8 Week Training Plan for Half Marathon Success

Searching for a new 8 week training plan for half marathon success? If so, I am happy you have arrived here to RunDreamAchieve. Interested in running a half marathon faster and sustain pace longer? If you do then there are definitely resources here to help you do just that.

This intermediate training schedule is tailored for runners who can comfortably cover 5 miles in a consistent manner and who have experience running at this distance. It also features rest days or cross training opportunities. Make sure to subscribe to the RunDreamAchieve YouTube channel. I focus on making regularly videos there weekly to help runner like you set new personal bests.

Rest Days in Your 8 Week Training Plan for Half Marathon

Training programs aim to build endurance and enable you to run longer distances, but this takes time and perseverance. There may be days where it seems easier just to stay home and rest instead of sticking with your plan; but pushing through such times of feeling unmotivated is critical if mileage starts increasing.

A 8 week training plan for half marathon should incorporate structured strength training sessions into your weekly workouts. Strength training has proven itself beneficial to runners’ strength. Also, lessen injury risks than running alone. Experts suggest doing at least one full body strength session per week. I don’t think you need to be in the gym more than once per week. Focus on light weights and high reps.

Long Runs

Long runs will typically start off slowly before gradually increasing over eight weeks. To prevent overtraining and injury, listen to what your body tells you by not increasing mileage by more than 10 percent each week. Doing this will ensure a more pleasant running experience.

In these weeks, you should also incorporate recovery runs. These should be easy runs that don’t last as long and should be completed at a leisurely pace to aid recovery after harder workouts. These runs should help facilitate overall improvement in overall wellness.

Your hard work in training for a half marathon should start to pay off during these final four weeks. The last 4 weeks is when it comes to reaching peak physical shape for your goal race. Make sure you stay hydrated and eating right during this crucial period.

Race day mental fortitude is paramount if you hope to successfully meet your goal. Stay hydrated, have a good dinner before the race. Also, get plenty of rest the week of the race. It is natural to not get great sleep the night before a race. So, focus on the 6 days leading into your goal half marathon event.


If you want to succeed at running a half marathon, an adequate supply of water is key to fuelling your body properly. Hydrate prior and during training runs. You can do this by drinking six to eight ounces of water every hour during sessions lasting 30-60 minutes. Also consider drinking sports beverages with carbs and electrolytes during these workouts for added fueling. I love electrolite.

As part of your race preparations, it’s essential that you consider possible injury and illness. Injuries will definitely adversely impact your performance on race day. Remember, injuries can be avoided by beginning training early. Also, adhering to an organized 8 week training plan for half marathon schedule and listening to what your body tells you. Also, a legitimate training plan will also prevent overtraining which can lead to burnout and injuries.

Focus on Speed Development

An effective 8 week training plan for half marathon schedule can help you expand your running distances and speed. Also, help you meet your running goals more quickly. However, it is essential not to increase mileage too rapidly. Remember, this could result in injuries preventing you from reaching your targets and meeting them on schedule.

Furthermore, including at least one rest day into your plan is also crucial for success.

Starting with a shorter plan such as our 8 week training plan for half marathon success is a great option, gradually building up weekly mileage over time. Participating in races can also provide invaluable training experience and simulate real racing conditions. I always recommend to runners to focus on a longer rather than shorter build up. So,. 16 to 24 weeks is optimal. That being said, many runners have short time frames to train. Thus, an 8 week training plan for half marathon preparation may be best for them.

Strength training sessions should also form an integral part of your training regimen. Strength training helps to keep you stronger, faster, and less susceptible to injuries. You should aim for at least 1 full-body strength training sessions each week.

At the conclusion of your training period, it is imperative to consume healthy foods. A diet rich in fruits, vegetables and grains will supply your body with essential vitamins. Also, nutrients required for peak performance in running. Furthermore, avoid indulging in any fatty foods or alcohol which could negatively impact running performance.

Eating Right

Half marathon training requires an entirely different level of commitment than that required for 5Ks. The reason is workouts are longer and tougher. While this shouldn’t necessarily be considered negative, it is essential that your priorities remain intact during this process.

Our 8 week training plan for half marathon schedule challenges and develops your strength without taking up all your free time. Furthermore, having a plan in place and being flexible as life changes is key. For example, if your schedule is tight, it might be wiser to reduce the distances you run during each week. So, prioritize your training. There are 24 hours in a day so focus on time management so you can do it all. No, it will not be easy but if others can succeed then so can you.

An effective 8 week training plan for half marathon schedule usually comprises of two sessions during the middle of the week at an easy pace, one tempo run and then a long run on weekends. Remember, long runs provide an opportunity to build distance. That being said, you should also start doing varied paced long runs. Do not run every single weekend long and slow. The result is you will be a superior long, slow distance runner.

Long runs provide an opportunity to hone your nutrition.

A 8 week training plan for half marathon program can help ensure you arrive at the finish line in record time. Remember, always listen to your body first.


As you begin running, it may seem exciting, but as training progresses and workouts become harder it may become challenging to keep going. That is where having fun and staying motivated are so key – they help ensure you achieve your training goals more successfully and can even serve to remind yourself why you are running; whether that be getting healthier, losing weight, raising funds for an important cause etc… Having a clear vision will help get through even tougher days in training and bring prideful completion at the finish line!

As your training advances, your dietary habits must also evolve to provide your body with adequate nourishment. Limit processed and fried food consumption near training sessions as this could negatively impact performance, energy levels and lead to digestive issues causing issues during runs.

Closing Thoughts

Consistency should be at the core of your 8 week training plan for a half marathon race. So, focus on consistency and doing the prescribed workouts. I am fine with you adjusting mileage as needed. That being said, the end goal is to improve the body’s lactate tolerance. You cannot achieve this physiological effect by running too easy, too often.

I hope that this post on the 8 week training plan for half marathon success has been helpful to you. Be sure to check out the resources we have available here at RunDreamAchieve. I am certain you are going to be setting some new personal bests in the coming weeks and months. Keep me posted on your progress at the RunDreamAchieve YouTube channel. Leave comments under any of my videos and I will respond.

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