6 Week 10K Training Plan | 2:19 Marathoner Tips

A 6 week 10K training plan can be beneficial for running success.

I’ve been involved in the sport of middle to long distance running for the past 27 years.

Which is better a 6 week 10K training plan or an 8 week 10K training plan?

It depends on the athlete. Can 2 additional weeks of training get better results in the 10K distance?

I would say yes.

My personal best for 10K is 31:09. As a 2:19:35 marathoner, the 8 week 10K training plans I have created are to help set runners up for success.

Everything I learned from some of the world’s top coaches and athletes including Olympians I trained with are built into them.

Why Choose An 8 Week Over A 6 Week 10K Training Plan?


The more weeks of solid training you can put into preparing for a 10K race the better.

6 weeks you can certainly still run a great 10K but a solid 2 months of training is always better.

This allows for sufficient time to put in base mileage and plan for an effective taper.

The taper is an art form and if you get it right you can cut significant time off your current 10K personal bests.

I’ve created 5K to marathon distance training plans specifically built for beginner to advanced level runners.

Seeking to run your first 10K?

Have a specific time goal in mind you are seeking to run?

Looking for a new training method to prepare for your next 10K?

RunDreamAchieve training plans can help you get the job done.

Why Are RunDreamAchieve Training Plans Worth The Investment?

Affordably priced and backed by a no questions asked, 30 day money back guarantee.

If you are not completely satisfied with the purchase simply e-mail me at natepennington1 at gmail dot com and I’ll refund your purchase.

I’m not as interested in the money as I am in hearing someone got a new PR based on my training strategies.

I competed at the regional, national and international level and know what it takes to run fast.

If you’d like to know more about my background feel free to visit the about page.

You may be seeking a 6 week 10K training plan but perhaps branching out to 8 weeks would produce even better results for you.

Can an additional 2 weeks of preparation help you maximize your 10K training? Absolutely.

I was coached for 3 years by Lisa Rainsberger while I was with the Army World Class Athlete Program.

Our training blocks were, at a minimum, 8 weeks long and always yielded the best results.

Always keep in mind the longer you can stretch your training the better.

As long as you are training correctly and focusing on recovery.

8 weeks to 20 weeks at the longest is where optimal running takes place.

A 6 week 10K training plan can still get results but am confident you will destroy your 10K goals with our 8 week plans.


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