Dopey Challenge Running Review and Tips

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Following the success of Goofy Challenge, Disney launched Dopey Challenge as an even tougher event that involves running five races over four consecutive days – 5Ks, 10Ks, half marathons and full marathons – over four consecutive days. This new event requires intense training to be successful.

The Dopey Challenge can be both expensive and rewarding. Many runners prepare for it using Hal Higdon’s marathon training plans or Run Disney’s Jeff Galloway plan, two proven strategies.

It’s a Commitment

No doubt about it; the Dopey Challenge can be an intimidating feat. Held during runDisney Marathon Weekend each January, participants complete four races (a 5K, 10K, half marathon and full marathon) over four consecutive days – no easy feat. But with proper planning and preparations made, completing this challenging feat may still be possible!

One of the best ways to prepare for a marathon is through consistent and appropriate training. One effective strategy for doing this is following a running plan and sticking to it, or finding an in-person coach or trainer as support during long distance training. Involve friends or partners as support systems as having someone reminding you about what an incredible achievement the Dopey Challenge is can also be invaluable.

The Dopey Challenge is runDisney’s most difficult race, yet still achievable if you dedicate yourself to training. A strong mental game is also key – be willing to take risks and push beyond your comfort zone to achieve success!

If the Dopey Challenge is too daunting a commitment for you to undertake, register for one of runDisney’s other races instead. Most weekends they host Goofy Challenge and Walt Disney World Marathon – offering various distance options but all providing unique experiences at Walt Disney World while testing yourself physically.

Running the Dopey Challenge is both rewarding and fun. Medals are awesome, and crossing the finish line will feel fantastic; plus you’ll score some extra shirts and merchandise exclusive to runDisney – but the biggest payoff comes from knowing you completed one of its most difficult races; people will marvel over your unique running bling collection and ask about you after your amazing accomplishment. So if taking on this Dopey challenge appeals, start training today.

It’s a Challenge

The Dopey Challenge is an endurance event held by runDisney that requires serious commitment and training. Training for this marathon-length race may take several months of hard work, as you won’t be able to just “wing it” come race day. With four races spread out over consecutive days awaiting you, however, the reward of having completed this incredible journey can only be described as incredible; your accomplishment will forever become known as one who finished.

Dopey Challenge runners compete to complete four events on consecutive days at Walt Disney World — 5K, 10K, half marathon and full marathon — within three months to earn six medals, including an exclusive Dopey Challenge medal. Brittany Charboneau became the first female winner ever of Dopey Challenge’s 29-year history by successfully competing all four races during 2017.

Runners hoping to complete the Dopey Challenge should follow a comprehensive training plan that includes long runs on weekends and weekdays, cross training, short walks and regular training with their trainer or purchasing an educational book on this topic – Jeff Galloway and Chris Dumler’s training plans are popular choices in this regard.

Plan of Action

As a novice runner, it is wise to start out by running shorter distance races such as 5Ks. This will enable you to test out your endurance before embarking on more extensive ones and can give your mind time to rest before entering longer-distance events.

As runners taking part in the Dopey Challenge, arriving early at Disney World can help acclimate you to its heat and humidity, and ease any concerns over jet lag. Plus, this gives you time to explore its parks and attractions before your race day arrives!

At races, keep an eye on your total running time. Since there’s limited extra time available for character photo stops, be strategic about which characters to visit first and ask ahead-of-you friends who text about which ones may save time by texting you ahead about which are coming up on the course.

It’s a Vacation

The Dopey Challenge is an annual runDisney event hosted each January at Walt Disney World and comprises four races: 5K, 10K, half marathon, and full marathon. Participants who complete all four events receive six medals as a prize; these include Goofy Race medals as well as Dopey Challenge medals! Completing all four races requires extensive training but will leave an imprint that you will remember throughout your life! It is truly one of the toughest runs available and will stand as an unforgettable milestone to look back upon forevermore!

At 6 am on race morning, runners begin the Dopey Challenge 5K run. It’s an ideal way to kick-off their weekend and meet characters and ride rollercoasters; however, its dense crowd can make navigation difficult; those hoping to set a personal best should keep in mind they may miss some attractions and may need to wait in long lines for busses or security if attempting this record attempt.

As well as participating in the race itself, runners will also need to attend the runDisney Health and Fitness Expo held at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex on Wednesday. Packed with vendors and speakers alike, it offers runners an invaluable opportunity for finding running gear and nutrition they might otherwise miss out on.

Dopey can be an exhilarating social experience, yet not for those new to competitive running. Participants of this challenge must wake up very early each morning – something which may prove challenging. When preparing for Dopey it is also essential to account for time zone differences when arriving in Florida; arriving a few days earlier allows your body to adapt. It will also give you time to sample some local cuisine and explore Florida’s unique surroundings.

It’s a Reward

The Dopey Challenge is a challenging runDisney event held during Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend each January. Comprised of five races over four consecutive days – 5Ks, 10Ks, Half-Marathons and Marathons – The Dopey Challenge offers 48.6 miles of running fun while giving runners a great way to stay active while experiencing Walt Disney World parks!

Dopey is not intended for beginners and requires extensive training to meet its challenge. If you want to take on this daunting endeavor, training should continue for three or more consecutive days while gradually increasing mileage. In order to fully adapt to Florida weather and timezone conditions, arriving a few days in advance would also help acclimate.

Individuals who complete all four events receive the Dopey Challenge medal – it’s the toughest of runDisney challenges and requires dedication, but you will feel proud about achieving such an accomplishment! It will leave you feeling accomplished!

Closing Thoughts

A 5K is often the busiest race of a weekend. While this event provides an ideal way to shake out nerves before more strenuous races later on in the weekend, too much speed too quickly could lead to early burnout. Proper nutrition on race day is crucial to prevent cramps and ensure adequate energy reserves for an uninterrupted distance run.

At Marathon Weekend we saw some truly inspiring runners compete in marathon and half-marathon races. One such runner, Brittany Charboneau, even accomplished an astounding feat – winning all four Dopey Challenge races! She did it with flair – running in Elsa from Frozen costume at 5K; Bing Bong from Inside Out costume at 10K; Joy from Inside Out costume at Half marathon distance; and Cruella de Vil from 101 Dalmations!

Dopey Marathon is not for novice marathoners. This intense, challenging run requires experience runners only and should only be attempted after having run several half-marathons and marathons beforehand. Following one of our RunDreamAchieve training plan’s is the most efficient way to prepare yourself for this endeavor and give yourself the best chance at success.

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