Become More Intuitive

Become More Intuitive

How does anyone become more intuitive?

Intuitive is defined as the ability to understand or know something without any direct evidence or reasoning process.

Do you want to know how I have sought out how to become more intuitive?

My why.

My why has been, at least for the past 4 years of my life, has been the same continual question I keep asking myself and that is

How on earth have I accepted for so long trading my life for a paycheck?

This isn’t to downgrade anyone working for a paycheck but at the end of the day we have more people willing to turn on their television set for 3 to 5 hours a day and won’t spend 10 minutes answering how to break free from this matrix we operate in.

I am not alone.

Everyone has asked themselves the above question yet how many of us are settling?

How many have accepted where they are at in life?

People that work hourly or salaried jobs are living on a fixed income.

These are good natured, hard working, most often times, highly educated people.

The problem is they all have a ceiling on their income, receive no tax benefits working as employees and can never seem to get head because they are either paying off college loans, credit cards, bills or the mortgage they took out just to they could ‘own a home’.

Mortgage means ‘death pledge’.

The bank owns the home until you pay it off.

I rent for a very good reason.

This isn’t to say owning a home is bad, of course there are benefits to home ownership but anytime your life is tied to the bills we pay it is time to start studying the ins and outs and everywhere in between of becoming more intuitive.

We have become masters of linear income and complete novices on residual (also called passive) income.

People were not taught how to become entrepreneurs, to have income flowing into their bank accounts by way of leverage.

They were taught how to get in debt by getting a college degree and spending the next 20 to 50 years of their lives as a wage slave paying back loans.

This is hard to read I know but hear me out.

I am not writing out of a stance of ignorance, I, too, spent over a decade paying back student loan debt and we have a major problem among college students who are graduating not even able to find jobs.

There must be a massive shift in mindset and that mindset of freedom and creativity will be preached on my website.

This is not

This is run DREAM ACHIEVE.

People should not be left in the dark into believing that their dreams of achievement are done because they are so busy working so many hours, paying back so much debt, handling so much responsibility that the zest and thirst they once had for their dreams should die out.


My dose of reality occurred in Afghanistan.

I was taking a shower around 7PM one evening and as I am walking out of the shower the entire building I was living in shook as though as tornado had just run through half of it.

It scared me half to death and it changed me, in a matter of moments I had my entire battle gear on with a loaded M16 rifle in my hand and although I was ready to do whatever needed to be done that night, something in me asked this question.

Look at you, is this what you came out of the womb to do. Why are you thousands of miles away from those you love most risking your life?

Sure, we as Soldiers know what the reasons are but my question to myself was a tough question that not enough people are willing to challenge themselves with.

What is the real reason you are in this uniform and how did that take place?


I have often heard Soldiers over the years say

We’ll I don’t do it for the money

I also know how Soldiers react when their pay stops because I have seen it happen and that sweet, uplifting phrase quickly changes when the bills come due and the children, spouse and family need to be fed.

afghanistanI have never been the same since.

It is almost as if I lost the concern of what someone with more prowess thinks of me in and out of uniform.

It doesn’t mean I have lost the sense of respect for others who have achieved more than I have or who carry more ‘status’ and rank on their chest but just the worry and concern over what they think.

I have achieved some stellar results in the military and outside of it but status doesn’t pay much and I also lost the sense of trying to measure up as well.

Status is not helping my brother pay off $35K he still owes on his student loan debt but the free enterprise system will and since 99.99% of employees have never been taught what it is or what it can do for them, I choose to speak out.

I hold an undergraduate and a graduate degree from a very prestigious university but guess what.

My degrees, which are not hung up in my office, will not help my co-workers become free, it won’t help them increase their bank accounts, leverage their time, help them to spend more time with those they love and less time in a cubicle.

My paycheck doesn’t help the homeless man or woman on the street or my brothers and sisters in this country and elsewhere be free from financial burden, only the idea of independence and not dependence will.

I suppose it can with the choices I make on what to do with my income but at the end of the day major changes cannot be made without employees seeking leverage more than the television set.

Americans watch, on average, 5 hours of television per day.

All my life I have spent far too much time concerned with what others thought of me and I know I am not alone, far too many people are worrying themselves sick over measuring up to the boss’s or someone else’s demands.

It started when I was the so-called ‘star athlete’ in high school.

How fast are you going to run Nate?

Do you think you can break the record Nate?

Chasing other people’s expectations of you can ruin you but with the higher demands we place on ourselves our own desires for not being on the sidelines bring with it the attention from those around us.

They think what we are doing is somehow special, as if we are different when we are no better than they are, we simply are making a choice to take action or not to take action, people are complacent and have accept average.

How are people controlled by others?

You’re letting someone else, who at the end of the day doesn’t give two shits about you, dictate how you are to live your life.

