Avenue of the Giants Marathon | 2024 Review

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The Avenue of the Giants Marathon is a great race. It also allows runners to run among majestic redwood trees in Humboldt Redwoods State Park. The course was hailed by Runner’s World as “one of America’s most picturesque running routes”. Thus, this course continues to draw both local and visiting runners alike.

How Many People Run the Avenue of the Giants Marathon

In early May, runners from around the world descend upon Humboldt Redwoods State Park called the Avenue of the Giants Marathon. In addition, the race also features a Half Marathon and 10K race organized by Six Rivers Running Club. Thus, making it one of Northern California’s largest annual marathons.

In 1972, the club decided to organize a marathon along the Avenue of the Giants in Humboldt Redwoods State Park. They chose this site due to its flat terrain, few interesting hills, and stunning redwood forest surroundings.

It proved to be a wise decision. The race, by 1977, had over 900 runners participating in the Avenue of the Giants Marathon. Thus, making it one of the largest races on the west coast.

The Avenue of the Giants Marathon is a two-lap, out and back route. Also, takes place on asphalt roads winding through majestic old growth redwood trees. In addition, features trees that provide shade and keep temperatures cool throughout the morning. That being said, they can also interfere with GPS signals from running watches.

Marathon Training Plan 16 Weeks

The Avenue of the Giants Marathon is held annually in Humboldt Redwoods State Park in Northern California. The race is one of the country’s most picturesque courses. The marathon winds its way through majestic old growth redwood trees. Also, on an entirely paved double out-and-back course, participants get to take in breathtaking views along the way.

No matter if it’s your first or third marathon, this 16 week plan will get you there strong! Each week features four run workouts plus an optional cross training day to ensure maximum preparation for each race.

Weekly long runs not only increase your endurance. In addition, teach your body how to fuel itself properly while running for extended periods of time. They should be done slowly – no faster than conversational pace – with walking breaks as needed.

Our marathon training plans incorporates a taper period in the final 10 days. Remember, the focus is to reduce mileage and rest your muscles for race day. This is essential to avoid micro-tears or injuries. Also, allows your body to build up glycogen stores ahead of the long day ahead.

Is 4 Hours 40 Minutes a Good Marathon Time?

Many runners – whether novices or experienced ones – aspire to run a marathon. Part of the reason they do so is that it presents them with an exciting challenge and the chance to join an exclusive club of dedicated athletes.

A successful marathon time is determined by several factors that the runners themselves can control, such as fueling properly and staying hydrated. Both of these are essential for optimal performance.

Running experts recommend that runners should engage in regular physical activity to enhance their fitness levels and overall health. A structured training plan can also help them maintain their running distance if they follow it religiously.

Some individuals are fortunate enough to finish a marathon in less than 4 hours, which is an incredible accomplishment for those who have never done it before. Unfortunately, these times tend to be achieved only by elite runners.

How Long Does it Realistically Take to Train for a

When considering whether or not you should run a marathon, the answer to this question depends on your current fitness level, your objectives for the race, and how long you have been doing so. Generally, it’s recommended that you spend at least six months training for a marathon–assuming that you already possess an impressive base of fitness.

Beginners are generally advised to opt for a shorter marathon, which makes the preparation process simpler and faster. The Avenue of the Giants Marathon serves as an excellent example.

Preparing for the 26.2 mile run is key, and one of the most crucial is mental toughness. A study revealed that 14% of racers fail to finish due to mental issues, making it all the more important to dedicate enough time and energy to mentally prepare yourself before race day!

When it comes to training, you’ll want to gradually increase your weekly mileage. This is usually accomplished by increasing the distance by 10% each week and then taking a week off for recovery from previous weeks’ efforts.

Where is the Avenue of the Giants Marathon?

The Avenue of the Giants Marathon, held annually in Humboldt Redwoods State Park, is one of the world’s most picturesque races. Runners from around the globe come to take in its breathtaking natural surroundings as well as take on a competitive race that challenges them both physically and mentally.

This 26.2-mile course features two loops: an out and back through the trees, then south along Highway 254. Take a left onto Avenue of the Giants for about six miles until your turnaround point near Hammond Grove and Truss Creek.

The course is mostly paved roads and includes some interesting obstacles like a bridge and tunnel. But what really stands out about this route is the breathtaking view as you pass through massive redwood trees! Plus, you’ll get to view an inspiring natural creek along the way! Best of all? It’s relatively flat – no steep hills to contend with! Luckily, there are plenty of aid stations throughout the day for extra motivation!

Is 40 Miles a Week Enough for Marathon Training?

When it comes to marathon training mileage, there is no standard answer. Every runner’s situation, goals and ability level determine how much mileage they should cover.

It is essential to maintain consistent mileage throughout the year. If you can’t keep up with volume, there is a greater risk of injury or burnout.

For most runners, an ideal mileage range is between 30-40 miles per week. This amount of running provides enough opportunity for serious training without overexerting yourself.

Calculating your ideal mileage requires some trial and error. To find what works for you, the most accurate method is to do some research.

How Many 20 mile Runs Before Marathon?

Many marathon training plans recommend a long run of at least 20 miles. While this isn’t mandatory for all runners, for some it can be beneficial.

On a consistent basis, long runs should be completed on the same day each week. This helps the runner build confidence before their marathon or other long distance event.

Whether a runner should attempt a 20 mile long run before the marathon depends on several factors, including their training plan, how much time they have available for running and their current level of fitness.

Most runners won’t find it necessary to do a 20 mile run prior to the marathon. However, for those newer to the sport or with less experience in running, it can be an invaluable tool in preparing them for the big day.

20 Week Marathon Training Plan

Are you new to running and thinking of training for your first marathon? Our 20 week marathon training plan is the perfect place to begin. This program helps you increase your mileage and strength without overexerting yourself or risking injury.

Our training plans are personalized to your individual goals, so you get the most out of each workout. They’re easy to modify if you need to switch up your schedule or add more miles.

The Avenue of the Giants is a tranquil, scenic marathon held annually in Humboldt Redwoods State Park in rural Northern California. This paved course winds its way past towering old-growth redwoods and follows along a natural creek at its heart.

For runners seeking a serene, scenic route and who don’t mind running with few people, this marathon is an ideal option. Though not the largest marathon worldwide, it offers runners an unforgettable chance to see the countryside and take in all that the Bay Area has to offer.

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