16 Week Marathon Training Plans

16 Week Marathon Training Plans

Are you are interested in setting a new PR in 2018 or the new year?

I am a bit biased but know rundreamachieve 16 week marathon training plans can make a significant impact on your running.

There is a reason I have quite a bit of confidence in writing that.

What helped me drop nearly 21 minutes off my marathon best and break the 2:20:00 marathon barrier was strategy.

It doesn’t matter if you are a 5 hour marathoner, preparing to run your first 26.2 mile race or aiming to break the 2:20:00 barrier yourself the programs work.

RunDreamAchieve 16 week marathon training plans are very easy to follow and were created to help beginner to advanced marathoners run faster.

Why RunDreamAchieve 16 Week Marathon Training Plans?

The secret to running faster at the marathon distance is practicing your goal race pace.

There has to be a strategy in place leading into the 26.2 mile distance and you need a plan.

What RunDreamAchieve 16 week marathon training plans do is set you up for success.

Each week is set up in a convienent, downloadable PDF format.

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Who Am I And How Can I Help?16 week marathon training plans

I retired from competitive racing in 2017 but still mentor athletes online from around the world.

I set my personal best for the marathon distance at the 2007 California International Marathon finishing in 4th place, top American and with a time of 2:19:35.

I’ve been an active duty military member for going on the past 17 years.

I competed as a member of the United States Army World Class Athlete Program from 2007 to 2010 and earned an Olympic Trials “A” standard time (2:20:00 or better).

Runners want to follow plans from athletes who have lived the life they have, who understand what it takes to run fast and effectively.

They are driven and seek results but also need a plan to make their goals a reality.

I know as I was just like any other runner.

It took me 18 years of trial and error to finally get the marathon distance right.

I also spent another decade chasing to better my 2:19 personal best and couldn’t do it.

As you may already well know the faster you run the harder it is to duplicate great efforts.

They say men and women only have so many top level performances in them.

Perhaps that is true but it doesn’t mean you cannot continue to improve.

A sub 2:20 marathon is a very difficult time barrier to break just as breaking 4 hours may be to someone else or just preparing to run a marathon in the first place.

My goal from the day I started in 1992 to the day I retired from competing in 2017 was simply to see what I could do in the sport.

It is far more satisfying now being contacted my runners who purchased a RunDreamAchieve training plan and set a new personal best.

What Do RunDreamAchieve Training Plans Look Like?

Below are a few examples of what RunDreamAchieve 16 week marathon training plans look like.

This is just an example and yes, we do have training plans that range from the 5K distance all the way to the marathon distance.

As you can see each week is easily viewable and gives you a clear-cut strategy on what to do

This was the way I was trained and helped me go under the 2:20 marathon barrier.

My coach while assigned to the Army World Class Athlete Program was Lisa Rainsberger.

Lisa won the Boston Marathon in 1985 so I have been trained by the best.

I’ve also been coached and mentored by world-class coaches Jack Hazen and Dr. Joe Vigil.


Coaches that showed me where my flaws were.

The biggest mistake I was making as a marathoner was running too easy on long runs.

What took me from being a 2:43:36 marathoner to breaking 2:20:00 was increasing the pace of my long runs.

Additionally, the easy recovery phase of training was also just as important.

Remember, it takes just as much skill to back off as it does to push yourself in training and both are essential to marathon success.

My plans are set up to help athletes, whether beginners or those seeking to break 3 or 4 hours, to have a week-to-week plan to execute their training successfully.

A plan to get results.

RunDreamAchieve 16 week marathon training plans are backed by a 30-day, no questions asked money back guarantee.

I’m confident that you will be 100-percent satisfied but if for whatever reason you are not please contact me and I will freely refund your purchase if you are not.

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A Solution To Millions of Runners Problems

My goal in creating RunDreamAchieve in the first place was to help inspire athletes and non-athletes alike to gain leverage over their fitness, finances and time.

You may be a new reader or a regular visitor but there is a major pain point that many runners face.

What do I need to do in order to maintain pace longer.

Have you ever gotten to mile 18 and were on pace to hit your goal time only to fall apart?

Have you hit a time goal and have done everything you can but just can’t seem to improve?

Do you have a desire to run your first marathon and want a strategy to get you to the finish line?

Are you a veteran athlete seeking to break the 4 hour marathon?

3-hour marathon?

Sub-2:40 marathon?

Sub-2:30 or Sub-2:20 marathon?

RunDreamAchieve 16 week marathon training plans are built for all of you.

What makes them different and why are they worth the price?

27 years of experience are built into them.

The secrets I learned from the world’s top coaches are contained within them.

They are built to help any athlete, whether beginner or advanced, to jump start their training for late 2018 and into the new year.

This post is being written on the evening of 17 November 2018.

The same formula for success in marathon running will apply 10 years from now as it does as I write this.

Visit our archives page. It is a helpful guide to many articles that I have written here since 2011.

You can also visit the about page if you would like to know more about my running background

What Is The Secret To Running Success?

Train at the pace in which you wish to race at.

You cannot expect to break a 4-hour marathon unless 9:09 mile pace has become easy for you.

If you have a desire to break the 2:20:00 marathon barrier you will need to hold 5:19 mile pace for 26.2 miles.

Everyone is different but the same formula applies to all runners.

Train in such a way as to win the prize.

The prize is finishing for some.

It may be setting a new personal best for someone else.

Perhaps it is to break a time barrier.

It could also be seeking out a way to maintain pace for the entire distance and not run out of energy.

This is a common problem many marathoners face as have I.

As it pertains to pace, marathon success stems from training at paces faster than you wish to race the distance at.

If your goal is to break a 4 hour marathon you have to train in such a way to make 9:09 mile pace to feel sustainable.

RunDreamAchieve 16 week marathon training plans will help you do this by giving you a week by week plan to gradually get you to peak performance.

Running success is all about patience and gradually extending the length and pace of your long run.

It is also about practicing and getting better at running at speeds far faster than you are seeking to race at.

I look forward to hearing about your success with our 16 week marathon training plans.

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