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The Army is known for being physically challenging. So, to pass basic training they require a certain amount of physical fitness. Recruits must complete an exhaustive military fitness test consisting of pushups, sit-ups and running.


Years ago, the Army changed their fitness test to include more difficult events. In addition to pushups and sit-ups, there were now dead lifts and power throws. Also, a plank, a 2-mile run as well as a combination sprint/drag/carry.

Unfortunately, female soldiers have had a particularly difficult time passing the new test. A study published by RAND Corporation revealed that 40% of female and reservist soldiers failed in testing as recently as March, compared to only 15% of males.

The Army faces a major issue with this test, as it’s an essential component in assessing a recruit’s combat readiness. Furthermore, failing the APFT can mean the end of a soldier’s time in the Army.

To combat this problem, they’ve implemented a program to assist soldiers who don’t pass. This involves placing them into remedial fitness groups and requiring them to take additional physical training sessions.

How Hard is the Army 2 Mile Run?

Recruits who join the Army undergo an intense physical-fitness training program designed to prepare them for infantry and advanced infantry training. The first fitness test, known as Basic Training Physical Fitness Test (BPT), consists of three challenges: two minutes of push-ups, sit-ups and a timed two-mile run.

For US Army members to pass three challenges, they must score 50 points. Scoring is determined by gender, age category. In addition, repetitions performed for each challenge and run time.

Male recruits must complete 35 push-ups and 47 sit-ups for a score of 60 points, as well as running a two mile race in 16 minutes and 36 seconds or less.

Women must complete 19 push-ups and 53 sit-ups along with running the same two mile race in 18 minutes and 54 seconds or less to earn the same score.

The 2-mile run is part of the US Army’s Combat Fitness Test. Furthermore, the ACFT is administered every six months to military personnel. If unable to complete the run, soldiers can choose an alternate event such as a 2.5-mile walk, 800-yard swim or 6.2-mile cycle ride for their fitness level.

What is the Army Standard for 2 Mile Run?

The Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT) consists of six events designed to assess strength, muscle endurance, power, speed agility coordination flexibility balance and reaction time. The ACFT is revised periodically. In addition, is based on feedback from Soldiers as well as independent analysis of test performance

The ACFT consists of six events: Maximum Dead Lift (MDL), Standing Power Throw (SPT) and Hand-Release Push Up (HRP). Also, the Sprint/Drag/Carry (SDC), Plank (PLK) and Two Mile Run (2MR).

Achieving success on any one event demonstrates to the Army your strength, power, endurance agility coordination flexibility balance agility speed agility coordination flexibility balance necessary to succeed in your military occupational specialty.

The ACFT’s Two Mile Run is an aerobic event. To maximize your efficiency and speed during this challenging race, it is essential that your cardiovascular fitness levels are good before signing up for the ACFT 2-Mile Run.

What is the ACFT 2 Mile Run Time?

For the Army Standard for the 2 Mile Run, males between 17 and 21 years of age must complete it in 17 minutes or less, while females in this same age range must finish within 19 minutes. Soldiers can use a treadmill to prepare if they are physically unable to run outdoors due to weather conditions. Run time standards will vary depending on age and fitness level.

The Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) was originally devised in 1858. In addition, has undergone multiple revisions ever since. It consisted of three events: two minutes of push-ups, two minutes of sit-ups and a timed two-mile run.

The Army Physical Fitness Test was replaced by the ACFT in 2019. It is now a general fitness assessment consisting of six events. The ACFT is a age and gender performance-normed scale. Furthermore, provides more accurate assessments of individual physical fitness levels. In addition, supports efforts to maintain a fit and ready force, promote fitness culture and guarantee fairness across ranks.

Soldiers must take the ACFT at least once annually. Of course, if you are on active duty you will need to take it every 6 months. Soldiers with a temporary profile or medical conditions may prevent them from performing all events. That being said, those on temporary profiles can complete alternative events. For example, walking or swimming instead of performing the 2 mile run.

Whats Considered a Good 2-Mile Time?

Measuring a good 2-mile time can be challenging due to factors like gender, age and running experience.

Male athletes with high levels of fitness tend to run faster than females due to their larger muscle mass and ability to cover longer distances at a faster rate.

Women typically have a higher percentage of body fat than men, which reduces their muscle strength. This can result in slower mile times as they must exert more effort to maintain stamina and speed.

Therefore, it’s essential to train both anaerobic and aerobic systems in order to increase your speed when running at a fast pace. Strength training also plays a significant role in increasing power and efficiency during each stride.

How do improve Your 2-mile time with Rrunning Intervals?

Start by doing intervals that incorporate running and moderate-pace walking. I discuss every tactic I was taught by 3 of the world’s top distance running coaches in the Army ACFT 2-mile course. You can click on any of the green buttons listed on this post to learn more. There are many runners who are seeing results. You can visit our testimonial page to read what they are saying.

Average Time for 2 Mile Run Female Army

For female runners, the Army 2 Mile Run typically takes around 16 minutes and 10 seconds. This distance proves challenging for many women to complete, making finding an effective training plan to achieve your desired speed challenging.

One way to improve your 2-mile run time is to train for tempo runs at 85-88% of maximum heart rate. These workouts have been known to increase speed and give you a feeling of control during the race.

Another essential part of training for the Army 2 Mile Run is staying hydrated throughout the week. Also, getting plenty of rest. This will enable you to recover from a long day of running and allow your muscles to heal so they can continue working optimally.

Recently, the Army revealed a brand-new physical fitness test consisting of six events. The new change is to replace their longstanding assessment tool (APFT). The APFT was used for over 40 years to assess soldiers’ physical fitness levels. This new assessment replaces the APFT, which had been in use for over 40 years prior.

What is the APFT Female Run Standard?

For Soldiers between 17-21, the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) 2 mile run standard is 18 minutes and 55 seconds. This assessment includes six events: pushups, sit-ups, leg tuck or plank, sprint-drag carry and a two mile run.

The ACFT was created to enhance the Army’s capacity to sustain a fit and ready force. In addition, promote fitness culture and guarantee fairness across ranks. The new age and gender performance-normed scale more accurately assesses individual physical fitness. Also, enables the Army to promote and support healthy living in various environments and training contexts.

The Army will integrate the ACFT into personnel policies over time. Thus, giving all Soldiers ample opportunity to adjust and train before record scores are used for personnel actions. The Army will continue to analyze and evaluate data related to the ACFT. Also, recommend changes when necessary in order to maintain a fit and ready Army.

What is the Army Standard for a 5 Mile Run?

The Army values physical fitness, especially among men and women alike. Their rigorous training regimen helps guarantee a healthy, productive army.

Beyond mandatory run and gym sessions, the Army also encourages some social interaction among personnel. The goal is to boost morale but also prevent them from becoming abrasive with superiors.

Keep me posted on your progress at the RunDreamAchieve YouTube channel. I am looking forward to hearing about your new personal bests. I know you can improve upon your Army 2 mile run time female standards.

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