Buriram Marathon Race Review and Perks

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Buriram Marathon is an event hosted in Buriram city that hosts full, half, and fun runs each year. Accredited by World Athletics, it stands as the most serious athletic competition held here.

Establish by Newin Chidchob, President of Buriram United and Executive Chairman of Chang International Circuit, with an aim of positioning Buriram as Thailand’s Sports City Center.


The Buriram Marathon takes place annually at Chang International Circuit in Buriram, northeastern Thailand and is supported by Chang beer. Attended by elite runners from Thailand, Laos, Ethiopia and Kenya – and with plans to become a Gold Label race in 2023!

Newin Chidchob, president of Buriram United and executive director of Chang International Circuit, initiated this marathon event with the purpose of promoting Buriram as “Thailand’s Sports City Center.” It comprises full marathon, half marathon, 10K race and fun run categories.

Buriram lies at the northern edge of Thailand’s plateau and boasts impressive Khmer relics to rival those found at Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Additionally, this city plays host to MotoGP racing at Chang International Circuit each year.

The marathon course begins inside of Buriram Circuit and follows a generally flat course with some undulations through surrounding streets and sites of local significance such as i-mobile Stadium, Town Hall and King Rama I monument before coming to an end in front of Chateau de Buriram. Previous years’ marathon events have attracted thousands of runners from around the globe; some runners even refer to it as “marathon Mecca.” It has since been recognized as an international competition within Southeast Asia and one of the top ten races worldwide.


Buriram Marathon organizers hope that this year’s race will mark a landmark moment for their event, drawing runners from around the globe and providing an economic boon to Buriram through spending by runners on food, drinks, transport services, souvenirs and tourist activities.

Organisers also hope to build the marathon into a global brand, and have already begun taking steps in preparation. They have established an international team to manage and run the event, as well as an online registration system. Furthermore, they believe attracting sponsors is key in increasing visibility of the race and increasing its profile.

An important preparation they are undertaking is building relationships with locals. A marathon is a large-scale event that requires streets to be closed off for several days and may affect residents’ daily lives; so the organisers must persuade them that the benefits outweigh any inconveniences brought about by it.

Newin Chidchob, President of Buriram United and Executive Chairman of Chang International Circuit, created the Buriram Marathon as an initiative of Buriram United to promote Buriram as Thailand’s Sport City Center. Accredited by the Association of International Marathons, this race includes full marathon, half-marathon, 10K run and fun run events on an mostly flat course that begins from Chang International Circuit before going through city streets.


Buriram Marathon has quickly become one of the premier marathon events in Thailand and was designated a Silver Label event by World Athletics. Established by Newin Chidchob, president of Buriram United and executive chairman of Chang International Circuit with an aim of making Buriram Thailand’s Sport City Center, this marathon event draws thousands of runners each year from Thailand and beyond.

The race starts inside Chang International Circuit and follows a mostly flat course through town streets, passing landmarks such as i-mobile Stadium, City Hall and King Rama I Monument. Additionally, this event hosts both half marathon and mini marathon competitions.

runners can prepare for their race by signing up for a free training program, complete with complimentary T-shirts and bibs. Furthermore, joining a running club provides additional benefits such as discounts on registration as well as access to special events.

Thatchakorn Hatthathayakul, governor of Buri Ram province, says they are excited to host this marathon and always seek ways to enhance it. He noted that it will generate revenue for Buri Ram as well as help introduce their culture worldwide. Furthermore, he strongly urges residents in Buri Ram to support runners by cheering them along their race route, which will only add more fun and excitement!

Day of the Race

Buriram Marathon is an immensely popular annual event and organizers take great care to ensure it runs safely and is enjoyable. Participants enjoy views of both city and countryside while running along its scenic course, while 5 km and 10 km races lead into full marathon and half-marathon distance races – book early as spots fill quickly!

This marathon in Thailand is among the premier marathon events, drawing international runners as well as Thai elite athletes to compete every February at Chang International Circuit in Buriram in northeast Thailand. Although known for being difficult, this event also boasts an unforgettable finish line party and stellar organization.

As well as being the inaugural marathon event to receive Silver Label Standard status in Thailand, this race offers over 100,000 baht in prize money and allows participants to discover some of Thailand’s most stunning temples along the route. Furthermore, organizers ensure runners feel at ease by offering complimentary water and energy drinks throughout their run.

Closing Thoughts

Khon Kaen Marathon, held annually in January in Khon Kaen City, offers runners the opportunity to experience its vibrant culture and history – running past Buddhist temples and other notable sights will give you a first-hand experience of Khon Kaen’s incredible heritage!

At this event, runners of any ability and endurance can participate in half-marathon, full marathon, team relay races or relay events. It provides an ideal chance for competitive fun while testing endurance levels against fellow runners. In addition, food and beverages will be provided throughout the race day to enhance your experience and the event organizers strive to continually enhance it for runners.

No matter your running experience level, Lumpini Park Race Day offers something suitable for beginners or seasoned runners alike. This event aims to promote healthy lifestyles through running.

Beginning and ending at Lumpini Park, participants are invited to cheer each other on while music stations and splash zones add an exciting element. In addition, winners of this race will receive an award sponsored by Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn herself.

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