3 Day a Week Marathon Training for Beginners

Are you seeking 3 day a week marathon training for beginners tips? I can provide some insight and help. I’ve been running fr 28 years and have specialized mainly in the long distance events.

3 day a week marathon training for beginners

What counts when it comes to marathon training isn’t volume. It is quality training. Can you run a successful marathon time off of 3 days a week? The answer is yes. The majority of marathoners are out there training and working full-time jobs.

We all don’t have the luxury to train full-time for a living. That being said, I had that opportunity once in my life and I did not take it lightly. It is the direct reason I ended up running 2:19:35 for the distance.

If you are a beginner marathon training 3 days a week for your marathon you need to focus. The key workouts you want to concentrate on is your long run and repeat 2-miles on the track at 10K pace. In addition to that, you need to mix up your training to stay excited. You don’t want to do the same type of training week in and week out.

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3 Day A Week Marathon Training For Beginners Success

You need to train below your goal marathon race pace. The reason being is this improves your lactate tolerance and helps you to run more economical.

3 days a week is sufficient to prepare to race well for the marathon distance. You are a beginner so focus on the small wins along the way. My best advice is to focus on gradually extending the amount of time spent at or close to your goal marathon pace.

Alternate running your long runs at different speeds each weekend. For example, one weekend should be nice and easy long run. The goal should simply be time on your feet and building your endurance. The next weekend focus on running 3 to 4 miles of your long run at or close to your goal marathon pace.

You want to hold your heart rate at 160 beats per minute or roughly 85 percent of your max heart rate for the harder long runs. Why does this matter for you as a beginner? One, you will be able to hold pace longer in the marathon. Two, you can make moves in the marathon that you otherwise wouldn’t be able had you not trained like this.

RunDreamAchieve Marathon Training Plans

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Remember, marathon success is not about how many days a week you are running or your volume. You can run 3 days a week and still get great marathon results as a beginner.

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Marathon Training Mistakes I Made You Can Avoid

I created this video for marathon runners of all abilities that covers some of the mistakes I made along the way.

My goal is to ensure you don’t make the same as a beginner. You can avoid these traps many beginner and advanced-level marathoners make to enjoy greater results.

Key strategies you want to focus on during your 3 day a week marathon training build up are:

  • long run pace variation
  • one weekend conduct a portion or all of your long run at 160 beats per minute (if using a heart rate monitor)
  • hydrate well (do not just drink when thirsty during the day)
  • work on your speed during track sessions (repeat 200m, 400m, 1K, one-mile and two-mile reps) at 30 seconds to 1 minute faster than your goal marathon race pace
  • learn more about glutathione and why most marathoners are missing this critical antioxidant.
  • Be patient (it takes approximately 21 days for your body to adapt to training). The best runners believe in delayed gratification
  • Implement strides into your routine (short 50-100m sprints) – do 5 to 6 reps at the end or during your easy runs)
  • Strides recruit fast twitch muscle fibers which will help you run more efficient during the marathon. They are also too short to build up any lactic acid.
  • Invest in a rundreamachieve beginner marathon training plan
  • Focus on the big 3 – one easy recovery run, one long run (alternating hard and east efforts), one aerobic capacity style workout i.e. repeat intervals on the track

Closing Thoughts for Marathon Beginners

Remember, marathon success is about utilizing leverage. Leverage is simply doing more with less. A common mistake many marathoners make is thinking higher mileage equates to better results. Furthermore, your goal as a beginner should be quality versus quantity.

Lastly, subscribe to the RunDreamAchieve YouTube channel where I provide weekly tips. 3 days a week, if planned accordingly, can produce lasting results for your marathon success. I look forward to hearing about your success. As you get more experienced you can add in higher mileage and more specific training. You will only drop more time and gain more confidence as your fitness and results come to you.

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