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Thank you for visiting A website I created in November of 2011 to help runners from around the world to meet their fitness and running aspirations.


If you love running fast, running in general, have interest in running a specific time or a have a running goal in mind this is the place for you.

I've been creating content here at RunDreamAchieve since November of 2011. It has been and will remain a commitment of mine to provide the best consulting services that I can here for runners of all abilities and from around the world.


My aim is to help to motivate you through the days you don't want to get out of the door and to show you what you are capable of.

I cannot make you do the work but I can share some tactics and strategies to help you perform at the highest possible level.

What you do with that advice is entirely up to you. Anyone can run but it takes focus to run faster than you ever have. You will get top level advice from me and what I have learned from some of the world's top distance runners and coaches.


I write posts about weight loss, race pace training, how to overcome motivational blocks, entrepreneurship (sparingly) and much, much more. You can visit our archives page which currently has over 500 posts on it (and growing weekly).


I have been featured on, and a few other websites but my hope on why I am credible is based on my knowledge and what I have done in the sport.

I'm just an average guy who found a love for distance running and help others get past their roadblocks. I've failed and I've succeeded and it is important that I share those failures here. Failure is a part of the process in succeeding in our sport.

Our capabilities may be different but we all want to be happy in this life, compete well and see what our bodies and minds can do.

I've been competing for over 27 years and share all that I have learned from some of the world's top coaches and long distance runners.

Nearly 7 years later my passion is now to help you, your friends, co-workers and family to break your mental and physical barriers.


My passion was always running. I've been competing since I was 15 years old and for the past 27 years (at the time of this writing) it is still something that matters to me.

At the end of the day it isn't how fast we run as it is simply being healthy and sharing our experience with others. I've competed at the regional, national and international level and understand athletes.

It doesn't matter if you are currently overweight, have never run a step in your life or an olympic trials qualifier. I can relate because I started at the very bottom, have had setbacks no different than anyone else.

I didn't just run a 2:19 marathon from relying on a very, very, very small amount of talent. What I had from the beginning was tenacity and focus. I never relented on that drive and why I started this blog and business was a sense of duty to give back to others that needed my professional opinion and advice.

What I pray for you is that you listen to your heart. The world is full of naysayers. No one would have saw me running 5:19 mile pace for 26.2 miles as a freshman in high school with a mile personal best of 5:09. It is your job is to motivate yourself. I can provide the guidance and expertise but it is you, ultimately, that have to do the work just as I had to in breaking the 2:20:00 marathon barrier. You have my word to stick with you throughout this journey – Nathan Pennington

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8 week marathon training plan
Nathan undergoing Vo2max physiological testing at the USA Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado

An active duty military member since 2002 Nathan's experiences abroad have only added to his passion to help athletes all over the world.

He and his wife, reside in Indiana with their two cats, Ferm and Sophie.

She is the owner of a 3.23.11 marathon personal best from the 2008 Boston Marathon. Nathan achieved a life-long dream of breaking the 2.22.00 marathon barrier finishing in 4th place and as the top American with a time of 2.19.35 at the 2007 California International Marathon.

He was one of only 61 men in the country in 2007 that broke the 2:20:00 marathon barrier.

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High School Junior Olympic Bronze Medalist – 1995 National Junior Cross-Country Olympic Championships – Reno, NV

High School Junior Olympic Track and Field National Championships Finalist – 1500m – 4:01.18 (7th place)

24th place – 2007 Cherry Blossom 10-Miler – 51:29

1st place – 2007 Presque Isle 10K – 31:33

28th place (4th American) – Rock and Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon – 1:07:06 (PR)

2008 USA Olympic Trials “A” Qualifying Standard Achieved (Sub-2.20.00 marathon)

4th place, Top American-2007 California International Marathon – 2.19.35 (PR)

1st place – 2010 IMS Arizona Half Marathon -1:09:46

2nd place – 2011 Germantown Half Marathon – 1:08:44

5th place, 2nd American- 2011 Monumental Indianapolis Marathon -2.26.42

Member of US Army World Class Athlete Program (2007-2010)


Why runners make great entrepreneurs

All I ever wanted with this site was to reach runners and people, athletes or not, who desire the most out of life.

This picture is an example of the hard work that I know you are currently doing. I've lived the spartan lifestyle and I understand the ups and downs of total novices to Olympic trials qualifying level athletes.

My passion for this site, the products that I create all stem from pain points that I had to endure through and ultimately overcome. I also created the RunDreamAchieve Academy to help runners gain confidence and get results.

I had some of the world's top distance running coaches as mentors. My collegiate coach, Jack Hazen, was a world-championship and Olympic coach.

I was coached from 2007 to 2010 by the 1985 Boston Marathon Champion (Lisa Rainsberger) and have been mentored by Dr. Joe Vigil.cim

These professionals taught me what it truly takes to compete at the top levels. My goal here at RunDreamAchieve is to provide guidance and consulting services to runners of all abilities and get them their desired results.

