20 Week Half Marathon Training Program

20 Week Half Marathon Training Program

What are some key tips runners seeking an 20 week half marathon training schedule can follow?

A 20 week half marathon training plan needs to focus on building endurance and working on speed.

20 week half marathon training schedule

You may have a specific time goal in mind or perhaps you simply want to finish a half marathon.

Are you running your first half marathon?

Everyone is different and is going to go into this 13.1 mile journey with a different goal in mind.

Most runners have some desired goal. How do runners run fast for the half marathon distance?

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Train At or Below Goal Half Marathon Pace

20 weeks may be too long of a training block for a half marathon.

That being said, you can always run easy base miles for a month.

Allow your body to become adapted to the mileage and then start a 16 week training block.

4 months is optimal time to prepare well for a half marathon.

Far too may runners train for too long and then feel stale at the end of their training.

They miss perfecting their taper and then second guess themselves if they miss their goal time.

The key to running a successful half marathon is timing and a well-planned training schedule. 

We have 16 week half marathon training plans here at RunDreamAchieve help runners do just that.

The emphasis is placed less on the quantity of mileage and more so on the quality of the miles run.

Keep in mind, it takes the body between 21 days or 3 weeks to adapt to any stress load you place upon it.

Be patient with your 2 month half marathon training build up.

Be just as focused on your recovery days as you are with the harder training segments of your build up.

I dropped my PR from 1:10:32 to 1:07:06 for the half marathon by easy jogging on recovery days.

It was also a reason why I ran 2:19:35 for the marathon.

There was a high emphasis on recovery. 

The harder training was so difficult easy recovery runs were critical in order to recover.

This is where a lot of runners get it wrong and why I emphasize heart rate monitor training here at RunDreamAchieve.

How Does Race Pace Training Help?

It helps by making race pace feel more in control.

If you are spending the majority of your weekly mileage running at speeds far too slow it will make you a strong, slow runner.

It will teach your body to maintain pace in the race despite higher levels of lactic acid building up in your blood stream.

This is why many runners slow in the race because adequate time was not spent prior to the race below goal race pace.

Sometimes you can do everything perfectly and still miss the goal. That being said, you have a higher chance for success by preparing well.

Now,  there is nothing wrong with just putting in easy miles for 8 weeks leading into your half marathon.

If your goal isn’t to run a specific time but just to go out and be able to run a half marathon here is what I advise.

4 Weeks Of Easy To Moderate Base Mileage

Focus on doing 4-8x100m strides 3 days per week during this time period.  Strides keep remind your body of what you are training them to do.

Run fast and move efficiently.

They are also far too short to build up high levels of lactic acid so you can do that at full speed.

They will also work to recruit fast twitch muscle fibers which most long distance runners have little of.

That being said, if you can recruit more you also become more efficient physiologically.

Focus the last 12 weeks on your extending the length of your long run by a few miles each week.

10 days out from the half marathon should be your taper so you want to lessen the length of your runs.

4 days prior to the half marathon I would do a 3-4 mile run at goal half marathon pace.

If you don’t have a time goal in mind and are focused on just finishing do this.

Focus on effort for those 3 to 4 miles. Keep the effort moderate but not so fast that you feel you are racing.

If You DO Have A Time Goal In Mind

RunDreamAchieve focus is on both beginners and advanced-level athletes.

If you are seeking a 20 week half marathon training schedule for beginners you have come to the right place.

There are runners that just want to finish the distance and those that have a specific time goal in mind.

The biggest reason the best runners in the world make running look easy is they have trained properly.

They have spent a large amount of time running at speeds that far exceed what they aim to run at in the race.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or advanced we all can get faster utilizing these fundamentals.

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Again, a 20 week half marathon training schedule can work if you focus on the first 4 weeks putting in a strong base.

Plan well. 16 weeks of focused, strategic action coupled with an easy base of 4 weeks prior to the start of your training block will get huge results.

We look forward to hearing about your new personal best

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