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Are you seeking more information about the altra lone peak 6 trail running shoe? If so, welcome to RunDreamAchieve. There are certainly several varieties we as runners have to choose from. Altra is a very popular brand and definitely a versatile shoe for runners who love the trails.

The Lone Altra Peak 6 trail shoe is perfect for athletes seeking trail races and legitimate trails. For example, the 500-mile long Camino de Santiago or the 2650-mile long Pacific crest trail. What makes Altra shoes so popular?

One of the many reasons is the shoe features a footshape toe box. In addition, it provides balanced cushioning and is a zero-drop shoe. Furthermore, Altra shoes also feature gender specific fits. There are many other shoe brands who do not offer this feature with their shoes.

How Many Miles Do Altra Lone Peak Last?

Altra shoes last, on average, between 200 to 300 miles. Of course, it is possible to train longer in shoes. That being said, you definitely don’t want to extend that training time for too long. The Altra lone peak 6 model is perfect for runners who are seeking a stable and agile shoe.

Remember, trail running involves a lot of uneven surfaces. So, you want to make sure you have a shoe that can withstand varying terrain. In addition, provide the level of comfort and support that trail running demands.

The footshape toe box provides plenty of room for your feet. Thus, you get a world-class comfortable ride with each step you take. In addition, it also ensures athletes feet are comfortable and swell less. Hikers, of course, may not need a shoe like this as it does have a loose fit. Hikers usually are seeking better footing on terrain that is steep and technical.

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Do Altra Lone Peaks Run Big?

Shoes like the Altra lone peak 6 run true to size. So, if you are wear a size 11.5 it is best to order that size on Amazon or elsewhere. Runners are different though and I usually order shoes a half-size bigger just to be safe. The shoe has an updated upper compared to the older Altra Lone Peak 5 providing additional comfort for trail runners.

Again, the shoe features zero drop and has the most 360 degree volume of just about any shoe available online. In addition, the shoe has a 25-millimeter stacked height midsole that compliments the Altra EGO foam within the shoe. The Altra long peak 6 trail running shoe also has more room within the toebox for the athlete. So, you get a more athletic, comfortable fit with each stride that you take.

Altra Lone Peak 6 Benefits

Below are some additional perks and benefits of the Altra lone peak 6 trail running shoe.

  • Features a luggy outsole perfect for athletes seeking to train on varying terrain
  • The shoe only weighs 267 grams or about 9.4 ounces for mens, size 9
  • Gender specific shoe perfect for both men as well as women
  • Has the overall exact same look and feel as the previous Altra Lone Peak 5 version
  • Features MaxTrac material compound for extra comfort with each stride you take
  • Features the TrailClaw system which provides a strong grip when your toes grip down as you run
  • Perfect for running in mud, over dry rocks and dirt
  • Legitimate outsole for just about any terrain or activity

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Midsole Benefits of the Altra Lone Peak 6

You can find some additional benefits of the midsole of this shoe below

  • Features the Altra EGO foam which is far more advanced foam in comparison to the normal EVA foam.
  • Provides more cushion and generally a higher responsive “feel” with each step
  • The foam within the midsole is only 25 millimeters in depth
  • Features more of a springier sensation as you run thanks to the foam
  • Is one ounce lighter than the the previous version making you feel faster with each stride
  • Is a zero-drop shoe and has no carbon plate

Upper of the Altra Lone Peak 6 Features

Below are some additional features of the upper of this trail running shoe to consider

  • Features a big toe box so your toes will have plenty of wiggle room and comfort
  • Features three types of fits with original, standard or slim
  • Contains less stitching and less thick material throughout compared to the older version
  • More lightweight compared to version 5
  • Features a rubberized, bonded material with less fabric overlay
  • Features adjustable laces
  • The Altra lone peak 6 features a loop near the heel cup to pull the shoe easily on.
  • Features a velcro strap in case you need to attach a gaiter
  • Supportive overlay sewn near the toe box of the shoe which provides additional protection of your feet
  • Features holes throughout the shoe to allow for easy water drainage
  • Tongue of the shoe is similar to version 5 but just about right to ensure pressure is not placed on the top of the athletes feet.

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Closing Thoughts

I hope this overview of the Altra lone peak 6 trail running shoe has been helpful to you. Make sure to subscribe to the RunDreamAchieve YouTube channel. I create new training and racing content there to help runners such as yourself to make that next big leap in your training and racing.

You are also more than welcome to visit our about page if you would like to know more about my racing background. Trail running is a great sport and I have spent endless miles running on varying terrain. The Altra shoe brand is perfect for runners, hikers as well as trail runners.

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