Fargo Marathon 2022: Tips to Get a PR NOW

Are you training for the Fargo marathon 2022 race? If so, welcome to RunDreamAchieve, the home of running tips. My goal with this post is to help set you up for success. I have run 2:19:35 for the marathon and understand the time, effort and sacrifice it takes to prepare well for this distance. It is most definitely not an easy process. That being said, there are better ways to get better results in this sport. The big issue I see with many runners is they know how to work hard. The problem is hard working people don’t always get the results. How many highly educated, hard working people do you know who are broke? Let’s face it, trading life for linear income is not using leverage. Why are there people who drop out of high school who become millionaires or billionaires? Different strategy. These individuals are using leverage.

Leverage simply means doing more with less. What percentage of your weekly volume do you think you are training at, near or far below your goal marathon race pace? Is it 5%? 20%? I would recommend doing 40 to 45 percent of your weekly volume training at these types of intensities. If you want to race fast at the Fargo marathon 2022 race you have to prepare properly. Easy, relaxed running will not improve your lactate tolerance. The only way to get this adaptation to occur is training at paces much faster than you are planning on racing at.

Long Runs

I am a big believer in doing faster, varied pace long runs. The reason being is it builds the stamina and strength you will need to sustain at the 2022 Fargo marathon. Yes, most people can run a portion of their marathons at race pace. The problem is they run out of glycogen, improperly pace themselves or get too hyped up in the early stages of the race. You need to be patient in the early miles or kilometers of the race and attack in the second half. Of course, you can still run a positive split and set a huge personal best. It just depends on the day and how you taper for your race. I hit the first half of my 2:19:35 in 1:07:09 and came back with a 1:12:26.

Could I have run much faster had I went out somewhat more conservative? I don’t know to be honest but looking back, probably not. I was still at 1:44:05 at 20 miles (5:11 mile pace) and didn’t really start hurting badly until the last 5 kilometers of the race. Furthermore, I didn’t really hit a wall in the race which is what I want for you. Again, training at paces at, near and far below your goal race pace will set you up for success. So, running 100 miles a week at paces that are far too slow won’t help. Yes, you will certainly build endurance but not speed development. You need to be doing 1, vo2 max workout per week. Vo2 max workouts are conducted at sprint paces. Thus, you recruit more fast twitch muscle fibers. The more of these you can recruit the more efficient you are going to be able to run in the Fargo marathon 2022 event.

What is the Date of the Fargo Marathon 2022?

The 2022 Fargo marathon weekend runs through May 16-21 2022. So, make sure to register well in advance to ensure you are paying the least amount of money. Also, get your hotel reserved well in advance as well. There is no need in paying the highest prices when you get everything lined up months in advance. I want to also share another big secret that helped me lower my marathon PR from 2:43:36 to 2:19:35, faster paced long runs. There are many runners who run long, slow and easy every weekend. Yes, they still do their tempo runs and track workouts but miss this vital step. Always alternate a faster, varied pace long run the following week with an easy, jog long run. Remember, recovery is essential. There is only so many times you can continue to push the body before you get diminished returns.

I still see too many runners running too fast on easy days and far too slow on hard days. Again, you need to stress the anaerobic systems of the body so you can get the highest returns on your time investment. The hardest working runners don’t always get the results. The smartest athletes usually do. So, it isn’t about the amount of mileage you are putting in. It is about the quality of those miles or kilometers you are running that counts the most. Remember, the goal here is to improve you lactate tolerance. You want to be able to race more economical or efficient as compared to your competition. Yes, it takes patience and time in order to master this. I recommend investing in a running course or training plan here. The reason being is these resources take the guesswork out of your preparation.

What is the Fargo Marathon Route?

The Fargo marathon is a mainly flat course and is one of the best marathons to qualify for Boston on. Of course, flat and fast courses are not fast unless the athlete is in great anaerobic shape and well-prepared. The goal here is to ensure you are making the necessary changes in order to get a new personal best. You also need to start doing longer tempo runs. What is see many runners doing are shorter AT runs around 4 to 5 miles. Of course, you are certainly going to build stamina and strength. That being said, this is the marathon. So, start thinking about doing tempo runs more toward 8 to 14 miles in length.

Again, you have to think long-term here. The ability to do tempo runs of this length will take time. The running courses I teach here and training plans I created are focused on a 16-week build up. 4 months is plenty of time to prepare properly for the Fargo marathon 2022 event. Are you readying this post and it is past May of 2022? No problem. You can still use these tips and strategies regardless of race distance or the date. Again, it is all about become more efficient at handling higher amounts of lactic acid.

How Many People Run in the Fargo Marathon?

The are about 22,000 people, both runners and non-runners, who compete in the Fargo marathon each year. I want you to also start jogging on recovery days. A big mistake I see runners making is running far too fast on recovery days. Your hard days should be exactly that, extremely difficult and challenging. That being said, your easy days should be totally relaxed. I have trained with sub 2:10 marathoners who would go out and run 9 to 10 minute mile pace on their easy days.

Remember, these are athletes who can run well below 5 minute mile pace for 26.2 miles. So, if they can do this so can you and I. How well have you hydrated in your past marathons? Do you think you drank enough in your past races? A big mistake many marathoners make is sipping in the race rather than drinking enough fluid. In addition, ingesting far too few calories in the race. I would recommend ingesting 3 to 4 gels in your next marathon. Also, start practicing hydrating better in your long runs in your preparation. Always make training the most difficult part of your preparation as you lead into the Fargo marathon 2022 race event.

Closing Thoughts

So, let your competition be uptight and nervous the morning the race, not you. Training should be the most difficult part of the process. So, when it comes time for you to race there is nothing your competition is going to throw at you that you have not already encountered in training. Make sure to subscribe to the RunDreamAchieve YouTube channel. I create new videos each week to help runners such as yourself get to the next level in their training and racing. I am excited to hear about your future personal best at Fargo and your other races.

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