Ealing Half Marathon Review and Tips

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Ealing Half Marathon has been named Britain’s Best Half Marathon three consecutive years. Thus, making it West London’s only fully road-closed half marathon race. Organised by Ealing Half Marathon CIC, this race starts and finishes in Lammas Park.

This year’s event is sure to draw thousands of runners. So, you can experience #EalingFeeling while earning themselves an eye-catching medal at its conclusion.

How Many People Run the Ealing Half?

Thousands of participants will take part in this year’s Ealing Half Marathon. Thus, making it a favorite race among runners of all abilities and boasting its vibrant community atmosphere. Many will use it as their gateway race towards their 2022 goals.

Runners can expect to be welcomed by an enthusiastic audience throughout the course. In addition, be made to feel like superstars when crossing the finish line. The race starts at Lammas Park and winds its way through scenic countryside. Also, occasional hills, runners will experience being cheered on from spectators along the route. The event has an anticipated capacity of 7,000 attendees and is managed by a team of experienced professionals.

Ealing Eagles Running Club provides runners with weekly training runs. So, you can familiarize themselves with the Ealing Half Marathon course before the big race day arrives. Open to all runners, these sessions provide an invaluable opportunity to meet other local runners while building up running confidence. With participants from across the world joining, this event remains highly acclaimed!

Where Does the Half Start?

Come experience London’s only fully road closed half marathon and experience that #EalingFeeling! Runners from around the World come together at this popular race, from central Ealing through Montpelier, Pitshanger and Hanwell before returning back via Uxbridge Road and Lammas Park – it even might even be your birthday on race day – welcoming runners with special signs welcoming runners from everywhere – you may even spot one dedicated just for you.

To reach the race, take either Route 65 (Richmond-Ealing) or Route 207/427/E8 (Ealing Broadway-Hayes). Both services stop at South Ealing Station which is just steps from the start area and parking facilities operated by Ealing Council are located nearby. Alternatively, catch the tube to Lammas Park and walk from there; spectators should note that road closures will begin prior to event commencement with no access available after last runner has left starting line.

What is a Decent Half Marathon?

An effective half marathon time depends on several factors, including your age, fitness level and weather conditions on race day. Most first-timers strive to finish within two hours as an acceptable goal for such a lengthy distance race.

Apart from its breathtaking course and breathtaking views, this event boasts excellent organization and spectator support. Starting in a pedestrianised area and winding through leafy suburbs and parks with spectators cheering you on every step, people wearing pajamas high-fiving you, children high-fiving runners as they pass, as well as different running clubs providing water and treats to runners makes this race unforgettable!

No surprise this race has won Britain’s Running Awards year after year; it offers something suitable for both novice and veteran runners alike. Even if hills pose too great a challenge to attempt a Personal Best time (PB), its efficient organisation and breathtaking route make this must-do event for all runners.

How Many Weeks Does it Take to Train for a Half Ma

Training for a half marathon varies depending on your level of fitness and race goals. Beginners or those taking time off running may require 12-14 weeks before race day; those seeking competitive times typically train 16 weeks before running the event.

Most training plans include four to five running days each week. In addition, at least one rest and recovery day each week as well as plenty of restorative sleep for maximum recovery from workouts and injury prevention.

Long runs are a crucial element of half marathon training, gradually increasing in mileage until race day arrives. Focus on long runs for maximum confidence on race day; however, don’t be intimidated if life gets in the way; missing one workout won’t hinder your efforts to reach your goals; skipping more will only make reaching them harder.

Is Ealing Half Flat?

The Ealing Half Marathon is an ideal race for runners looking for a fast time or those wanting to see some of London’s iconic sights. The course itself boasts multiple twists and turns and while not perfectly flat, is nonetheless fast; in fact it ranks among one of the fastest races in Britain!

This 13.1 mile single lap course begins and ends in Lammas Park and takes runners through Central Ealing, Montpelier, Pitshanger, West Ealing Hanwell St Stephens before returning back to Lammas Park for its celebratory finish line celebration. Last year’s run had to be postponed due to COVID-19 restrictions but this year we can expect around 5,000 runners, thousands of spectators, and hundreds of volunteers who are raising money for charity through volunteering – this event should draw thousands!

Winners of both races were presented with cash prizes as well as Altra trainers from Up & Running, as well as age group awards including those who ran in fancy dress. Ealing residents who ran fastest received additional recognition.

Ealing Half Marathon Route

Feel the #EalingFeeling at London’s only fully road closed half marathon! Runners of all abilities will experience a UKA measured course, chip timing, water stations along the course and quality medals along with fantastic local support from thousands of spectators and 700 volunteers!

Lammas Park Half Marathon has won multiple awards since 2012, including being recognized as ‘Number One Half Marathon for Atmosphere. Spectators are welcome to line the route and cheer you all the way until your incredible finish where you will collect a unique medal!

Join us for a unique community event and family day trip at London’s only fully road closed half marathon! This year features a brand-new route and medal to commemorate your accomplishments! In addition, artist Charlotte Berridge has designed an exquisite stylised illustrated map print of Ealing Half Marathon that makes an excellent keepsake or gift; personalise it by including your name and running time for extra special keepsake or present giving!

Ealing Half Marathon Date

Last year’s inaugural community race brought out thousands of runners on September 1st for what has become one of the fall running calendar’s staple events – it won the UK Best Half Marathon title three years running at The Running Awards!

The 13.1-mile race starts and finishes in Lammas Park and follows a single lap around Central Ealing, Montpelier, Pitshanger, West Ealing Hanwell St Stephens with roads closing only briefly while runners pass by and reopening no later than 30 minutes after their last passing.

Organisers of Ealing Half Marathon CIC encourage local residents and businesses to become actively involved with and support this event. There are various volunteer roles available, including helping set up the race village at Lammas Park or guiding runners on local roads.

If you are interested in joining in, visit the race website for more details and sign up to receive updates about this year’s event from its organizers.

Where is Ealing Half Marathon?

The Ealing Half Marathon has been running since 2012, winning multiple awards along the way and being named by both runners and spectators as “#1 in UK for atmosphere.” A great autumn half marathon option starting and finishing in Lammas Park and featuring an event village. Get that #EalingFeeling with this race!

This course takes runners through Central Ealing, Montpelier, Pitshanger, West Ealing Hanwell and St Stephen’s on one lap of fully closed roads and spectator-lined streets. Supporters cheer runners as they complete each lap. Spectators and supporters line the streets to cheer runners along. Anyone wanting to participate should register by August 31st as race packs will only be sent out after this date.

On the course, there will be five water stations located at St Peter’s at two miles; St Barnabas four miles later; St Mary’s Hanwell six miles out; and finally at St John’s Mattock Lane when runners have one mile remaining. Furthermore, Move Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Clinics will have a booth in the race village providing massage therapy services.

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