BMO Half Marathon Race Overview and Tips

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The BMO Half Marathon is an unforgettable running race featuring breathtaking views, passing many of Vancouver’s iconic landmarks and culminating with a fantastic downtown finish. Both full and half marathon events are limited to 10,000 participants ages 18+ while 8 km running races can include runners aged 11+ with parent consent.

The Start Line

The BMO Vancouver Marathon is the biggest, most-attended running event in the Lower Mainland, drawing thousands of participants and spectators each May.

Try Events is a non-profit organization run entirely by volunteers that hosts an array of races annually, including a full marathon, half marathon and 8KM race as well as an 8KM kids run. Each race qualifies for Boston qualifying road racing competition and boasts one of the world’s most scenic destination marathons.

As entries in both the marathon and half marathon races are limited each year, it is wise to register early. Your estimated finish time will determine your bib number and corral placement; additionally you will receive a race kit complete with jacket, hat and socks.

Queen Elizabeth Park boasts sprawling botanical gardens and is one of the highest viewpoints in London. Music plays, people chat, and you hear crackles of asphalt as runners start their race.

Running through various neighbourhoods offers a unique cultural perspective of Vancouver’s landscape. From bustling Chinatown and Yaletown to peaceful West Vancouver, discover historic landmarks, breathtaking views and vibrant communities all while thousands of spectators cheer you on towards an energetic downtown finish line.


Both marathon and half marathon events feature a varied course through roads, parks and along the seawall. While half marathon runners may encounter less waterfront running conditions overall, its tough middle stretch could challenge your endurance.

The full marathon course provides more of a waterfront and Stanley Park route, while the half marathon follows more urban paths through Kerrisdale, Dunbar Pacific Spirit Park UBC Point Grey.

The full and half marathon events are limited to 10,000 runners aged 18 or older while children under the age of 18 can participate. Kids runs are age-free. Marathon relay teams were limited to eight; this event didn’t happen physically due to COVID-19 restrictions but virtually took place between 2021-2022.

The Course

BMO Vancouver Marathon, one of the premier marathons worldwide, provides runners with an exceptional marathon experience and Boston Qualifier experience that takes them past beaches, natural parks, and along Vancouver’s famed Seawall – the world’s longest uninterrupted waterfront path. Offering 70% shoreline views as they pass some of Vancouver’s iconic landmarks en route, this breathtaking course makes an excellent opportunity for beginners, those striving to set personal best times, as well as elite athletes alike to reach their marathon goal.

The BMO Half Marathon follows an individual course from that of the full marathon, taking runners through picturesque neighborhoods, breathtaking vistas, and historic landmarks en route. Participants will feel supported by enthusiastic spectators along their path as they race toward an exhilarating downtown finish line.

As temperatures tend to be warm in April, be sure to bring extra layers to help manage your core temperature during your Half marathon run. There’s also a challenging hill at mile 4.4-7.5 that might prove challenging for newcomers or those striving to achieve personal bests.

As this event features numerous aid stations, it’s wise to plan out which ones you’ll visit before starting the race. As aid stations may become further apart as it progresses, be sure to pace yourself carefully and drink regularly throughout your run. Luckily, the Street Festival offers the perfect opportunity for refueling while cheering fellow runners as they strive for victory.

The Finish Line

The BMO Vancouver Marathon is one of the world’s premier marathons, held each May and welcoming runners from over fifty different nations. A scenic journey past beaches, natural parks and along the world’s longest uninterrupted waterfront path (seawall), runners take in views of downtown skylines and mountain vistas while experiencing West Coast culture with love of outdoor activity and camaraderie at its core.

Queen Elizabeth Park serves as the starting and finishing location of both full and half marathon races, although their courses vary significantly. The full marathon focuses on running around town and Stanley Park’s outer edges while the half runs more along waterside and through Stanley Park itself; both courses end with an enthusiastic cheering section at their respective downtown finish lines.

At the finish line, volunteers present runners with medals for their hard work. Once finished, participants can join in the post-race festivities including music, food samples and running gear and souvenirs available for purchase – many years McDonald’s generously provided free coffee to runners standing in line! In addition, a beer garden allows participants to relax after their run with cold beverages from our sponsors!

This event provides an incredible opportunity to experience Vancouver while setting personal bests. If you want a challenge and the chance to become part of a global community, the BMO Vancouver Marathon could be exactly what you are searching for.

The 8KM

BMO Vancouver Marathon, widely considered one of the premier marathon destinations worldwide, draws runners from more than 65 nations each year. Its scenic award-winning marathon course takes participants past beaches, natural parks and Vancouver’s world-famous Seawall — its longest uninterrupted waterfront path — before finishing along its shores for an award-winning finish line finish line experience. This year the event offers full marathon, half marathon, 8KM race and Marathon Relay events.

Starting at Queen Elizabeth Park, runners will experience Vancouver cityscape at its finest from start line to Downtown Finish Line – through heritage-listed Cambie Street and Kerrisdale before continuing east past breathtaking Jericho Beach and Kitsilano before looping back around Stanley Park’s seawall and back into bustling Downtown for an intoxicating run back across Stanley Park – all while cheered on by energetic spectators who celebrate every step a runner takes along this magnificent journey!

As the BMO Vancouver Half Marathon features a net downhill course, you can expect some impressive times at the finish line. No matter if it is your first marathon experience or simply experiencing its thrills for yourself; each finisher feels immense pride as they cross their finish line and celebrate with friends, family and fellow runners at Runner’s Village.

Closing Thoughts

With numerous restaurants, cafes and coffee shops along the course, there are ample opportunities for fueling up before and after the race. Additionally, The Runner’s Village hosts an Expo featuring Health Sports Lifestyle Equipment where runners can browse the latest running gear, register their race number and pick up any last minute supplies they may require for reaching the finish line.

The Marathon Street Festival is an energetic block party featuring music, food, beer samples and running gear and souvenir sales. Additionally, family-oriented initiatives encourage children to get moving by hosting fun running races such as BMO Kids Run in Stanley Park on Saturday before Race Day.

The BMO Vancouver Marathon offers an excellent opportunity to both explore Vancouver and raise funds for charity with your family, friends or coworkers. The race supports numerous community initiatives including children’s athletics, women’s empowerment, mental wellness and environmental protection through RUN4HOPE program.

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