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Take your training and racing to the next level. Go beyond just the interaction of the RunDreamAchieve YouTube channel. The best middle to long distance runners seek out guidance from top coaches and experts in the fields of aerobic and anaerobic performance. Coach Nathan Pennington has over 30 years of expertise in these fields.

Now, it is time to start working smarter, rather than harder. Leverage simply means doing more with less. Would you rather be running 120 miles a week and miss your goals or 75 to 90 and get significant personal bests? Remember, it isn’t about the volume you are doing as it is the quality of the training you are following.


RunDreamAchieve was founded in 2011 by 2:19 marathoner and former member of the United States Army World Class Athlete Program (WCAP), MAJ (ret.) Nathan Pennington.

The goal of this RunDreamAchieve private community is to go beyond our running courses and training plans here at RDA. Runners may need more of a customized and more personable experience. You can pay each month, cancel anytime or re-start your membership to fit your needs.

The greatest asset you can have is to consult with someone who has already done what you are seeking to do. It takes the guesswork out of the process and ensures you have greater success in your future races. Also, it helps with mindset as you work closely with a professional.

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nate tempo run

Nathan finishing in 5th place overall at the 2011 Monumental Indianapolis marathon running his second fastest marathon time at age 35.

Mastermind Training Tips

The mistake I see far too many runners making is running too many miles/kilometers too slow. Helping athletes sustain their goal race pace is my objective with RunDreamAchieve consulting services. The athlete has to run a higher percentage of their weekly volume at, near and far below goal race pace. Also, ensuring they recover is my top priority.

Having a plan takes the guesswork out of your preparation. I was able to lower my marathon PR from 2:43:36 to 2:19:35 using the strategies I cover here. Winners come to be a part of this private community and I intend on helping them reach their full potential.

Running easy all of the time will only make you a superior slow runner. Running fast is an art form. So, to achieve this you have to study how the best train and think. Mindset is an overlooked tactic I used competing which yielded high-level results.

Chase Your Goals.

The world’s top middle to long distance runners are running approximately 40% of their weekly mileage at or below their anaerobic threshold. How about you? If you are not hitting specific time goals it could just mean there are some leaks in your training you need to fix. Long slow easy running will make you a superior long, slow distance runner.

So, to chase and obtain your time goal, do what the best do. The resources, training plans, coaching and our running courses will help you to meet and surpass what you currently think you are capable of. It is about changing up your tactics by using leverage so you can sustain your goal race time from start to finish of your races.

Welcome Message From Coach Pennington

Who is this level of training for?

  • Athletes that are seeking an ongoing relationship with a professional middle to long distance running coach
  • Perfect for athletes of all ability levels from beginner to elite level specialist
  • Athletes who want their questions answered and content created around their needs
  • The athlete who is seeking excellence out of themselves
  • Athletes who are seeking the strategies needed to effectively sustain paces for their chosen distance
  • Committed athletes who want to make that next big leap in their training and racing
  • Athletes seeking to earn a Boston or Olympic Trials qualifying standard
  • Perfect for athletes needing help with accountability and who want to use leverage and get better results

Ready to Get Started?

There are plenty of hard working athletes out there. Our goal is to help you to use leverage with monthly guidance, mentorship and use of the VDOT.02 coaching software. Remember, it isn’t about the volume but the quality of the work you are putting in.

We have three choices in this life. Be average, good or great. Winners surround and associate themselves with individuals that are going to take them out of their comfort zone. My job is to ensure you reach your fitness goals.

group of runners and military member

Coach Nathan Pennington, member of 2010 Army Ten Miler International Championship Team

Benefits of Private Training

There are various perks and benefits that members receive including unlimited chat with your coach, access to all of our premium-level products and one-on-one coaching. 2 of 3 of our plans offer weekly zoom calls with coach Pennington to get that one-one-one interaction many athletes need. There are times when we have questions or concerns about the training we are doing.

The private community is focused on helping athletes of all capabilities. I am not concerned with if you are an elite level runner or a total beginner. My aim is to help get you better results. So, we will be covering the specifics of your custom built plan and other topics such as nutrition, mindset, 800m to ultramarathon preparation, track and field tips and much more.

Yes, it is an investment. Time can never be given back. So, the aim of this membership community is to get you better results by having somewhere to go to get feedback. Again, working harder is not always the answer, working smarter is. Working with an experienced coach can help minimize making the mistakes that many runners are making.

World-Class Associations

The RunDreamAchieve Mindset is Based on over 30 Years of Expertise Learned from 3 of the World’s Top Mentors

Nate and dr joe vigil

Dr. Joe Vigil, PHD

Nathan was coached by Jack Hazen while competing at Malone University in Canton, OH, a close friend of Dr. Vigil. The idea of training faster with equal focus on recovery is a “Vigilosophy” followed here in the community.

nate and lisa rainsberger

Lisa Rainsberger

Lisa Rainsberger (1985 Boston Marathon Champion) coached Nathan from 2007-2009 while serving with the US Army World Class Athlete Program.

jack hazen

jack Hazen

Nathan was coached from 1995-2000 while competing for Malone University by Jack Hazen. Jack’s mentorship and leadership helped Nathan’s future racing and is one of the greatest influences on his Nate’s running career.

