Ekrin B37 Massage Gun Review

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If you’re searching for an advanced, professional massage gun, the Ekrin B37 is your top pick. Not only is it lightweight and portable, but also comes with its own travel case for convenient storage.

The B37 features five optimized speeds designed to target specific areas. Thus, giving you deep percussive treatment or lighter stimulation depending on the speed. Depending on its speed, it can increase blood flow and aid muscle recovery.

Is Ekrin B37 TSA Approved?

The Ekrin B37 is no slouch when it comes to massage technology. It boasts up to 56 pounds of force and an eight-hour battery life among other impressive claims of victory. The model has five speeds, four attachments, as well as ultra quiet technology for added peace of mind. The B37, the most expensive model in our lineup, carries a price tag of $230. So, it is an amount not to be underestimated. That being said, you get what you pay for.

Plus, you get an impressive 365 day warranty. Also, a 30-day money back guarantee, and free shipping in the US (except Alaska and Hawaii) with this purchase. Nothing beats having a device on hand to relax sore muscles and joints after an exhausting day at work. It’s beneficial for everyone involved. So, you get to keep the novelty after you arrive home. Also, can continue enjoying its soothing effects for some time to come.

What is the Best Massage Gun in the World?

Are you searching for an effective way to relax sore muscles while traveling or simply need a quality massage gun? If so, the Ekrin B37 is an excellent option. It provides powerful percussion therapy which will help reduce pain and speed up recovery time.

If you’re used to power drill-shaped guns, the Ekrin B37 offers a curved handle that takes some pressure off your wrist (especially useful for extended usage). Standard power drill-shaped guns can be quite harsh on wrists so opt for one designed with comfort and versatility in mind.

Percussion massage guns provide deep, vibrational massage through percussive movements. This type of treatment is particularly beneficial for athletes or those who are physically active throughout the day since it helps reduce stress, promote blood flow, and reduce inflammation.

How Much Does the Ekrin B37 Massage Gun Weigh?

Percussion massage guns are an effective way to soothe sore muscles. Not only do they increase range of motion and promote muscle recovery after workouts, but they can also aid with cell regeneration and blood flow.

The Ekrin B37 is one of the top massage guns on the market, boasting up to 56 pounds of force and ultra-quiet technology that lasts up to eight hours. Plus, its lifetime guarantee makes it stand out even for entry-level products.

At just 2.2 lbs, the Ekrin B37 is not as heavy as some of its rivals on this list. This makes it convenient to carry around and takes up less room in your gym bag.

The B37 also features a retroactive force meter to monitor how much pressure you apply to your body. This is beneficial as it means you can modify your intensity if it becomes too harsh for you. Plus, its 16 millimeters deep penetration into soft tissue makes it perfect for targeting trigger points and muscle knots.

Ekrin B37 vs Theragun

If you’re searching for a powerful yet quiet percussion massage gun, the Ekrin B37 is one of the top choices available. This model delivers similar performance as top models from Theragun and Hypervolt at half the price point.

The Ekrin B37 features a brushless motor that runs cooler, quieter and more efficiently than brushed motors while also providing more power. Furthermore, with speed settings ranging from 1400-3200 rpm, you have more control over how intensely you massage is.

Battery life is another essential factor to consider, and the Ekrin B37 delivers. It boasts a Lithium-ion battery developed by Samsung that provides up to 8 hours of treatment sessions before needing recharge, in comparison with Theragun Prime’s 2 hour runtime.

What’s Better than the Theragun?

The Ekrin B37 is an impressive value in the massage gun market, boasting high-quality construction, superior performance, padded carrying case and lifetime warranty. However, it’s not alone in this competitive space.

Both Theragun and Hypervolt offer powerful, percussion-based devices that are user friendly. However, there’s a clear distinction in their design philosophy.

Theragun’s devices feature a triangular multiple grip design for better handling and ergonomics. This means you can use it without needing too much wrist extension, leading to less fatigue if your hands are small or tight.

Hypervolt’s designs are more T-shaped and power tool like, while their handles don’t feel as comfortable to hold or use.

Hypervolts aren’t bad, but they don’t feel quite like a high-end massage device. Furthermore, their power isn’t quite up to par with Theragun and their jackhammer design may make it difficult to reach all your muscles.

How Many Decibels is the Ekrin B37?

Are you searching for the ideal gift for your fitness-minded friend or family member? Consider getting them an Ekrin B37. Designed specifically with athletes in mind, this percussive massager will help them feel and perform at their peak performance with improved range of motion, blood flow and muscle recovery.

The Ekrin B37 is an incredibly versatile percussion massage gun perfect for anyone, from novices to experts. You can use it to target large muscles, sensitive areas and even activate pre-workout muscle groups.

Its brushless motor is significantly more powerful than a brushed one and runs cooler and quieter, as well as being lighter and longer-lasting.

In addition, the B37’s motor produces an impressive 56 pounds of stall force and five optimized speeds tailored for your needs. Plus, it comes with four attachments suitable for various uses, including a flat head, ball attachment and fork attachment.

Another advantage of this massage gun is its 15deg angled handle, which reduces wrist fatigue and allows you to reach hard-to-reach places. Furthermore, its battery can last for eight hours without charging – much longer than other models we’ve tested.

Ekrin B37 vs B37S

The Ekrin B37 and its sister product, the Ekrin B37S, are two of the most sought-after massage guns on the market. Both offer great value for athletes and anyone else seeking quality massage guns at an affordable price point.

Both models offer similar attachments, but the Ekrin B37S also incorporates a unique locking mechanism on its massage heads. Previously held in place by rubber o-rings, this new design now features an easy-to-use locking mechanism to keep them securely in place and prevent them from flying around during use.

One major distinction between the B37S and its predecessor is its reactive force sensor, which helps regulate stall force exerted by the motor. This feature enables you to apply precise pressure at specific speeds.

The Ekrin B37S is even more powerful than its predecessor due to improved percussions and a progressive speed system that provides 30% more power on speeds 1-3. Plus, it produces variable frequencies on top of those levels for even deeper percussive effects with each press.

Ekrin B37S vs Theragun Elite

The Ekrin B37S is their entry-level massage gun designed to compete with more popular models from market leaders. Aimed at being a mid-range option, this model strives for excellence in key areas like battery life, speed settings and amplitude.

The B37S boasts an impressive Lithium-ion battery developed by Samsung that I tested to provide power for up to 8 hours – more than enough time for a full treatment session. Furthermore, it comes equipped with its own built-in power adapter and an LED display indicating when the battery is low.

It features a thin and long handle for comfortable gripping and using. Furthermore, its rubberized surface helps prevent slippage when massaging your hands.

The B37S features four head attachments to target specific muscle groups. With its three-hour battery life and TSA approval, you can take it on-the-go for convenience.

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