Is Their Leverage In A 9 To 5 Job?

I wanted to share a message I sent out this morning to my readers that I hope will, in some way, will open your eyes on what you think leverage is and how much of it you have in a 9 to 5 job.

I want you to think over what you have been taught over the years from peers, family and schooling.

Some, if not all, you may disagree with and I fully understand why.

We all come from different backgrounds, have different beliefs and some of this is going to hit home and will challenge your beliefs.

The majority of people are content where they are in life, I, for one, am not, being thankful is important but discontent brought us the lightbulb and some of the world’s greatest innovations.

It was discontentment that helped the Wright Brothers get their first airplane off the ground, if for only 12 seconds, the first time.

Contentment is accepted as is conformity far too often and not enough people are asking the tough questions.
Here is the message…

Hope your week has been treating you kind.

I ask that because it is so easy to remain in the comfort zone, working the steady job for the steady paycheck, to accept where we are in life.

Safe and secure jobs are becoming a thing of the past if you haven’t already noticed.

What most people are not paying attention to is the declining purchasing power of our dollar, hard working, dedicated, educated people are working longer hours, are not even payed first thanks to the erronious taxes that all employees have to deal with.

There is no real leverage in a 9 to 5 job.

You start from ground zero every day and worse, your time is attached to your pay.

I see it in the civilian and military sectors.

Focused, driven professionals work 20 to 40 years in a job and still have to go and work another job just to make ends meet, where is the time freedom, where is the luxury to travel the world for these employees?

Employees have to trade time to earn money, one of the worst possible ways to obtain it, yet the majority of the working world know no other way.

People that make $50,000 a year are not making $50,000 a year because they accept it, they are making $50,000 a year because they are unaware of how to make $250,000 a year – Bob Proctor, entrepreneur, author

If you are an employee, you are not even payed first, about 40% of your hard earned capital is taken away before you even recieve your paycheck.

You can thank the Current Tax Payment Act of 1943 for that.

How does that make you feel?

Why does Jeff Bezoz, founder of Amazon, choose a $1 per year salary?

Why did Steve Jobs of Apple do the very same thing?

Are we thinking or do these two gentleman know something the average worker does not?

I think the latter.

No citizen, according to any law, should be subject to an Un-Constitutional income tax and yet how many comply with this erroneous tax?

Is it someone you may know very personally?

To be honest, folks are still asleep to what is going on and far too entertained with television, sports competitions and drinking the trade time for a paycheck kool-aid.

I know it hurts to read but its the truth, far too many people have no leverage of their time.

I have an aunt that has worked at Wal-Mart now for over 20 years and doesn’t get payed that much despite her loyalty to her company.

My uncle nearly died recently and she had to go to work instead of being at his bedside or she was going to be fired from her job.

You tell me if that is leverage.

We have corporate bankers getting away with murder being bailed out billions, our men and women in uniform dying overseas getting payed peanuts and people are complying, accepting what everyone else around them is doing and blind to the facts.


What is going on?

The majority of people, even if they love what they do for a living, still have their time associated with their pay.

Don’t show up for work, do not get payed.

Is that leverage and how does this create freedom?

Were you told growing up that ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’.

Well I can tell you in network marketing, creating products myself for athletes, generating value for those who read my content,  you can build your money tree but you have to be willing to take action to see results and you also have to be patient.

This isn’t a get-rich-quick gimmick.

I find business to be a lot like my running career.

A combination of both setbacks and successes, ebbs and flows and only those who are willing to stand firm during the tidel waves that come from doing anything that involves risk, will succeed.

The alternatives to generating wealth tied to ones time can be accepted by the masses, it doesn’t have to be accepted by you and those you love.

The mass public are out working full-time jobs, stuck in meetings, away from their loved ones because they have been taught since they were teenagers that getting a job and going to work for someone else was the way to go.

Great option for most but when your pay is tied to something that is far more precious than any amount of money, your time, is that leverage?

How has this become so accepted in our culture?

The reason is because we have been taught since childhood that you have to work hard for money.

When was the last time you were taught in school how to make money work for you?

It wasn’t taught in all my years of academia but being a good, well mannered and dressed employee was.

Few employees have leverage and even those who own a brick and mortar business do not really own a business, they still own a job where they have to be somewhere for a specific amount of time according to the author of the Millionaire Mind, T Harv Eker.

