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Advanced Marathon Training Plan

Advanced Marathon Training Plan

Are you seeking an advanced marathon training plan?

If you are you have come to the right place.

advanced marathon training plan

As a 2:19 marathoner I understand what it takes to build a legitimate training plan.

The strategies I learned from some of the world’s top coaches and runners that I was mentored by are built into RunDreamAchieve training plans.

An advanced marathon training plan should encompass race pace training strategies.

Look, marathon success is not just about high mileage.

If you run high mileage and most of that mileage is spent at speeds far above your race pace good luck at making significant gains.

If you are seeking an advanced marathon training plan it already tells me you are an established marathoner.

I don’t know where you are currently at.

Perhaps you are well under 3 or 4 hours already.

Why RunDreamAchieve?


I’ve been competing for the past 26 years, have broken both the sub 2:20 and sub 2:30 marathon barriers in my career.

I’ve also lived the lifestyle that it takes to run an advanced level marathon time.

I’m no better than you or anyone else but I do have some experience and expertise.

Investing in yourself is part of the self-development process.

You can get a RunDreamAchieve advanced marathon training plan for an affordable price.

One of the best ways to take the guess work out of training for a marathon is having a legitimate training block already lined up.

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20 week marathon training planMarathon Tips

If you are stuck at a certain pace and trying to break into the next level you have to change up the way you are conducting your long run.

This was one of the key strategies that helped me go from 2:43:36 to 2:19:35.

It is not enough to be doing your long runs at 6:45-7:00 mile pace if you have a sub 2:40 marathon as your goal.

6:06 per mile is what you need to run for that goal time alone.

Of course, this is just an example but you have to maintain 6:06 per mile 26.2 consecutive miles in a row.

Doing 20-24 mile long runs at 6:45-7:00 mile pace will not do the job.

The trick is getting gradually extending the amount of time you are spending at and below 6:06 mile pace.

This is where you will cut significant time off your marathon best.

What I would do is start off by doing 4 miles of a 20 miler at 5:45 pace and every three weeks adding an additional 4 miles onto that portion of the run.

Why This Is Important

The key is getting to the point where 6:06 mile pace feels easy.

Perhaps you are seeking a 4 hour marathon.

To do that you have to maintain 9:09 or better per mile for 26.2 miles.

The same principle applies.

Getting that long run branched out to 15-17 miles of a 22-24 mile run at or below 9:09 mile pace and preferably around 8:20-30 mile pace.

This is going to ensure you have become well accustomed to what 9:09 mile pace feels like.

This is how I built my RunDreamAchieve advanced marathon training plan for my readers and visitors to this site.

Feel free to visit the about page to learn more about my background if you wish or our archives page.

I look forward to hearing about your success and new marathon personal best.

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    1. Thanks for your comment Ryan. Yes, I do definitely write and speak on the importance of nutrition in my courses. It is a very important piece to running at the highest possible levels. I think when we as athletes run low on nutrients and minerals we run into issues. Often times, we think it’s us or that our best running is behind us when none of that is the real problem. It could be some slight adjustments that we need to make in our diets and nutritional supplement practices. I also continue to add to my courses so lifetime updates also come with all my courses and am focused on continuing to better them for my clients.

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