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Bael juice is a delicious drink that is very popular in India and is known as stone apple, Bengal quince or wood apple. The beal/beel tree is highly respected and revered within Hinduism. Also, you can find this sacred tree within many of the sacred temples found within the country. I always talk about the importance of nutrition here at There are so many factors that go into running fast over your chosen distance. So, hydrating well before, during and after your workouts is essential.

The bael fruit contains a delicious, sweet pulp. In addition, it has a harder outer layer. It makes for the perfect drink after the ripe fruit can be strained. In addition, it is also a great remedy for people who suffer from constipation and consistent acidity.

Bael Juice Recipe

The beel juice recipe mainly contains only three ingredients. The following are largely what it is made up of:

  • Water
  • Sugar
  • Bael fruit

In addition, you can also add in other ingredients such as nutmeg powder, back pepper, jaggery or cinnamon as well. One of the biggest mistakes runners are making preparing for their races is simply not hydrating before, during or after their races. Beel juice is one great option you have to ensure that you stay hydrated and healthy. It is also a much better alternative as compared with sodas and coffee.

Wood Apple Juice

The bael juice recipe listed below comes from the extraction of the pulp of bael(beel) fruits. It takes about 15 minutes to prepare. Below are the ingredients you will need in order to prepare and enjoy. First, you will prepare about 1 cup or 250 milliliters of the drink combining the following…

  • a fourth of a teaspoon of nutmeg powder (which is optional)
  • Jaggery or add in sugar if you wish
  • 1 medium sized, ripe bael fruit
  • 1 fourth of a teaspoon of cinnamon powder
  • Cold, ice water

How to Prepare Beel Juice

First, you will want to open the bael fruit with a hammer or harder object. You can then scoop out the pulp contents of the fruit into a container.

Secondly, you then squeeze out all the juice from the fruit. You can add water if you need to as this will make the steps easier. So, we will then get rid of all the fibers and seeds as you will not need these. You will then strain and add in the required water and sugar or jaggery, as needed. Lastly, add in the nutmeg powder, mix in the sugar and cinnamon and enjoy.

What are the Benefits of Bael Juice?

  • 1. Diarrhea and dysentria
  • 2. Serves in Gastrointestinal protection
  • 3. Cancer prevention
  • 4. Antimicrobial properties
  • 5. Anti-inflammatory properties
  • 6. Constipation
  • 7. Diabetes prevention
  • 8. Cooler
  • 9. Skin rash
  • 10. Breast milk
  • 11. Control of Cholesterol
  • 12. Serves as a blood purifier
  • 13. Hemorrhoids
  • 14. Prevention of Scurvy
  • 15. Respiratory problems
  • 16. Heart diseases

Additional Bael Fruit Benefits

· Contains essential nutrients – Beel juice contains a high amount of electrolytes, essentials minerals and vitamins. The ingredients contained within bael juice serve as natural remedies against common ailments as mentioned above. In addition, they ensure you do not become dehydrated.

·Supports haemoglobin health – Athletes that are routinely consuming this juice will increase their haemoglobin count and level. Cellular health is vital for proper oxygen transport throughout the body. Runners and endurance athletes in general often times become anemic and run low on iron. So, beel juice can help your cells remain healthy as well. Thus, better oxygen carrying capacity equates to better running performance.

· Serves to maintain metabolism – Bael juice serves to ensure we have a healthy as well as active digestive tract. The result is the body is better able to digest foods as well absorb nutrition. In addition, assists the body in secreting digestive juices from your stomach. The result is better metabolism which also serves to maintain. a healthy weight. So, you are burning more calories throughout the day that you otherwise wouldn’t be.

· Boosts your Immune system – Beel juice serves to provide a protective, self-defense around the body and helps to combat against diseases.

· Serves to cool the body– A delicious. chilled glass of bael juice is the perfect way to stay hydrated. In addition, prevent disease and stay cool in the hotter, summer months.

What is Bael Fruit Good for?

· Contains anti-inflammatory ingredients– The beel fruit juce drink serves to also prvent inflammation within the body. Also, has the potential to also prevent allergies. It is also a great remedy for headaches, migraines, aches in the body and even combating the effects of a hangover.

· Serves to detoxify the body- We, as athletes and non-athletes alike, deal with the heavy metal build up with in the body. So, there are numerous toxins that do accumulate within the body. Beel juice helps to rid the body of these toxins.

· Helps with constipation – Bael juice helps to ease intestinal discomfort. In addition, helps assist the body with constipation and assist with bowel movement.

· Potential cure for breast cancer– the juice also serves to eliminate cancer cells within breast tissue. Also, the fact that it also helps to lower inflammation (a major cause of cancer) within the body is also helps with others types as well.

· Helps to keeps hair and skin healthy– Drinking beel juice each day is a great remedy for keeping your ski healthy and exfoliated. Also, it serves to also help with rashes, acne and other skin-related problems. In addition, it also helps with hair to grow and remain healthy by stimulating the tissue within the scalp.

Closing Thoughts

I hope this brief post on beel juice as been helpful to you. Again, nutrition is vital to get the best out of our bodies. We cannot just pay attention to physical and mental training and neglect our nutrition. Great running results come by way of focusing on all of the fundamentals. I highly recommend subscribing to the RunDreamAchieve YouTube channel. I create weekly videos to help athletes of all abilities prepare for races and exceed their expectations.

Proper hydration is vital if you are going to perform at the highest of levels. Bael juice is a great alternative to use as a post workout drink. It is also extremely healthy for you versus coffee or empty calories like sodas.

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