Can You Walk A Marathon?

Can you walk a marathon is often asked. The answer? Of course, you can.

can you walk a marathon

Everyone has different reasons for lining up for the marathon and it isn’t necessarily to run the distance.

The only thing you may need to be wary of is the cut-off times many marathons have. So, if you are choosing to walk a marathon make sure it is a brisk one.

Athletes are all very caught up with splits, times and performances with this distance. That being said, we all have different aspirations. If your goal is to walk a marathon then more power to you.

There is a large percentage of the population who will never choose to line up and participate. You can go to the letsrun message boards and read countless derogatory comments about slower runners.

My advice is to focus on the positives. You don’t have to run the entire 26.2 mile distance. You can always choose to walk the entire distance to try walking, jogging and running. Your choice.

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