9 Minute Mile Marathon Domination

It is very feasible to break the 9 minute mile marathon provided you get used to sub 4 hour marathon pace. There are far too many runners second guessing themselves and their capability. It isn’t for a lack of their hard work.

9-minute mile marathon

Sometimes, it just takes a few small changes in your training routine that will make the biggest difference in your performance. The key strategy in breaking the 4 hour marathon is gradually increasing the pace at which you conduct your long runs.

The sub 4 hour marathon is a highly coveted time and a highly respected effort by runners all over the world. I am currently building an in-depth training course called the Sub 3 Hour Marathon Pro.

This will be an exclusive training course to help sub-4 hour marathon runners drop significant time off their current personal marathon best.

What Does A 9 Minute Mile Marathon Require?

A 9 minute mile marathon is equivalent to a 3:56 marathon. This is a very respectable marathon time and one that very few people in the world are able to easily attain.

It is most certainly doable. It requires spending sufficient time below 9:00 minute mile pace and equally focusing on recovery. This, sometimes, can be harder than doing the specific training to dip under a 3:57 marathon.

It is difficult because runners are already highly driven people. Holding back isn’t always easy even on recovery days. A 9-minute mile marathon is 5:35 per kilometer for the 41.18 kilometers. You have to be focusing on how do I make this pace feel comfortable for 26.2 miles.

This is where the challenge lies because anyone can run 3:56 marathon pace for a few miles or kilometers but can they do it for the entire distance. Are you seeking to eventually break the 3 hour barrier? Do you ever feel that is too far away or that you are not capable of such a time?

I beg to differ with you. If you have enough initiative and drive this is possible. It is not impossible. There are runners all over the world that break the sub 3 hour marathon barrier. It is not an easy feat.

Do I Need Talent To Hold 9 Minute Mile Marathon Pace?

What you need more than talent is commitment and persistency.

These two characteristic traits are why runners that don’t have a lot of talent run faster than those who do.

You cannot rest on talent alone. If you aren’t willing to work as hard if not harder than the next guy or gal you are not going to get the job done, period. I have known a lot of hard working athletes who outran their far more talented counterparts because they got lazy.

9 minute mile pace comes out to a 3:56:00 marathon. An outstanding marathon time. The sub 4 hour marathon is not an easy for a large percentage of runners out there. You may need small amount of talent to break both the sub 3 hour marathon and the 4 hour marathon.

The faster you go the harder you are going to have to work and the more genetics and physiological capability factors in.

How To The Master 9 Minute Mile Marathon

A great first step is to sign up for the soon to be released Sub 3 Hour Marathon Pro course. This course will teach you everything I know on how to break the 3 hour marathon barrier.

If you are already a sub 4 hour marathon runner and are serious about going after a sub 3 hour marathon sign up. This course will cover everything I have been taught by some of the world’s top distance running coaches on how to master the marathon distance.

It will be covering the exact steps I took to drop my marathon best from 2:43:36 to 2:19:35. We will be discussing nutrition, training methodologies used by some of the world’s best marathoners and why runners miss the pacing targets. Additionally, we’ll cover how to not end up in this group, how to sustain pace over longer periods of time.

Why Do So Many Miss The 9 Minute Mile Marathon?

There is often more of a quantity mindset than quality. It is not how many miles per week you are running as much as it is what are you putting into those miles. Higher mileage is not a guarantee you will run faster. There is a point of diminished returns. 

I know and tried this out for myself. I ran my marathon PR of 2:19:35 on 85-90 miles per week. High mileage didn’t help me come close to my best for the distance when I raised it to 140 miles per week.

So, it is more about quality miles run than the amount of miles or kilometers you are putting in each week.

How are putting your weekly mileage and workouts together? Far too many runners second guess their capability when they don’t get the results fast enough. This is normal. Who doesn’t want results fast right?  A 4 hour marathon is already difficult let alone a sub 3 hour marathon.

If you want to take your marathon from 3:56:00 (9 minute mile marathon) to a 3hr marathon click the link below.

Learn More About The Sub 4 Hour Marathon Mastery Course

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