Personal Bests

High School


1500m – 4:01.55








 5 miles-24:32



10K – 31:09




Half Marathon-1:07:06

20 miles-1:44:05



Bachelor of Arts – Physical Education – Malone University – Class of 2000

Master of Science – Sport Administration – University of Northern Colorado – Class of 2004

MBA – Business Administration – Purdue University – Class of 2020

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Race History

23 November 1997 – Cleveland Fall Classic Half Marathon – 1:14:01 (debut half marathon) – 6th place
2 October 1998 – Notre Dame Invitational 8K – 24:32 -53rd place
6 May 2001 – Upmc Health System 5K (Pitsburgh, PA) – 15:54 – 2nd place
10 June 2001 – Columbus 10K – 33:19 – 7th place
29 September 2002 – Pittsburgh Great Race 10K – 33:09 – 30th place
20 October 2002 – Army Ten Miler – 53:12 – 21st place
3 November 2002 – New York City Marathon (debut marathon) – 2:43:36
(starting from last place in 32,189th place for charity moving to 253rd overall)
5 October 2003 – Army Ten Miler – 53:06 – 15th place
19 October 2003 – Columbus Marathon – 2:55:19 – 65th place
2 May 2004 – Lincoln Half Marathon (Nebraska) – 1:15:38 – 9th place
2 October 2004 – Army Ten Miler – 51:52 – 12th place
31 October 2004 – Marine Corps Marathon – 2:51:45 -55th place
13 March 2005 – Running of the Green 7K – (elevation, 5,100ft, Denver, CO) – 22:40
12 March 2006 – Van Alphen 20K (The Netherlands) – 1:06:09 – 12th place (top American)
1 April 2007 – Cherry Blossom 10-Miler – 51:29 (personal best) -24th place
12 May 2007 – 25K National Championships – 1:23:05 – 25th place
16 June 2007 – Grandmas Marathon – 2:40:02 (a personal best at that time, 1:10:32 through the half) – 64th place
16 September 2007 – Rock and Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon – 1:07:06 -27th place (3rd American)
7 October 2007 – La Salle Bank Chicago Marathon – 2:51:56 (highest temps in race history: 1:11:23 through half-way)
22 November 2007 – Presque Isle 10K – 31:331st place
2 December 2007 – California International Marathon –2:19:35 (personal best)- 4th place, top American
10 May 2008 – 25K National Championships – 1:21:33 – 17th place
26 July 2008 – Grand Prix 10K (elevation, 6,100ft) – 33:20 – 19th place
4 October 2009 – Army Ten Miler – 54:05 (coming out of Army Officer Candidate School) – 34th place
15 November 2009 – San Antonio Half Marathon – 1:11:19 – 12th place
26 November 2009 – Fort Collins 4-miler – 20:11 – 4th place
6 December 2009 – California International Marathon – 2:36:28 – 41st place
11 March 2010 – Germantown Half Marathon-1:08:44-2nd place
14 Feb 2010 – IMS Arizona Half Marathon – 1:09:46 – 1st place
13 March 2010 – Gate River Run 15K – 48:38 – 42nd place
21 March 2010 – LA Marathon – 2:55:36 (first half 1:08, rough second half) – 75th place
5 May 2010 – Hospital HILL Half Marathon – 1:14:44 – 4th place
8 May 2010 – Newport 10K – 31:52 – 12th place
16 May 2010 – Green Bay Half Marathon – 1:10:43 – 12th place
14 October 2010 – Army Ten Miler – 51:58-23rd place
4 November 2010 – Big Sur Half Marathon – 1:08:59 – 8th place
1 May 2011 – BMO Vancouver Marathon – 2:40:56 (1:08:56 first half) – 10th place
18 September 2010 – Das Hustlehoff 5K – 14:18 – 2nd place (PR)
12 March 2011 – Tom King Half Marathon – 1:10:40 – 4th place
30 July 2011 – Goodletsville 4-Miler – 21:11
5 November 2011 – Monumental Indianapolis Marathon – 2:26:425th place
15 October 2011 – Murfeesboro Half Marathon – 1:11:37 – 4th place
4 December 2011 – California International Marathon -2:32:24
22 August 2013 – Heart and Sole Half Marathon -1:13:46 (5,600ft elevation, Boulder, CO) -4th place
2 November 2013 – Monumental Indianapolis Half Marathon – 1:14:12 – 38th place
9 November 2013 – Team Nashville 10-Miler – 56:11 – 2nd place
8 December 2013 – California International Marathon – 2:32:57 – 46th place
5 October 2014 – Army Ten Miler – 55:20
1 November 2015 – Austin Run For The Water 10 Miler – 58:40 – 15th place
17 January 2016 – Houston Chevron Half Marathon – 1:16:50
21 Feb 2016 – Space 10 Miler – 58:41 – 12th place
2005 World Armed Forces Cross Country Championships Team Member – Tunis, Tunisia

2006 World Armed Forces Cross Country Championships Team Member – Thun, Switzerland

Personal Philosophy

I highly emphasis the importance of goal setting here. If your goal is to hold a specific pace for a specific distance than you have to train in a specific way.

If thee is a part of the race that is causing you issues then that is what I desire to help you with.

Here are a few pain points I focus on here at RunDreamAchieve that I commit to helping you with.

  1. Fueling
  2. Mindset
  3. Pace adaptation
  4. Biomechanics
  5. Pacing strategies
  6. Motivation
  7. Race pace mindset
  8. Physiological adaptations
  9. Pace management
  10. Lactic acid adaptation

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The best part about it? The same strategies apply to all distances and to all levels of runners whether you are a beginner or veteran.

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