach to many of the world’s top distance runners had us do a workout that Dr. Joe Vigil had his men and women do in Alamosa, Colorado.

It was an all out 2 mile followed by a 10 minute rest followed by 2, 1-mile reps all out.

I ran 9:27 for the 2 mile and than a 4:38 and 4:36 for the 1-mile reps.

To date, 9:27 is all the faster I have ever run for the 2 mile distance.

The world record for the 2 mile distance for a male is Kenyan Daniel Komen in Hechtel, Belgium on 19 July 1997 in 7:58:61.

For females?

Try 8:58:58 set by Ethiopian Meseret Defar in Brussels, Belgium on 14 September 2007

The Truth

The truth is how fast you can your 2 mile is nothing more than a conversation piece.

It took me a long time to realize what is most important in sport and actually there are two.

Getting the most out of your body and helping other people do the same or better what you did.

The fastest 2 mile run I have ever put up doesn’t help the guy or gal trying to lose weight, who may need someone to talk to.

Gloating about a time that is really not all that fast, that many of the nations’ top high school athletes can run, isn’t saying much.

What is is helping someone lose weight, find their focus, gain confidence and run their best.

The greatest thing you can do for your fellow man is give your time and attention to them.

As it pertains to how fast I have run a 2 mile as a military Soldier I am more impressed that people have sought me out to coach them.

I am thankful that I was able to run 13, back-to-back 2 mile runs in 10:38 with no rest when I ran 2:19:35 for the marathon distance.

You see, in the military a Soldier completing one 2 mile run in 10:38 is looked highly upon.

Soldiers, regardless of rank, do not get to see someone running in the 10 minute range that often.

The Soldiers I worked with when I was a part of the Army Word Class Athlete Program would laugh at a time of 10:38.

Now, putting 13 of them back to back with no rest would get their attention because they know only a few Soldiers in the history of WCAP have done that.

How fast you can 2 miles means little to nothing to this prestigious unit.

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If a Soldier is to even get considered they must earn an Olympic Trials standard in an Olympic Sport.

For example, if a Soldier requests to be accepted in the unit and has a sub 9:00 2-mile it may be warranted for consideration but the unit still wants to see what the Soldier can do for the long distances.

There is no 2 mile event in the Olympics so your gloating over a 9 to 10 minute 2 mile run will not get any special attention from WCAP.

The fastest 2 mile run by Daniel Komen is still, by far, in my opinion the most dominate athletic performance ever.

He broke the sub-4 minute mile twice in that performance and his world record time of 7:20 for 3 kilometers is equivalent to a 2 mile time of 7:54!

Closing Thoughts

In closing, the fastest 2 mile run you have ever done makes little difference.

You have to get more out of the sport than just telling stories about how fast you have run a 2 mile.

It does little to nothing for someone who aspires to do what you have done.

Teach and motivate them, your reward will be far greater than just the mere telling of how fast you ran in your heyday.

I am quilty of this too but I have and I still do seek to a better Soldier-athlete and motivator to other runners.

I never had much talent and I didn’t get to the military’s most prestigious athletic unit by way of being great out of high school or college.

All I had was the willingness to get better and work hard.

Athletes get very caught up with trying to impress others with their times and performances.

The biggest question and story you should be talking about is how to get them to live healthier and wealthier lives.

We have people all over the world who truly want to be healthier and have more time freedom.

Most don’t.

Most are working jobs that pay them too little, are stressed and overweight.

They want to be fit and to have more time to do the things they wish to do but simply don’t know how or where to go.

Your fastest 2 mile run doesn’t do much for their concerns so in the midst of your telling of sport stories remember you can use your expertise to impact a life.

Far greater than having someone know how fast you ran your 2 mile time.

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