5 Minute Mile Pace Tips To Destroy the Barrier

5 minute mile pace is not an easy pace by any stretch. There are most certainly ways to get this sub 5 minute mile pace to feel more manageable and less aggressive. Yes, it will take time. There are people all over the world seeking to run under 5 minutes for the mile. That being said, there are runners who work very hard and yet still never break the 5 min mile. So, in order to do it, you need to start training in a new way. The problem is many athletes are running too may of their miles or kilometers too slow. Remember, to break 5 minutes you need to focus on speed development.

An easy way to do this over a long period of time is by simply doing strides. You are really running several miles or kilometers at sprint speed by doing these over several months. So, developing your leg turn over and focusing on recruiting more fast twitch muscle fibers. These workouts will make you very efficient at running at faster speeds. Yes, you need to focus on doing 1 vo2max workout per week. In addition, training at paces that are much faster than 5 minute mile pace. In fact, training at paces that are closer to 4:20 to 4:30 mile pace is even better.

Can Anyone Run a Sub 5 Min Mile?

Not easily but it is a task that can certainly be achieved. It may take someone a few months or over a decade to achieve this goal. So, it isn’t a time barrier that is easily going to be broken. You need to run a 12 miler per hour. So, sustaining a pace of between 74 to 75 seconds per lap for 4 laps with no rest in between. I built the Sub 5 Minute Mile Leader course to help athletes to do just that. The key is training the body is such a way that it can handle higher amounts of lactic acid built up more effectively.

5 Minute Mile Pace

You do not get this anaerobic adaptation from running nice, slow and easy miles or kilometers. Yes, you still need to run easy and focus on your recovery. That being said, you also need to stress the body adequately and often enough. So, you will get the desired physiological effect as well. You could be running 100 miles a week and never run under the 5 minute mile barrier. So, it isn’t about quantity but the quality of the mileage you are putting in that truly counts.

What Percentage of the Population Can Run a 5 Minute Mile?

A recent study stated about 1 in 450 people could run a sub 5 minute mile. I believe more could achieve this goal if they focused on quality training and mental training. So, you need to start spending time training the subconscious mind to do what it is you envision. I was able to lower my mile time from 5:30 for 1600m to 4:22.10 for the full-mile (1609m).

It happened thanks to mental visualization but took 5 years to achieve. Of course, mental training, by itself but not guarantee you of breaking the 5 minute mile barrier. It is combining both physical as well as mental training that will increase your chances.

The problem is most athletes focus solely on physical training and bypass what is even more important, mental training. I used this tactic as well to lower my marathon best of 2:43:36 to 2:19:35. I consistently spent 10 to 15 minutes each day training my mind. Furthermore, I would visualize myself crossing the finish line with a 2:21:59 on the clock. It was the combination of training at, near and far below sub 5 minute mile pace in training that helped me to eventually run 2:19:35 for the marathon. I held 5:19 mile pace for 26.2 miles. So, the mile is no different. You need to focus on speed development. in addition, training at paces that are much faster than your goal race pace.

5 Minute Mile Training Plan PDF

There is nothing special about getting a cookie-cutter training plan to break 5 minutes. The professional athletes I have lived and trained with always seek out personal development. In addition, they want to learn from athletes that have already done what they are seeking to do. I created the Sub 5 Minute Mile Leader course as a way to help the athlete to start using leverage. Leverage simply means doing more with less. We all have been taught to work hard and yet hard working athletes don’t always break the 5 minute mile barrier.

I created 5 modules consisting of 25 lessons including a 16-week sub 5 minute mile training plan at the conclusion of the course. Are you seeking to take your training and racing to the next level? I highly suggest taking a look at the course by clicking the green button at the end of this post. Again, it isn’t about volume but the quality of training you are putting in.

How Long Does it Take to Train for a 5 Minute Mile?

It really is going to come down to your level of commitment and focus. How you prepare from today on will dictate how effective you are going to be at running under the 5 minute mile barrier. You cannot run 95 percent of your weekly mileage at 8 minute mile pace and expect to break 5 minutes for the mile. Remember, you need to also spend time training for long durations at your anaerobic threshold, so that means longer tempo runs. In addition, focusing on your nutrition and hydrating well in training. So, lengthening the amount of time you are training at your anaerobic threshold will build your strength and stamina that you need for the mile.

Yes, you still need to develop your speed but also your stamina and strength as well. In addition, you need to stop running long, slow and easy every weekend for your long run. I go in-depth on this topic in the Sub 5 Minute Mile Leader course. A big mistake milers are making is not focusing enough on training at, near or far below their goal race pace. They are running too many slow miles or kilometers.

Closing Thoughts

The only way to get sub 5 minute mile pace to feel more sustainable is getting comfortable being uncomfortable and often. You also have to pay close attention to recovery. So, that does mean jogging on easy days. There are only so many times during a 16-week block of training that you can push the body before receiving a diminished return on your investment.

I hope this brief post has been helpful to give you some suggestions on how to get faster over the mile distance. In addition, to finally dip under the 5 minute mile barrier. Are you ready to take your preparation and racing to the next level. Click on the button below to learn more about the Sub 5 Minute Mile Leader course. I look forward to seeing you on the inside.

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