2:01:39 World Record Marathon

2:01:39 World Record Marathon

2:01:39 word record marathon

photo credit: Wall Street Journal


A 2:01:39 world record marathon time has been run at the 2018 Berlin Marathon. It is truly astounding to wake up and read what Eliud Kipchoge did this morning.

It isn’t surprising as he had already ran a 2:00:25 marathon that didn’t count as the world record due to having pacers and a pace car in Italy.

That being said, Eliud, by far, is the greatest marathoner in history.

As I reflect back to when I broke the 2:20:00 marathon barrier and how fast it felt (5:19 per mile) it is light years slower than a 2:01:39.

Eliud deserves all the good things he receives from our sport. There are truly great runners in the world, all of which who train just as hard as Eliud but only one can sustain that type of pace for as long as he does.

Last 17K All Alone

Eliud ran his last 17K, over 10 miles, by himself.

He had pacers up to just past 25K and had to maintain his incredible pace on his own.

He ran his first half marathon in 1:01:16 and came back with a 1:00:33, a truly incredible double.

I remember watching Haile Gebressalassie run 2:03:59 in Berlin a few years ago thinking that time would not be bettered in my lifetime.

2:01:39 will most certainly not be broken unless the man that does it is named Eliud Kipchoge.

The 2:10:39 world record marathon turns out to be an average of 4:38 per mile for 26.2miles.

Eliud has proven, on numerous occasions that long distance running is more mental than it is physical.

Second place in the race was 2:06:23, an insanely fast marathon time and yet the man who ran it was nearly 5 minutes behind Kipchoge.

These records continue to be lowered it makes one wonder if there is a limit.

Of course, no one is going to break 1 hour for a full marathon but Eliud has certainly proven that the 2-hour marathon will eventually be broken.

Perhaps not in our lifetime but Kipchoge has proven it can be done.

A 2:01:39 world record marathon can only be broken if the man who does it is name Eliud Kipchoge.

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