20 Week Half Marathon Training Schedule PDF

Have you been seeking a 20 week half marathon training schedule PDF? If your determination to run a half marathon is undeterred, no one can stop you from reaching the finish line. You must start training your body early enough so that it keeps up with your expectations. Since you have already made up your mind, you just need to prepare yourself physically to achieve your aim. A marathon training schedule ensures that your successful completion of the marathon doesn’t get compromised.

Importance of a 20-week Half marathon Training schedule

This training schedule is made keeping in mind the requirements of both beginner and experienced runners alike. Furthermore, it will help you build endurance and focuses on increasing your mileage gradually. With time, you will be able to develop a strong running base if you follow this schedule religiously. This strength helps you complete your marathon like a pro.


Cross-training plays a major role in preparing your body for strenuous activities. It has been incorporated in this training plan too. Its main aim is to improve your overall performance by providing strength to all the muscles of your body. So, mix your favorite exercises in these sessions to boost your confidence levels. Furthermore, you want to include swimming, cycling, climbing stairs, yoga and a little bit of weight lifting. You can always personalize these activities as per your preferences keeping in mind that your goal is to tone all of your body muscles.

20 week half marathon training schedule PDF

The Schedule Layout

The 20-week half marathon training schedule PDF provides for 2 weekly rest days – Monday and Friday. These days are important for letting your muscles recover and relax. Most marathon training plans are tough to follow which discourage the marathon aspirants from continuing with their training but this one has been formed in an easy-to-follow manner. The plan starts slow and gradually picks up the pace to train you for the final race.

Important Things to Consider

  • Focus on building up the miles, instead of speed
  • Take breaks in between your runs in the form of slow jogs
  • Follow normal running speed for mid-week training runs
  • Run slow for practicing long runs on Friday

Closing Thoughts

Your confidence and motivation are the key drivers to keep you going. Eating well and taking proper rest are others that will help you throughout your journey. Pushing your limits warrants success to your hard work, but do not ignore the pain from an injury as it might impact your health negatively. Consult a doctor in such emergency cases.

Your dream finish line is just 20 weeks away from you. All it asks for is a little toughness and consistency from you. Stick to this marathon training plan and experience the taste of success. Are you interested in taking an online running course? Perhaps you are seeking a more in-depth half marathon training schedule? Click the links below to learn more.

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