That night in Afghanistan shook me to the core and I didn’t necessarily receive a nice, warm and fuzzy (as we so often say in the military) every time I left the so called ‘safety’ of being ‘in the wire’.

How come?

There is something about being behind the wheel of a 35,000 pound up armored vehicle not knowing if an IED (improvised explosive device) is going to go off underneath or around the vehicle your driving.

In addition, having children (who, like American children have been taught) who have been taught to hate us throwing bricks at the windshields of the vehicle I was driving or spitting on my truck, impacted me as a man.

I questioned why so many good people around the world have been taught the philosophy of hatred.

I stopped watching television years ago, rarely will I watch it unless to make some time to spend with my wife, but our culture is consumed by entertainment, fear and distraction.

I have a new philosophy that I live by now.

If it does not put money in my bank account, assist me or those I love to become healthier or free my time or other people’s time I am not interested.

Entertainment and distraction does not pay my bills, does not make me free, does not produce massive cash flow.

It is for the masses and until I have complete comfort, where money is no longer a concern, the television and entertainment can wait, whether that be for 5 years or the next 15.

The pay off is worth it.

There is a reason so many people are not living the way they are capable of.

There is nothing wrong with wanting more out of life.

I think I always had the desire in becoming more intuitive but I also believe many times we need a kick in the pants, to spend some time in an extremely uncomfortable, foreign environment to be truly ‘awakened’.

We’re stuck in this same routine of getting up, following protocol, dealing with commutes to and from work, spending more time at our jobs than we do with the ones we love most.

Residual income is a foreign idea that 99.99% of employee trained professionals have never been taught how to accrue.

Which sounds better to you.

Working 40 hours or more per week, for 40 or more years to retire on 40% of your income or build a business where you are in control and your income is in your own hands where you can retire in 2 to 5 years?

What would be the most logical choice?

Which of those two are more people accepting and why?

These are though questions not enough of us are asking.

The Daily Routine

I’ll be as honest as I can with this.

Routine does not turn me on at all.

I hate getting up, doing the same thing, driving the same roads to and from my job, hearing the same complaints at work.

What does turn me on is people who desire more, who know that their time is more valuable than any paycheck or any amount of money and are willing to do something about it.

What turns me on is people who are seeking to become more intuitive.

They are seeking to listen to their inner voice, that childlike attitude they once had when they were kids that has been drummed out of them by the expectations of parents, teachers, siblings, peers, friends and employers.

Your time is valuable.

What are you doing to leverage it?

Is one income stream going to be enough for you for the rest of your life?

How does anyone expect to outrun inflation working a regular job and not seeking out additional streams of income?

Your parents, teachers, preachers, siblings, co-workers and boss aren’t going to teach you this.

CNN and ESPN isn’t going to do anything for you but steal your time as much as the job does so why are so many people seeking these wasteful activities rather than going into business for themselves?

The biggest reason is financial education has never been taught to any of us in our school system.

I spent 12 years in formalized schooling, another 5 years in college and an additional 2 years at the University of Northern Colorado in graduate school.

I was never taught one class on personal development, personal success or anything about residual income or one iota about the free enterprise system.

12 years of my life spent paying back student loan debt and trading time for money was what I was taught.

There are numerous people with 5 to 6 figures in student loan debt who will never be free because of a philosophy good natured, well-meaning people taught them, go to school, get good grades and get a job.

Work for someone else, be dependent upon a paycheck rather than independent and work for oneself.

These are tough topics I know.

This might make you angry, frustrated or upset with what I am writing.

I am not interested in making you comfortable by what I write.

You have already heard enough normal in your life and it is about damn time someone challenges you to start accepting more out of your life than just a paycheck.

Most Americans live below the poverty line and live in the richest country in the world.

The Industrial Age is over yet people have become bamboozled into believing we still reside in the factory.

The beauty in going into business for yourself is you can still work the job you hate or love and work your fortune part-time in your spare time.

You might have to give up some of that CNN you salivate over.

Anderson Cooper or Terry Bradshaw and the boys on ESPN may need to take the back seat for awhile but it is worth it.

Your time may still be tied to your pay but that doesn’t mean you cannot learn some skills in your spare time.

Start learning how to accrue residual capital, income that will continue to come in whether you work or not.

Sound foreign or strange?

You mean money trees do exist?

Yes, despite your parents telling us as we grow up

What, do you think money grows on trees?

See, we all have been indoctrinated with this belief that you just work hard for money, a hard days work for a hard days pay they say.

The problem with this is this philosophy does not contain one key fundamental that the rich and wealthy (two BIG differences between the two) are utilizing and that word is leverage.

Leverage simply means to do more with less.

There is nothing special about normal.

I want to help more people to leave this paycheck mentality of trading their life in order to get a paycheck and onward to a life of freedom.

