16 Week Marathon Training Plan To PR Faster

16 Week Marathon Training Plan

There are a lot of marathoners seeking a 16 week marathon training plan that will get them results.

I know, I was one of them as well for many years.

I respect athletes of all capabilities whether beginner or advanced.

16 week marathon training plan

That being said, as a student of the sport if there was an athlete that ran a top time few do I took notice.

I created my own 16 week marathon training plan a few years prior to retiring from the sport to help other athletes.

Time went on and more and more athletes wrote to me telling me they had set new personal bests and sent words of thanks.

The RunDreamAchieve 16 week marathon training plan was created to help athletes of all capabilities to set new personal bests.

**We also have 4, 8 and 12 week marathon training plans for beginner to advanced level marathoners**

Why Do They Work?

I created RDA training plans to factor in some of the major flaws I faced in my training and that I have seen in numerous other runners over the years.

Too many junk miles.

It is not enough to say you run high mileage.

High mileage doesn’t always equate to new personal bests.

I got up to 142 miles per week at the peak of my training and it left me tired and drained.

I broke the 2:20:00 marathon barrier (2:19:35) running between 85 to 90 miles per week.

RunDreamAchieve training plans work because they are simple to purchase, download and follow.

Our training schedules range from the 5K to marathon distances and are affordably priced.

A 16 week marathon training plan is only $49.97 and backed by a 30-day, no questions asked guarantee.

Why Trust Me?

  • 29 years of national and international middle to long distance running experience
  • former member of the United States Army World Class Athlete Program
  • 2:19:35 marathoner
  • two-time armed forces world cross-country championship qualifier

You have to have to have confidence in who you hire to be your coach.

For me personally, having someone that is better than I and who can set me up with a legitimate 16 week marathon marathon training plan is worth the investment.

How Is A RunDreamAchieve 16 Week Marathon Training Plan Organized?

RDA training plans are easily downloadable training schedules built in powerpoint.

They are set up for easy weekly viewing and help the runner have a long range plan of what to do each day.

You can purchase any of our training plans whether you’re seeking a 16 week marathon training plan or just want to run your first 5K.

I built RunDreamAchieve training plans with a few major purposes in mind.

Get more runners motivated, running faster and setting new personal bests.

Seeking to break the 4 hour marathon?

Interested in running your first marathon?

Have you participated in a marathon but were never able to finish?

Do you have a specific time goal in mind?

Do you desire to earn an Olympic Trials marathon standard?

RunDreamAchieve 5K to marathon training schedules are build to help you run faster in late 2018 and beyond.

Check out our RunDreamAchieve training plans and running courses. I firmly believe they will help you bypass the mistakes other runners are making. Keep me posted on your progress over at the rundreamchieve youtube channel.

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