Main Focus Areas of RDA Private Training

Training plans

VDOT.02 Custom Training Plans

Seeking a customizable training plan built around the training principles of Dr. Jack Daniels, world-renowned exercise physiologist and distance coach? We have you covered. The goal is to create a new training schedule built to fit your needs. I take the personal best you currently have and strategically implement the exact workouts needed to get your goal utilizing the VDOT.O2 coaching software system. Your workouts will be based off of the VDOT scores from your current training and racing history. Get better results by training at the proper intensities.

unlimited chat with coach

Unlimited Chat with Your Coach

Have a question regarding your plan or just in general? Ask it here and get answers on the spot. Community members can ask questions at anytime. I will be notified when you reach out to me and will respond timely to ensure your question is answered.


Access to Premium Courses & E-Books

Get access to all of our premium courses to help speed up your progress. Also, receive feedback on any questions you have regarding them. You can also provide ideas for new topics you want more in-depth answers to.

pr faster

Access to Topics to Help You PR Faster

Create topics revolved around questions you have. These topics will continue to grow as the community grows.

You can also create your own topic, respond to topics already created and get answers from your coach as well as from the private community. We will be covering nutrition, mindset, racing and much more.

coaching calls

Coaching Calls

Nothing is better than working one on one with your coach. I work with athletes from all over the world. We will all be covering down on your weekly training questions. Get additional insight regarding our training plans and running courses.

video library

Access to Our Video Library

Nothing is better than working one on one with your coach. I work with athletes from all over the world. We will all be covering down on your weekly training questions. Get additional insight regarding our training plans and running courses.

Main Focus Areas of RDA Private Training



  • Chat with your coach within the platform using the chat function. Ask questions, get answers
  • Weekly post answers to YOUR specific questions. Unlimited questions, unlimited answers.
  • Access to articles and training information not discussed on the RunDreamAchieve YouTube channel
  • 10% discount on all RunDreamAchieve MERCH clothing
    Private one-on-one messaging between community members
  • Weekly content created around needs that you have for your training and racing
  • Unlimited e-mail/chat access to Coach Pennington
nate running in california international marathon

Nathan finishing in 4th place and the top American at the 2007 California International Marathon at age 31 with a USA Track and Field Olympic Trials “A” standard time of 2:19:35



  • Custom Training Plan built to fit your specific goals via the VDOT.O2 Coaching Platform
  • Answer your one-on-one questions (in-detail) via videos made by Coach Pennington
  • Private one-on-one messaging between community members
  • Monthly Pro Group Member Zoom Mentorship Calls (1+ hours depending on the needs of the Mentorship Group)
  • Unlimited chat with Coach Pennington via our private chat capability
  • Personal interaction outside the public YouTube Channel
  • Weekly posts on topics specific to you that YOU need help with
  • Feedback on the workouts you are doing
  • Access to ALL our running courses
  • 10% discount on all RunDreamAchieve Merch clothing


1 on 1 Coaching Session with Coach Pennington ($150)
2 Hour Half Marathon Domination ($179)
4 Hour Marathon Pace Mastery ($179)
5 Hour Marathon Pace Mastery Bootcamp Course ($179)
Sub 2:30 Marathon Mastermind ($197)
Sub 2 Hour Half Marathon Manifesto ($14)
Sub 3.30 Marathon Training Plan Blueprint ($127)
Sub 3 Hour Marathon Pro ($197)
Sub 4 Hour Marathon Blueprint EBook ($14)
Sub 5 Minute Mile Leader Course ($167)

Your Coach

Nathan Pennington is the founder of and former member of the US Army World Class Athlete Program (WCAP). Coach Pennington has over 30 years of expertise in middle to long distance running and routinely helps runners get new personal bests.

Nathan served for over 20 years on active duty retiring at the US Army officer rank of Major and qualified for two world Armed Forces cross-country championships (Tunis, Tunisia, 2005; Thun, Switzerland, 2006) while serving at Fort Carson in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

He was one of only 64 men in 2007 who broke the 2 hour and 20 minute marathon barrier in the united States of America finishing in 4th place and top American at the 2007 California International Marathon. You can learn more about Nathan by visiting our about page.

The Hardest Working Athlete Doesn’t Always Get the Results.

The one using leverage, training smarter and paying attention to ALL the fundamentals WILL yield results.

What you lack in talent can be made up for with work ethic. Investing in a coach takes the guesswork out of what you need to be doing on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. The excitement of crossing the finish line in a new personal best is a special feeling. All of your hard work, time and dedication comes to fruition in that golden moment.

My goal here is to help you experience the highest highs in this sport. Barriers are meant to be broken!

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