2HR Half Marathon Pace Tips and Strategies

Are you seeking more information on how to sustain 2hr half marathon pace more efficiently? If so, I’m glad you have made it here to rundreamachieve.com. A sub 2 hour half marathon is certainly not a slow time. In fact, it is an elite time that a lot of runners around the world are seeking to run. You need to sustain 9:09 per mile for 13.1 miles or 5:41 per kilometer for 42.2 kilometers. How do you do it more effectively and successfully? I wish I could write that there is an easy way to do this because there isn’t. It takes time and focus to run 1:59:59. That being said, if you start training using leverage you can get better results than working harder.

The hardest working athletes don’t always run under 2 hours. So, my goal for you is to start utilizing some of the strategies that I used to run 1:07:06 for half marathon and 2:19:35 for the marathon. No, it was not easy for me either. I didn’t have a lot of talent and had to work for many years to run these times. The good news is that I teach exactly what is need to break 2 hours in the sub 2 hour half marathon domination course. So, you get to learn what I was taught over the past 28 years packed into one course. The course concludes with a 16-week sub 2hr half marathon pace training schedule.

Would you like to learn more about it? You can click any of the green buttons on this page. You can also click on “courses” in the upper navigation at the top of this website as well.

Average Pace for 2hr Half Marathon

The average pace you need to sustain is 9:09 per mile or 5:41 per kilometer for the entire distance. So, you need to get that sub 2hour half marathon pace to feel less aggressive. I always talk about this in my courses, training plans and on the rundreamachieve youtube channel. You need to get beyond just running long, slow runs every weekend. Remember, if 90 to 95 percent of your weekly mileage is run at 10:30-11 minute mile pace or slower than 7 minute kilometer pace a 2hr half will be difficult to achieve. So, you need to train at, near and far below goal race pace. Also, you need to also slow down on those easy days.

2hr half marathon pace
Running 1:07:06 at the Philadelphia Half Marathon

A big mistake runners are making is they are still running too fast on recovery days. Yes, you need to train at pace that are closer to 8 minute mile or 4:50ish kilometer pace. No, not for long periods of time. The key is to do 1, vo2max workout per week. Your vo2max is your maximum oxygen uptake. It is training at paces that are so fast that you can’t clear lactic acid faster than it is building up. So, the hydrogen ion, a component of lactic acid, shuts down muscle functioning temporarily causing us to slow down. That being said, because you are training at these speeds it will make 2hr half marathon pace to feel less taxing on the body.

How Hard is a 2 Hour Half Marathon?

It certainly isn’t easy. That being said, others have done it so why can’t you? Are you lacking in talent? Well, you need to make up for it with your work ethic. I didn’t have a lot of talent either. It took me from 1992 to 2007 to run 2:19:35. How many people do you know who would be willing to train for that any years? Anyone who runs fast has done so through consistent work over a long period of time. It doesn’t happen overnight. I know you can run 1:59:59. The question is now how badly do you want to do it? I have training plans as well here on rundreamachieve that can assist you as well. So, definitely take a look there too.

A major tip I can share is to start practicing hydrating better in training. In addition, start ingesting more calories during your race. I would put 2 gel packs in your shorts. Take one at mile 6 and the other at mile 11. You will get an additional 200 to 350 calories immediately taking those during your race. A big mistake runners make who are aiming to hold sub 2hr half marathon pace is not drinking enough.

Also, running too many of their miles or kilometers too easy in their build up. I also discuss a 10-day taper in the sub 2 hour half marathon domination course. Yes, a 3-week taper, which is often discussed, can still work. That being said, I always set my own personal bests doing a 10-day taper. So, consider doing that as you lead into your next big race. You will feel more energized, focused and motivated if you do.

2hr Half Marathon Pace in KM

You need to hold 5:41 per kilometer in order to run under 2 hours. In addition, to really be comfortably under the time you need to run closer to 5:35 per kilometer. So, it is important to focus on quality over quantity. You don’t necessarily need to work harder in order to break a 2 hour marathon. That being said, you do need to work smarter and start using leverage. The best athletes are always studying what the best middle to long distance runners do in training and how they think. I have discussed this topic of running under sub 2hr half marathon pace. Below is a video I made on this subject which I hope can assist you as well.

Closing Thoughts

I hope this post on how to sustain sub 2hr half marathon pace has been helpful to you. Remember, get accustomed to running at paces that far exceed 9:09 mile or 5:41 kilometer pace. Again, you want to get half marathon race pace to feel less demanding. So, mile repeats at closer to 8 minute mile pace (or faster) and repeat kilometer intervals on the track at or near 4:45-50 pre rep are examples of the types of workouts that work. In addition, faster paced long runs. So, focus on a faster long run one weekend, followed the next weekend by an easier, jog recovery long runs. Recovery should always be the back of your mind.

The reason being is we get all of the benefits of our hard work through the rest period. So, you cannot continue to push the body anaerobically and expect a high return on investment. You have to pay attention to your nutrition, get plenty of sleep, JOG on recovery days as well as train anaerobically. Click the link below if you want to enroll in the sub 2 hour half marathon domination course. You will be bypassing the mistakes other runners make. In addition, the course concludes with a 16 week training plan that is set up to ensure the athlete masters the sub 2hr half marathon pace.

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