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Are you seeking the best treadmill under 2000 dollars to get the best overall workout? If so, welcome to RunDreamAchieve, I am glad you have made it here. They say you get what you pay for. That being said, if you are not on a budget and are seeking the best treadmill under $2000 this post may be of assistance to you. There are busy professionals all over the world. In addition, these men and women may not have the time to travel to a gym and are seeking a legitimate treadmill to workout on from home.

Our review guide of the best treadmills under 2000 dollars will give you a better idea of what is available in the marketplace. In addition, we will be discussing some of the pros and cons of each models. So, you can be assured to have the best possible information to make the best choice for you and your family. Athletes seeking a treadmill in the $1500 to $2000 dollar range will most certainly get a legitimate treadmill. In fact, treadmills in the price range are usually the most durable and dependable. We all know there is a major difference between a Ford and a Ferrari.

Of course, well have different preferences but you get what you pay for is sometimes very true. Treadmills under 2000 dollars usually cover all of the needs any athlete could possibly want. In addition, they have higher speeds and more functionality than lower prices models.

Top Treadmills Under 2000 Dollars

NordicTrac 1750 Treadmill

best treadmills under 2000
Photo Credit: NordicTrac

If you are seeking the best treadmill under 2000 dollars the Nordictrac 1750 treadmill is our top recommended treadmill. I have also trained for several years on this treadmill and credit it to being a part of the reason I eventually ran 2:19:35 for the marathon. Nordictrac has been the pioneer in treadmill excellence and have been one of top treadmill brands in the marketplace.

You also get a full year of iFit membership included in with your purchase which is a great deal for sure. Also, you can create up to 5 specific, individual exercise profiles ensuring a top level training experience. In addition, to that we are enclosing a few more benefits you may want to consider. The NordicTrac 1750 treadmill is priced under 2000 dollars at $1998 USD.

Nautilus T618 Treadmill

best treadmill under 2000
Photo Credit: Nautilus

The Nautilus T618 treadmill ranks as our number two best treadmill under 2000 dollars at only $1399.99. Nautilus is one of the top performing treadmill and fitness brands and has been for several years. This beauty comes with a 15 percent incline capability ensuring you will definitely be challenged. In addition, it has bluetooth connectivity and you can sync it with the Run Social App. So, you can complete in 27 different routes as well as in 19 unique locations with people from around the world all at one time.

Let’s check out a few more of the pros and cons of this model below…

What is the Most Reliable Treadmill for Home Use?

There are numerous quality brands in the marketplace and can be found on Amazon. I am huge fan of both Nautilus and NordicTrac as I have trained on these models for nearly the past 30 years. That being said, there are other treadmills under 2000 that are certainly viable options for athletes such as yourself. I only wish they had more treadmills for heavier athletes available. As mentioned above, many of us simply do not have the time to always visit a gym to get our workouts in.

Treadmills at home make it extremely easy to get a solid workout in without having to travel anywhere. So, if you are seeking for the best treadmill under 2000 dollars perhaps the ones listed below will be of assistance to you.

OMA Treadmill

treadmill under 2000
Photo Credit: OMA

The OMA certainly is one of the best treadmill under 2000 dollars options available. In fact, this model is only $1,098 making it a bargain for most treadmill investors seeking a reliable workout machine. There are numerous benefits if the OMA treadmill so let’s discuss some of the pros and cons of this particular model…

Sole F80 Treadmill

Photo Credit: Sole

The Sole F80 treadmill is without question one of the most durable and reliable treadmills for beginner level athletes to elite athletes. I have trained on the Sole and as a 2.19 marathoner I couldn’t even hang with this beast. If you are looking for a treadmill with enough horsepower and large belt with all the bells and whistles this is without a doubt one of the best treadmill under 2000 dollars available. Prices sometimes vary but you can find it on Amazon at just over $2000. It may be just over our 2000 dollar limit but is well worth the price.

So, let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of this powerful rig…

ProForm Pro 2000 Smart Treadmill

The proform pro 2000 treadmill is another one of the best treadmills under 2000 available to highly motivated athletes such as yourself. We certainly feel this one deserves a special mention and is under $1500 to boot. Let take a look at some of the features of this model and what it can provide to you as a runner or endurance athlete…

Top Rated Treadmills under 2000 Dollars

We all have different preferences when it comes to what treadmill we want to invest in. Personally, I want a treadmill that I can invest in now for a descent price but is going to last for a long time. I would rather pay a higher price for a legitimate treadmill than to purchase one at a much lower price that isn’t going to last nearly as long. Again, you get what you pay for is often times very true. Running is a huge sport and people all over the world are actively engaged in this activity.

We all live busy lives and as working professionals a treadmill under 2000 dollars is a bargain. Yes, there are other treadmill under 1500 or less. In addition, there are treadmills well above $2000 as well. So, it all depends on the athlete and your own specific budget. Of course, if you live in an urban area hopefully you don’t have to deal with as much traffic as athletes from more crowded locations like New York City or Los Angeles. What makes treadmills so great is the fact that you can get a legitimate workout in before or after work. In addition, you don’t have to deal with bobbing and weaving through traffic.

Best Treadmill for Home

One of my least favorite thing about running in crowded areas is having to stop and go at red lights. Would you be suprised that only about 8 percent of athletes actually workout at the gym. Gyms are great in that you have everything you need in one place including treadmills. That being said, you have to dress, get ready and travel to one, get there, place your items in the locker room, get a shower and then travel home or to work. What makes the treadmill under 2000 dollars discussed in this post so great is this. No travel needed. You can invest in one and have access to it at anytime at your home or home personal gym.

Which Brand of Treadmill is Best?

I would recommend NordicTrac and Nautilus as my top two favorite treadmill brands. Furthermore, I have been competing since 1992 and eventually ran a 2:19:35 marathon at the 2007 California International Marathon. I finished in 4th place overall and the top American in that race. That being said, I spent several years training on treadmills and many of them were Nautilus or NordicTrac. Of course, there are certainly other brands such as Life Fitness, Precor and Matrix are outstanding brands that can fit the needs of any athlete.

Some of the types of capabilities you certainly want in treadmill under 2000 dollars is

  • Parts, frame and electronic warranty
  • High horsepower motor that will yield the type of speed you are looking for
  • Reasonable price but not crazy expensive $10,000 unless you are on a budget
  • Include capable to ensure you can get the aggressive type of workout you are looking for
  • Wide belt to allow for plenty of running room
  • Treadmill that will monitor distance, time run and calories burned
  • High quality cushioning to offset stress on the joints and ligaments.
  • Internet connectivity
  • Fans to ensure you stay cool while you are working out
  • High-quality speaker systems (if you are like me and need some tunes to jam to)

Closing Thoughts

I hope this post on the best treadmill under 2000 dollars has been helpful to you. Of course, there are many brands out there available to you but I hope the ones listed above at least has given you a starting point. There are numerous treadmills that can fit your needs. My recommendation is to consider the ones listed above, all of which are under $2000 minus Sole F80 just a mere $267 over.

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