Bird in Hand Half Marathon Review

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An exciting half marathon race on your race calendar can motivate many runners. But taking part in one in another city, state, or country can bring additional thrills.

The Bird in Hand Half Marathon takes place in Amish country with farms and small businesses dotting its route, plus finisher medals made from horseshoes as a unique touch.

1. Amish Country

Bird-in-Hand’s picturesque countryside is home to an Amish community. You can take part in many family-friendly attractions here, from shopping and buggy rides, to tours that explore Amish culture and beliefs.

The Amish are religious believers who follow biblical teachings by living according to an austere lifestyle and forgoing modern conveniences such as telephones, electricity and automobiles. By doing this they remain “in the world but not of it”, fulfilling one of their core beliefs – leading simple lives while showing kindness towards others and avoiding war – becoming known for their wholesome values, hard work ethic and love of nature.

Many Amish earn income by selling handmade items like quilts and bread. Collectors prize the intricate, detailed quilts made by Amish women which reflect their collective ethic of community and cooperation, often hosting quilting bees to spend time together and make money together. Furthermore, Friendship Bread or Shoofly Pie are another source of revenue among these businesses.

Amish farms can be identified by their lack of electric signs and farm equipment, black or dark-coloured buggies and plain clothing. Men and boys wear broad-brimmed hats with suspenders; long coats without lapels or buttons; solid-coloured shirts, with or without beards but without mustaches allowed to grow; they must grow beards but may not sport mustaches.

Amish families take great pride in prioritizing family over all other considerations, and typically have 10 or more children between them. All members attend church services and barn-raisings together, run family businesses together, eat meals together, teach their children strong work ethics from an early age and hold visits/funerals similar to other religions – except without singing at funeral or visiting gravesite; instead the family gathers around a table for dinner and discussion of deceased loved one.

2. Friendly People

Bird in Hand, Pennsylvania stands out as an amazing race destination because of its people. Nestled right in Amish Country along PA 340 is Bird in Hand’s small town center featuring shops, bakeries and restaurants on its main street as well as wall-to-wall Amish farms nearby. The entire weekend serves as a community event, including hot air balloon festival, picnic and race taking place Saturday morning – technically fundraising for local fire company but now something bigger! Email blasts during the week provide occasional humor while runners get to experience this breathtaking countryside for themselves – giving runners truly unique racing experiences!

3. Hand-Crafted Finisher Medals

Bird-in-Hand, located smack dab in Amish country, welcomed runners from around the globe last weekend as it played host to a half marathon and 5K. Tens of thousands converged for an enjoyable running experience through lush countryside while experiencing Lancaster County’s legendary hospitality.

This race, hosted by a local fire company and designed to raise funds for volunteer-run organizations in its community, has brought in over $1 Million since it first started – testament to both its strength and commitment.

Participants receive a stunning finisher medal to commemorate their achievement and help them remember this unforgettable day for years to come. These awards can be customized with your design or logo to make them truly personal awards that all participants can cherish, whether or not they finish first. Choose from multiple plating options, soft or hard enamel colors and limitless ribbon choices; our team can create something perfect for your event!

The BIH Half features old-world practices, lush countryside and hardworking people coming together to make an incredible event experience. That same unforgettable feeling can be captured with custom race medals – we specialize in custom finisher medals that reflect every aspect of your event! You can add color or contrast with clean and bold looks; choose whether to incorporate LED lights, spinners and attachments – don’t forget about our personalized ribbon!

4. Fun for the Whole Family

Runner’s World recently recognized The Bird-in-Hand Race’s finisher medal as one of the “Coolest Race Medals.” Created by Tim Hoerner, president of Hand-in-Hand Fire Company, it features three or four clumps of horse poop collected from roads runners will traverse during Friday evening’s 5K and Saturday morning’s half marathon; these pieces of horse manure are then placed into an oven; dried for eight-10 hours before sealing with polymer resin before finally attaching them onto an epoxy plaque mounted plaque using epoxy glue – all part of creating this race’s unique community feel which Event Chairman Tim Smucker feels so strongly about.

Bird-in-Hand Half Marathon in East Lampeter Township in Lancaster County’s famous Amish Country offers visitors an ideal way to both experience its warm hospitality and support a worthy local non-profit venture – in this case the Hand-in-Hand Fire Company that services East Lampeter Township relies heavily on fundraising and charitable giving initiatives in order to remain viable.

At its heart, this event is run primarily for charity; however, over time it has grown into an all-out family festival. A hot air balloon festival takes place both Friday and Sunday mornings (weather permitting), offering rides as long as conditions permit. Food can also be purchased onsite from food trucks. All are welcome regardless of religion or ability – those who participate say the run was well worth their trip to Lancaster; all agree the people make the Bird-in-Hand Half Marathon an annual hit event.

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