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Are you seeking a curved treadmill? This is a new concept in treadmill technology. Curved treadmills have not been around for that long but are gaining ground in the fitness world.

In this post we’ll be covering the top 2 curved treadmill solutions for the serious athlete. 

curved treadmill
…or 2021 and beyond!

How Are Curved Treadmills Different?

A curved treadmill does not require electricity. This is a game changer saving on your personal or company electricity bills.

No one needs high utility bills anyway. If you are the owner of a business which operates high-end treadmills curved treadmills may be a welcome addition.

If you are the serious professional seeking the very best in treadmill technology curved treadmills may be up your alley.

Curved treadmills force you to run on the balls of your feet. This is a more natural style of running. You are using far more muscle groups compared to running on regular treadmill types. The majority of runners have a traditional heel strike. This forces you out of that style of running.

Curved Treadmill Benefits

What are the benefits of curved treadmills?

There are many and here are a few to keep in mind. They:

  1. Increase your aerobic fitness
  2. Less ground reaction forces on the joints and ligaments of the body
  3. Allow you to work on speed training i.e. technical work, acceleration,
  4. Anaerobic strength (sprint workouts)
  5. Anaerobic Threshold training i.e. fartleks, tempo runs, timed intervals (repeat 400m, 800m 1-mile, 2-mile, 3-mile etc)

Does A Curved Treadmill Use Different Muscle Groups?

The answer to that is a resounding yes. The sensation while running on a curved treadmill as opposed to the traditional treadmill is different.

Very different. One, you are using more of your muscle groups. You are the one that is pushing the treadmill belt. The electricity is not coming from the socket but your body propelling the belt forward.

Traditional treadmills do the work for you whereas curved treadmills require you to do more of the work. You are recruiting more muscles groups such as the hamstrings and glutes.

Energy expenditure is far higher on a curved treadmill as opposed to traditional treadmill running.

Curved treadmills are a gold mind for runners, marathoners and working professionals interested in a new way of training.

Additional Benefits of Curved Treadmills

You are burning more calories in comparison to the traditional treadmill. Traditional treadmills run on electricity making it far easier on the athlete. Curved treadmills require the athlete to do all the work.

The design of curved treadmills forces you to run on the balls of your feet. This takes the impact off of your joints. The result is better running performance and biomechanics.

Caloric expenditure has been sown to be 30 to 40 percent higher on a curved treadmill compared to a traditional flat treadmill. There are obviously other options such as standing-desk treadmills, quiet treadmills and under-desk treadmills.

The one that will burn the most calories and teach you to run correctly is the curved treadmill.

Curved Treadmills Provide A Harder Workouts

Per the Borg Scales Increased Rate of Exertion is 1.44 units higher on curved treadmills. This cannot be matched on the traditional flat treadmill.

Your heart rate is 22% higher and VO2 Max is 41% greater at the same speed as compared to a flat treadmill.

Why Consider Purchasing A Curved Treadmill?

It is an enormous cost saver if you are a gym owner, own a business or have employees that like to workout during lunch hour.

They are far more safer to operate as opposed to regular flat treadmills. They have an enormous cost savings so your utility bills will be non-existent at least as it pertains to treadmill use.

There is no heat generated between the belt and transport system so maintenance costs will be far lower. Conventional treadmill belts are normally comprised of cotton nylon material.

There is a far lower lifetime cost of a curved treadmill due to the fact no electricity is required. There is also longer service life because there are no motorized parts.

What Is The Curved Treadmill Price?

Curved treadmills usually cost more than conventional treadmills but also last far longer. The below listed curved treadmills range in price between $4000 to just under $5200.

If you are looking at the long-term ROI (return on investment) not to mention this is a one-time cost it is a no-brainer. If price is an issue for you perhaps a rent to own treadmill would be a better fit for you.

You get what you pay for. If you want to take your fitness and business to the next level, save on costs and get an even better workout curved treadmills is where it is at.

Our Top Motorless Treadmill Picks

If you are searching for a curved running machine below are our best choices for your fitness and business.

Woodway Cordless Curved Treadmill

woodway curved treadmill

The woodway cordless curved treadmill has no maximum speed. It is entirely up to the individual as to how fast you want to run, walk or jog on this treadmill.

You can attain a full sprint in only a few explosive strides.

The Woodway requires no electricity. Save on utility bills at your home, office or business. A great alternative to not only your fitness needs but you can greatly lessen your maintenance costs as well.

You will burn 30 percent more calories using the Woodway compared to any other treadmill. The belt on the Woodway cordless curved treadmill can last up to 150,000 miles without needing to be changed once.

The Woodway belt contains 120 ball bearings meaning it glides and will last for years. This is the biggest significant return on investment.

Spend $2000 on a traditional treadmill or a few extra grande on a curved treadmill. One that will last far longer and produce greater results for yourself and your clients.

woodway cordless curved treadmill
assault fitness airrunner

Our favorite among all curved treadmills is the Assault Fitness AirRunner.

Save on electricity costs big time using this curved treadmill. Athletes up to 350 pounds can use this device with ease.

The AirRunner has a belt life of 150,000 miles. Try that with your conventional treadmill. That is not a typo.

A One-Time Investment

How many treadmills have you used or seen other gym or business owners having to replace? The savings on this alone is well worth the one-time investment of purchasing a curved treadmill.

If price is a touchy subject consider the savings you’ll have investing in this curved treadmill. It is like switching from a gasoline powered toyota compared to a Tesla P100D.

The AirRunner has no motor so no worries about having to change a new motor every few hundred (or less) uses by yourself or your gym members. The AirRunner make training at the optimal level possible.

The shape of the device forces you to run on the balls of your feet making you run more economically. It has a shipping weight of 280 pounds. It is also the lightest treadmill in the marketplace.

assault fitness airrunner

In summary, there are a few more curved treadmills in the market place but these two are the best that I have seen or would consider purchasing.

Durability and longevity are the name of the game when it comes to gym equipment. The long-term return on investment on curved treadmill is light years ahead of the traditional flat treadmill.

The belts on curved treadmills last up to 150,000 miles, they have no motors and the user has to propel it forward. That is a win-win situation.

Hopefully this curved treadmill review has given you some incentives and ideas for your gym, home or business needs.

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