I agree with Mr. Eker 100%.

In addition, to that, business owners are still highly taxed.

Great ways to get enormous tax breaks are reserved for investors and people who seek out other ways of generating income like real estate, network marketing, authors and other entrepreneurs who can sniff the corrupted system most operate under and have chosen to take a stand against it.

What is ironic is that most often times folks that want to leap out and do something that involves risk will be told by their neighbor, those closest to them, perhaps co-workers, their spouses or siblings that network marketing or real estate is too much of a risk.

The problem is these very same people are operating under the Industrial Aged idea that the only way to get ahead is to work a job and answer to the alarm clock.

They have become, we all have become, far too comfortable.

I can tell you the alarm clock and I are becoming enemies, we are most certainly not friends.

How about you?

Where are you in life?

Are you tired of being away your loved ones the majority of your day?

Are you seeking to stay in your office the longest so those around you can say ‘that guy or gal is dedicated’ despite the fact that your precious time, time you will never get back is tied to that paycheck.

Is your worth as an employee tied to that glowing ‘evaluation report’.

I tend to believe that anytime your worth is tied to someone else’s opinion of you is not what I would call leverage.

I also feel the same about a resume.

The resume is a perfect example of hard working, dedicated, educated people who have bought the lie our school system has beat into their subconscious minds, that to get ahead, to be something, you have to have the experience, education and accolades, to get that ‘safe and secure paycheck’.

I’m sorry to sound pessimistic but the bottom line is we are not here very long and you have to start seeking better ways to generate leverage for yourself, it will not be found working a regular job.

Entrepreneurs around the world will tell you the same thing and are not operating under old Industrial Aged rules.


Would you rather be an entrepreneur, to own your time, to have real freedom to do and go where you please or punch a time clock so you can pay off student loan debts, mortgages and credit card debt, to have zero leverage?

It is a choice and no one, not me or anyone else, can make the change for you.

We go to school to get the college degree only to become debt slaves for the next few decades because we listened to those closest to us without listening to ourselves first.

The only way to break free from the monotony of a regular job is to seek out leverage building businesses, systems that work without you having to be present somewhere that maximize your time, rather than drain it in order for you generate income.

Why hasn’t this been taught in our school systems?

Have we been taught to be independent, to work for ourselves or to be dependent on a job or the government to take care of us?

I think many people have become too comfortable and have allowed the habit of getting up, answering to the alarm clock, doing the same damn thing everyday, become their accepted routine.

We can do better.

Do you think it wasn’t challenging for me to let go of my previous ‘ideas’ of what network marketing was?

Was it uncomfortable me to invest thousands of dollars since 2011 on rundreamachieve and other pursuits?

Absolutely, none of them carried a guarantee of success but you can either take action or sit around and accept the ocean of people around you doing and thinking the same thing.

Your life is precious as is your time, what are you doing about it?

Do you think I, too, also didn’t hear growing up from family, friends, co-workers that network marketing is a scam or not worth the time, that I had to work hard for money, to seek out a good paying job, to get a college degree, to go to graduate school, that I need a great Officer Evaluation Report to get a promotion?

These are all philosophies everyone follows and they lose sleep and time worrying about it all wondering if they will measure up to their friends, family and bosses.

The sad reality is we have been programmed for decades to accept that working for the paycheck is the best route for financial success when the truth is unless you are a Wall Street Banker or Hedge Fund Manager or a CEO of a Fortune 500 company, it becomes extremely difficult to become rich as a wage worker.

The reality is many high school and college graduates spent the majority of their lives paying back student loans they never had to take out in the first place if entrepreneurship was taught in our schools from the start, if financial education would have been taught rather than how to memorize the capitals of the states or who won the Civil War.

If you love what you do for a living than by all means continue to follow your passion.

We still need employees to run the country but it doesn’t necessarily have to be you, especially if you are in a job currently that brings you no real passion and only keeps you away from the ones you love most.

Try starting a brick and mortar business that generates you income for that.

To open a McDonalds franchise you need at least $1 million, Subway, around $500,000.

There is not leverage in a 9 to 5 job, are you seeking the truth to freedom or accepting the safety and security supposedly found in a paycheck.

The choice is yours.

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