Brooks Levitate 4 Running Shoe Benefits

The Brooks Levitate 4 is an upgraded version of their popular running shoe. It has a lighter cushioning and a new upper for an enhanced running experience. It boasts a reformulated DNA Amp midsole that is 20% lighter and significantly springier. Also, an outsole pattern designed to facilitate transitions faster, as well as a softer and more breathable upper.

What is the Difference Between Levitate 4 and 5?

The Brooks Levitate 4 and 5 are two shoes from the Energized line that feature DNA AMP cushioning technology. Both shoes provide a neutral ride that’s ideal for daily training as well as running races.

The Levitate 4 is the standard version of the shoe. It is designed for neutral runners who don’t require much guidance or assistance during their runs. The Levitate 5 GTS (Bedlam) offers added stability for overpronators with built-in support.

Both shoes feature a full-length carbon rubber outsole for superior durability. Thus, making the Levitate more resilient than other neutral trainers available on the market.

On the side of the upper, seamless tubes of fabric (shaped like rope) are closely spaced together. The result is more breathability and a secure and supportive fit.

Both shoes feature a curved heel collar to aid in rolling your foot forward and make movement more efficient. Furthermore, the heel collars of these two shoes firmly grip the heels to prevent slippage.

What Are the Shoes Good For?

The Brooks Levitate is an ideal training shoe for beginner, novice and advanced runners. Also, for those looking for a durable shoe to use during daily low-volume exercise or slow runs. Additionally, it can provide stability and support during select faster workout sessions that require extra support.

The shoe is part of Brooks’ Energize series, featuring responsive midsoles made with DNA Amp. This polyurethane-based foam is enclosed in a thermoplastic polyurethane skin which expands vertically for an enjoyable ride.

DNA Amp is a little heavier than most running shoes. That being said, its unique feel may provide some runners with added comfort. Furthermore, DNA Amp helps with proprioception. It is your body’s capacity for sensing where it is in space and how it’s moving. Thus, helping improve balance.

The Levitate 4 has a more traditional last. In addition, still features the DNA Amp v2 midsole and is 20% lighter than its predecessor. This makes it more versatile than previous versions – ideal for everyday running and easy mileage tasks.

Is Brooks Levitate a Stability Shoe?

Are you searching for a neutral running shoe that provides support but also feels like a lightweight trainer. If so, the Brooks Levitate 4 could be just what you need. It boasts a DNA AMP midsole to deliver a springy sensation when running. Also, an engineered mesh upper which securely holds your foot in place.

Brooks uses a variety of foams to craft their midsoles. For example, DNA Loft, DNA Flash and the recently added DNA Amp. While these materials tend to be firmer than PEBA foams, they still possess an responsive quality which allows runners to bounce back faster and maintain energy during strides.

Is Brooks Levitate a Running Shoe?

If you’re in search of a springy running shoe that will help propel you through your workout, Brooks Levitate 4 is an ideal option. This shoe boasts DNA AMP midsole technology which absorbs energy from each stride and returns it back into your step for an incredibly springy ride.

The shoes also come with a StealthFit version for adaptable comfort, providing stretch, compression and breathability. There are three support options to choose from; Neutral, Go-To-Support (GTS) and GuideRails(r).

For neutral runners who enjoy a soft, springy ride without needing extra stability, the Levitate 4 might be your ideal fit. This classic fit version features traditional padded ankle collar and slightly fitted upper that hugs your foot for optimal comfort and support.

Are Brooks Levitate Good for Speed?

The Brooks Levitate is one of the more controversial running shoes due to its heavy and firm feel due to the polyurethane foam used in its DNA AMP midsole.

However, this shoe has been completely redesigned from the inside out with a 20% lighter DNA AMP midsole and upper, offering runners an improved ride that weighs in at only 1.5 oz less than its predecessor while still maintaining the same streamlined fit and arrow-point outsole pattern. Thanks to these improvements combined with the 20% lighter midsole weight, you’ll experience even greater responsiveness during runs.

Brooks has created the first shoe with DNA AMP, their proprietary polyurethane outsole with a TPU layer designed for increased energy return compared to their traditional foams. This results in greater responsiveness and springiness underfoot – perfect for faster paces!

Brooks Levitate 4 Weight

Brooks has made their Levitate 4 shoe 20% lighter than its predecessor, yet still keeping its responsive DNA AMP cushioning. This redesign makes the shoe ideal for runners of all styles and paces.

Runners will experience an improved energy return with the new midsole, which is 20% lighter and makes the shoe bouncy and enjoyable to run in.

This updated upper features a sleek fit and modern style ideal for race days, long runs or recovery workouts. It makes an excellent everyday training shoe for beginners, novices and advanced runners alike.

The Brooks Levitate 4 is a neutral max cushion running shoe featuring DNA AMP cushioning that returns your energy for improved performance on the road. Its light weight and responsive DNA AMP cushioning make it an ideal choice for long distance running, speedwork or races.

What is the Drop on the Levitate 5?

The Levitate 5 is a well-cushioned shoe designed to add some spring to your step. It’s ideal for casual runners looking for an enjoyable daily trainer to run in, as it can handle both slow and fast paces well. Furthermore, those who spend 20-50 km a week running should find this model suitable.

The standard Levitate 5 features an engineered mesh upper. Although heavier than its Fit Knit counterpart, this option makes for a great daily trainer.

The standout feature of Brooks’ DNA AMP midsole is its high-tech compound designed for maximum energy return, making it one of their most responsive shoes ever.

How Long Do Brooks levitate Last?

If you’re searching for a lightweight, springy daily trainer with Brooks’ DNA Amp midsole cushioning, the Levitate 4 is an ideal choice. It’s 20% lighter than previous models and its new Fit Knit upper provides near-custom fit to increase comfort levels.

The Levitate 4 features Brooks’ DNA Amp midsole cushioning material, designed to absorb energy and return it back into your stride for a fast, bouncy ride. Unlike Brooks’ other midsole materials (DNA Loft, DNA Flash, and DNA Zero), the DNA Amp material is not intended to provide cushioning over long periods of time.

Therefore, this shoe is ideal for casual runners with narrow feet who desire a lightweight and speedy daily trainer. Its springy ride will keep you feeling fresh mile after mile, but it may not be suitable for serious runners who run multiple times per week.

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