A life that doesn’t encompass worrying about how to pay the bills or ‘we can’t afford it’.

Than do something about it.

I am throwing gold nuggets hear!

Who is listening?

They’ll tell me many things that I have routinely heard about wanting to be more independent and less dependent.

These are great people who deserve more but they are too caught up with excuse-itis.

I’ll start my business when I have enough money.

I don’t have the time to start a business.

I had friends that started that tip of business and didn’t make any money.

I need to ‘think this over’.

No, you need to stop making excuses and being comfortable and take some action.

The time to take control of your life was today!

The Problem With Excuses

They won’t make you any money and they won’t free your time.

You can make excuses or you can make money but you cannot do both – Jeff Roberti, entrepreneur

The biggest problem with all of this is far too many people have never been trained to expect much more than what they are given.

They’ll dress up, square away their resume, put on the sharpest suit, do there best to impress a table of executives in some job interview because working for money is all any of us have ever been taught.

I was the chief of a highly visible section of Ireland Army Community Hospital at Fort Knox and I had to interview and hire civilians, many of whom had retired from the military, highly skilled leaders, applying for jobs with very low pay.

I could hardly handle being in that position and it didn’t make me very comfortable to say the least.

Does it not make you wonder why you are busting your ass working 4o to 100 hours a week for linear income, income that only comes in by you trading your life away for it, and other people are accruing money as they sleep?

It comes down to this one tough question.

Are you interested or are you committed?

If the government can print money at will and not have to lift a finger (outside of flipping the switch to turn the printing presses on) than why are you spending so much time watching television being entertained and distracted and not seeking out how to print your own money?

Why are not more people asking these tough questions?

We have settled and I am just as guilty.

My experiences in Afghanistan changed my DNA.never forget

I have literally not been the same since I left that country and for so many years I remained comfortable with working a job, putting in my 8 to 12 or sometimes 16 being a military employee.

I remember the good of the experience but what I remember most is that I did not have leverage of my time when I was there.

39 years years on this planet, 14 years on active duty and I still question if my role on this earth was to serve as a military man or has my decision to spend so many years in uniform been on account of the choice I made to be an employee.

There is nothing wrong with being an employee if you want to work for someone else the rest of your life but working the 9 to 5 is not going to get any of us rich.

Please don’t misunderstand me, many people are fine with working as employees and we all have different goals but we all, also have limited time and should be seeking out ways to control that more than many are.

Do you want to know the quickest way to be broke by the age of 65? Work for someone else – Bill Britt, entrepreneur

Let it be understood rich, to me at least, is not driving a Bentley, living in a mansion or having endless amounts of cash.

Luxury is a beautiful thing but what I have been chasing is ownership of my time.

People that do not work for money, who have complete leverage of their time meaning they get up when they want, go where they want and go to bed when they want and still earn income have my attention.

I go to bed thinking about it and I get up with it on my mind.

Robbing Of Time

Becoming more intuitive is about listening to your own inner voice, focusing on what your heart is telling you and less on the demands of those who don’t care about you.

I have seen so many people over the years in uniform completely unhappy with what they are doing for a living.

In addition, it isn’t difficult to see this in the civilian sector.

People are working longer hours for less pay and yearn for the day when they can ‘retire’ just so they can try to live on 40% of what they could barely live on during their full-time working days.

Do you know how many people I have seen retire from the military only to go and apply for another job because they cannot live on their retirement pay?

Seriously, who are we fooling?

We are fooling ourselves if we think living on 40% of our income is the American Dream.

People need to shut off their television, stop listening to war propaganda, politicians who they think truly care of them, salivating over the Kardashians and other useless garbage that isn’t going to do a damn thing for your bank account or health and start seeking some freedom.

You would have to be brain dead not to start a home based business if you haven’t already done so – Sandy Balkin, former IRS tax Specialist, author of Lower Your Taxes Big Time

We have become addicted to drama in this country.

We all need to start following our gut.

If people are telling you …

I wouldn’t do that if I were you

that is exactly the reason you should.

There are more people who are seeking safety and security than are willing to risk.

In this day and age you are better of risking than staying where it is safe.

Those seeking the safe and secure job are being left behind.

The middle class is dying if you haven’t figured that out yet.

I am sick and tired of seeing those I love and those I don’t even know barely making ends meet and they are not alone.

I have shared in the same experience by choices I made, most of which stemmed from listening to other people telling me

I wouldn’t do that if I were you

Becoming more intuitive means you have to venture out and follow what your gut is telling you.

If you know you are barely making ends meet than you had better start taking what I preach here on rundreamachieve and numerous other social media outlets and start your own business.

You need to stop accepting normal.

Warren Buffet has 2400 income streams and you are betting your entire deck on your retirement check?

Become more intuitive, your future depends on it.

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