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bath half marathon

I lived and trained in Belgium for two years and never competed at the bath half marathon.

I would highly recommend to anyone seeking a new personal best to compete in this race.

The race website states it is a flat and fast race course where runners complete two loops.

The fact that it is flat gives runners a great opportunity to set a new personal best for the half marathon distance.

Europe has some of the greatest races on the planet such as the Berlin, Amsterdam and Rotterdam marathons to only name a few.

European Racing

The bath half marathon would be the perfect race I would seek out seeing that it is professionally organized and fast.bath half marathon

The race also has a prize purse for runners seeking fast times as well.

What I loved about competing in Europe is that the crowd support was always incredible.

I set a then-20K personal record at the 20K Van Alphen race in Alphen Aan Den Rijn, Netherlands in 2006.

It was a great race much like the Bath Half Marathon.

I say that because Bath is highly organized as was the 20K in the Netherlands.

Why I Recommend The Bath Half Marathon

A course that is void of hills.

If you want to race in a competitive race then go to the bath half marathon.

Another key take away about this course is it is traffic-free.

There are road closures throughout the race course ensuring runners have the best opportunity to run their fastest time.

I always sought this out when planning out the races I wanted to run while I was still competing.

The race starts and finishes at the same location, Great Pulteney Street.

The bath marathon winds its way through the heart of the historic city and runners finish on a roadway spanning 46 feet.

There is a fast first mile which is mainly downhill so be stay in control knowing everyone will want to go out fast the first mile.

My kind of race.

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Other Perks Of The Bath Half Marathon

There are large clocks at each mile marker as well as at the 10K point.

Water stations are situated at miles 2,5,8,10.5 and 12.miles.

Sport drinks are located at miles 4.5 and at the 10 mile marks so keep an eye out for these especially.

Water is great but ensure to get some electrolytes in you to keep you going in that last 5K.

13.1 miles is a long way to race as compared to running a mile or 5K on the track.

There are toilets located at all first aid posts along the course just in case you have an emergency and have to stop briefly.

I’ve lost count how many times over the past 26 years I have had to make use of these.

Thanks bath half marathon race staff for supporting the runners.

This great race, as most other top European half marathon and marathon races, will have great musical entertainment during your run.

The race routinely has over 100 race charities which organize cheer teams to keep you going during your trek through Bath.

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I look forward to hearing from you and what time you ran at the bath half marathon and in your future races.

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