20 Week Half Marathon Training Schedule For Beginners

Seeking a 20 week half marathon training schedule for beginners? Well, although we do sell 16 week half marathon training schedule at our store I can still help you.

20 week half marathon training

Personally, as a runner with a 2:19:35 personal best for the marathon and 1:07:06 for the half-marathon, 20 weeks may be too long of a training block.

If you spend 4 weeks jogging and then start into a 16 week block, training 20 weeks for a half marathon could pay dividends.

The Key Ingredient Training For 13.1 Miles

Proper execution. A 20 week half marathon training schedule had better have at least 4 weeks of base mileage placed into it.

I focused on building 16 week half marathon training schedules here at RunDreamAchieve.


4 months is ample time to prepare for and complete in a half marathon. 5 months is a long time preparing for a full marathon.

RunDreamAchieve Half Marathon Training Schedules

RunDreamAchieve 16 week half marathon training schedules have one focus.

Race pace training.

What is your goal for the half marathon distance?

Is it to break the 2 hour half marathon?

Are you competing in your first half marathon?

Planning to run your half with a family member or friend?

We all have different goals as we go out and compete.

My goal was to break 1:05:00. I had to settle for 1:07:06 and I just liked competing (still do).

More importantly, now I get more joy hearing from people who purchased my training schedules that they PR’d.

How Should A 20 Week Half Marathon Training Schedule For Beginners Be Set Up?

A 20 week half marathon training program has to focus on specific training.

Specific meaning it has a goal in mind for the athlete.

Most runners have a time goal in mind when they race.

It may be to break a 3 hour half marathon, 2 hours or even run under 1 hour 10 minutes.

Everyone is different.

The best coaches in the world taught me the importance of the long run.

Implementing running faster for certain amounts of time during your long run.

This key tactic is what helped me drop from 2:43:36 to 2:19:35 for the marathon.

It also helped me drop from 1:10:32 to 1:07:06 for the half marathon.

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The Long Run

No other workout can bring such enormous drops in time for the half marathon than this.

A 20 week half marathon training plan should have a mixture of faster paced long runs.

For example, let’s just say you want to break 2:00 for the half-marathon.

This means you need to hold 9:09 per mile for 13.1 miles.

An aggressive pace.

If I were training for a half marathon I would focus on spending more time at or below 9:09 mile pace in training.

The Most Important Tactic When Preparing For 13.1 Miles

Practice your goal race pace as often as possible.

Recovery needs to be taken seriously as well.

Let’s face it. Training takes a lot out of us.

The runner seeking to run 9:09 per mile for 13 miles is going to have his or her hands full.

20 week half marathon training schedule

This is a very good half marathon time.

Note: Always run 1 or 2 long runs very easy following a harder long run effort to allow for recovery.

A few examples of how I would conduct my long runs IF trying to break 2:00 is as follows:

Early season

16 miler – 4 miles easy, 4 miles@9:15-9:30 mile pace, 4 miles@9:50 pace, 2 miles@8:35 pace, 2 miles easy

18 miler – 3 miles easy, 6 miles@9:25-30 pace, 5 miles@9:40 pace, 2 miles@8:30 pace, 1 mile in 8:15 pace, 1 mile cool-down

Late Season (when REALLY fit)

18 miler – 3 mile easy jog, 10 miles@8:40 pace, 3 miles easy with last 2 miles @7:35 pace

20 miler – 2 mile warm-up, 12 miles@8:30 pace, 4 miles easy, last 2 miles @8:15 pace

Again, this is an example for someone trying to break 2:00:00.

You can adjust to whatever your specific time goal is.

As a reminder, your following 1 or 2 long runs after this long run should be very easy to recover.

These types of long runs many runners are not used to as it pertains to long runs.

Most runners run too slow for too many of their miles.

They, then, second guess and doubt themselves when they don’t run as fast as they would like.

It isn’t that you don’t have what it takes.

It simply means you need a new tactic.

This is why I want to reach out to runners seeking a 20 week half marathon training schedule for beginners.

RunDreamAchieve half marathon training schedules are built to help beginner to advanced level athletes get results.

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Other Key Tips

Have your blood checked from time to time.

Ensure you are not running low on iron or ferritin.

Research glutathione. Check our archives pages. There are numerous articles written about Glutathione.

It is the body’s master antioxidant and hardly any runner I nor you know anything about.

Focus on your intervals and hill workouts.

These types of workouts are critical to make big gains in your fitness.

Consider heart rate monitor training.

I didn’t start training with a heart rate monitor until I got to college.

Jack Hazen, my collegiate coach, has been at Malone University now for 52 years.

He was the assistant track and field coach for the London Olympic Games.

Anytime you spend at a heart rate of 160 or above you are teaching the body to deal with lactic acid better.

The best runners in the world make it look easy because they have spent a great deal of time practicing below their goal pace.

If you are seeking a 20 week half marathon training schedule for beginners I hope what you have read has given you some ideas.

Feel free to visit our store to purchase your RunDreamAchieve Half Marathon training schedule.

Our longest running half marathon training schedule is 16 weeks which is optimal for you to succeed.

You can run easy 4 weeks with some light strides 3 times a week i.e. 5-7x100m.

Then, follow our 16 week plans to drop significant time of your current half marathon time.

If you are just seeking to run your first half marathon time and simply want to finish check out our beginner 16 week half marathon training schedules.

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