Berlin Half Marathon Tips

Are you seeking to run the berlin half marathon? The good news is the race is flat and fast.

That being said, for a course to be fast the athlete has to have prepared adequately.

berlin half marathon

Here are a few short tips to run your best at the berlin half marathon.

  1. Train faster than you are focused on racing for 13.miles
  2. Keep it fun- there is more to life than running
  3. Focus on varying the paces of your long runs
  4. Run slow far
  5. Run fast further
  6. Focus on hydration – the half marathon is not a mile or 5K race.
  7. Study up on Glutathione, few athletes know anything about it.
  8. Train at your anaerobic threshold often (167 to 174 beats per minute)
  9. Train at your aerobic capacity at least once per week (175+ beats per minute)
  10. Focus on quality versus quantity – lots of slow miles don’t train the body to clear lactic acid faster than it is building up in the blood stream. Fast running does.

The key behind the last two styles of training is to improve your lactate tolerance.

The best runners in the world make it look easy for a reason. Remember, to run fast at the berlin half marathon takes smarter training. The hardest working athletes don’t always produce the best results.

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