Thank you for visiting RunDreamAchieve.com and welcome. A website I created in November of 2011 to help runners from around the world to meet their fitness, business and running aspirations. Below you will find a video that is a part of the Sub 2.30 Marathon Mastermind course I created. I discuss some of my history, how I got involved in the sport and why I do what I do here at RunDreamAchieve. Hope you enjoy it.

Why Should YOu REad THis BLog?

If you love running fast, running in general, have interest in running a specific time or a have a running goal in mind this is the place for you.You have come to the right place.

I didn’t run a 2.19 marathon by interest alone. There was heavy commitment involved in order to run that fast over that distance.

What RunDreamAchieve is not is just a running site. It is Run..Dream…Achieve. You have to do some dreaming in order to achieve goals. Everything I learned as an athlete has spilled over into my career as a 20+ year active duty military retiree, entrepreneur and educator.

I’ve been creating content here at RunDreamAchieve since November of 2011. I wrote articles here when there were no visitors and continue to provide mainly free content here. It has been and will remain a commitment of mine to provide the best consulting services that I can for runners of all abilities and from around the world.

nate running in marathon

Dr. Nathan Pennington is a former member of the US Army World Class Athlete Program (WCAP) and retired Army Medical Service Corps Officer. Nathan served 20 years, 24 days on active duty retiring in March of 2022 serving first as an enlisted Soldier before graduating from Officer Candidate School at Fort Benning, GA in 2009 and retired at the rank of Major. He brings nearly 3 decades of experience with endurance sport and nutrition to the visitors of RunDreamAchieve.

nate running in california international marathon

Nathan finishing in 4th place and the top American at the 2007 California International Marathon at age 31 with a USA Track and Field Olympic Trials “A” standard time of 2:19:35

What Will You Get Out of RDA

My aim is to help motivate you through the days you don’t want to get out of the door and to show you what you are capable of. What you get out of free content here on this website, the pain content at the RunDreamAchieve University will dictate your overall success. You cannot just listen to my advice and do no more. We have to apply what we learn.

I cannot make you do the work but I can share some tactics and strategies to help you perform at the highest possible level. Again, your success is going to be dependent upon taking action on what you learn here. There are no short cuts. No one is going to hand you a new personal best. You have to decide and decide now to start making some changes in how you operate.

How Did RunDreamAchieve Get Started?

My passion was always running and entrepreneurship since I was a kid. I’ve been competing since I was 15 years old and 30 years (at the time of this writing) later I am still excited about them both. I, probably much like you, didn’t have a lot of talent. All I knew was I wanted to push the boundaries of what I thought I could do as an athlete. The desire and work ethic that I used in my running career I now use educating others on and offline.

The reason I created this site back in 2011 was I knew I had to do more than just be excited about running. I knew this website was going to take work to create. I have found business to not fall very far from athletics. You are either lukewarm or you are all in. There is a massive difference between interest and commitment. Which one are you? Interest isn’t enough in this sport.

You had best have a white hot, razor sharp commitment and focus if you are going to achieve your dreams. It doesn’t matter if this goal of yours is in athletics or not. We are all here one time that we know of. There are 24-hours in a day. How much of your day are you working on your personal development and productivity?


What Type of Posts
do I Write?

I write posts about weight loss, race pace training, how to overcome motivational blocks, digital entrepreneurship (sparingly) and much, much more. The site currently has over 967 posts and new posts are added weekly.

I have been featured on military.com, podiumrunner.com, letsrun.com and a few other websites but my hope on why I am credible is based on my knowledge and what I have done in the sport. Yes, there are much better athletes than I out there.

The fact that I have run 1.44.05 for 20-miles, 2.19.35 for the marathon or 1.07.06 for the half-marathon does nothing for you. Who cares those are my personal bests. The question here is what tactics and strategies that I have been taught can get you similar or better results?

What Type of Videos
do I Make?

My goal with the RunDreamAchieve YouTube channel is to get my clients out of their comfort zone. You can type in “RunDreamAchieve” into youtube.com and find me. You already know how to work hard. The time now is for you to start working smart. The focus with the channel is to produce content that is going to help athletes use leverage.

Bypass the mistakes of other runners and get the results you are looking for. I’ve been there and done that and have nearly 3 decades of experience to prove it. In addition, I know what it feels like to run a 2:19 marathon and also how it feels to DNF. Lastly, I didn’t have a lot of talent like most runners. What I do have is an unnatural work ethic that I relied on to become successful in our sport. No, it didn’t happen overnight nor will it for you. The key is to stay persistent and motivated.

Commited to Clients

I have been creating content here at RunDreamAchieve for over 10 years. I created this site in November 2011 and have been sharing fitness tips and training strategies to help runners of all ability levels. In addition, I also share products I have used and am also interested in here as well.

Please note I am an Amazon Associate and a member of the Amazon Influencer Program. Thus, I earn from qualifying purchases. You may find affiliate links throughout this website and within RunDreamAchieve YouTube channel video descriptions. If, you decide to purchase I will receive a commission, at no further cost to you. All commissions go directly back into the RunDreamAchieve brand. Your support is GREATLY appreciated.

Nate running with the leaders of the 2007 California International Marathon. Result? Top American, 4th place finish in 2.19.35

The Focus Mentality

RDA believes focus is crucial for several reasons. Firstly, maintaining focus helps runners stay aware of their surroundings and prevents accidents, especially when running in busy or unfamiliar areas. Secondly, concentration enables runners to maintain proper form and technique, reducing the risk of injuries and improving overall performance. Mental focus also plays a significant role in managing fatigue and pushing through challenges, helping runners to sustain their pace and endurance. Moreover, concentrating on breathing patterns and body sensations can enhance runners’ efficiency and optimize their breathing, leading to better oxygenation and improved stamina. Lastly, mental focus during running enhances the overall mindfulness experience, promoting relaxation, stress reduction, and a sense of achievement. RDA will teach you that focusing while running is essential for safety, goal achievement, injury prevention, faster recovery times, performance enhancement, and mental well-being.

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