F3 Half Marathon Race Review and Tips

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A long run is an integral component of half marathon training plans, taking place over a weekend and including speedwork, cross training and hill repeats. After your long run it should be followed up with either rest or light exercises to prevent injuries from arising.

Before, during, and after your race it is vitally important that you drink water to stay hydrated. A sports beverage or water with electrolytes should also be consumed post race to replenish fluids and minerals lost from sweat.


The F3 Half Marathon offers a fast and flat course along Chicago’s Lakefront, making this event one of the few remaining independently-owned large winter races. A great test of endurance for runners training for spring marathons or simply looking to stay fit through winter months.

There will be medical aid stations throughout the course, as well as porta-potties at every mile marker. Timing services provided by ARE Event Productions allow runners to easily check their results via GUN and NET times online. At 10:30 am, runners will be honored at an awards ceremony held on the main stage at George R. Brown Convention Center – they’ll receive their medal as a keepsake!

SAG vans will be available at each Medical Aid Station to collect runners who cannot complete the full distance due to physical or time restrictions and drop them back off at George R. Brown Convention Center on a rolling schedule. Runners should wait near one of these pick-up points in order to request one; our SAG team may also assist if needing a ride across to the finish line.


Training plan preparation is key for the success of any half marathon race. A good plan will consist of weekly distance runs, cross training exercises and strength building workouts as well as one recovery and rest day per week.

Running a half marathon is an impressive accomplishment that takes dedication. No matter if it is your first race or second, taking an intentional approach to preparation is key to success. Starting slowly and gradually increasing mileage and intensity is best; but don’t try too hard too soon – make sure to get plenty of rest, consult with your physician or trainer, and enjoy every moment!

Race day

The F3 Lake Half Marathon & 5k has become an annual tradition among runners in Chicago and is known for being a recession-proof race created by Kimberley and her running friends after traveling to warm weather “destination races” during winter months. She decided to create the F3 Lake Half Marathon locally by inviting friends over for runs around Soldier Field’s United Club course – word quickly spread, and its inaugural year proved hugely successful! Physicians Immediate Care has also been part of this great race from its inception, providing volunteer first aid staff on course and offering hot cocoa at its finish line to all runners participating.

Results will be made available to participants on race day through the results tent, with award winners announced at the main stage. Age group awards are determined based on Clock Time (when participants cross their starting mat) and Chip Time (when crossing finish line), to include non-competitive runners who wish to receive their medal and shirt.


Kimberley and her teammates always look forward to hosting Chicago’s original winter half marathon, Montrose Harbor Winter Half. Kimberley and her friends take great pleasure in hosting it each year, and as seen through past blog posts the F3 team are hard at work making sure everything comes together for another fantastic race day! So whether you are an experienced runner or just beginning, we hope this blog post inspires you to get out and run this winter – see you out there on the course!

F3 Events was started in 2009 by a group of runners who were sick of traveling long distances to warmer climate races during wintertime.

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