12 Week Marathon Training Schedule

12 Week Marathon Training Schedule

I have been writing for over 4 years here on rundreamachieve, a post titled 12 week marathon training schedule seems to be on my mind as of late.

What is the secret in forming up a marathon training schedule within a 12 week period?

What is the magic formula to run your best for this distance in the span of 12 weeks?

I wish I could say the journey would be simply for you but the truth is training for a marathon is extremely taxing and takes extraordinary commitment.

You can still have fun and enjoy the experience but as you get faster you have to generally keep in mind why you are doing this.

Runners seem to be enthralled by ensuring other athletes know how their race went and/or why it didn’t go the way they wanted it to go.

As someone who has done this in the past the greatest thing I have learned as it pertains to helping athletes create a 12 week marathon training schedule is this.

No one really cares.

As sad and pessimistic as that sounds it is the truth.

I have friends who I used to train with all the time who never stay in touch anymore.

They don’t care I am out training on the roads, putting in the work.

They don’t care I am still training to better my 2:19:35 marathon personal best and more than likely many of them think my time has past.

Find Your Why

What is it that you truly want in a 12 week marathon training schedule12 week marathon training schedule

Why are you training as hard as you are?

If you work a full-time job, have children, are juggling responsibilities that the full-time athlete most definitely is not then what are you doing it for.

I write this because over the years I have had to ask the tough questions to myself as well.

Why, after all these years, am I still training the way I do when I don’t really have to.

I have run a half marathon and full marathon time that many men will only dream of running.

I suppose it comes down to the satisfaction I get from seeking to push my body to the limits.

After 24 years of competing I still, in my opinion, have yet to take it as far as I can.

I don’t think I’ve been to the edge of what I am capable of and that is why I am taking the next 10 months to see if I can.

Our sport can be a bit selfish as times.

Invest In A RunDreamAchieve Training Plan Today

Runners, in general, are extremely driven people and are always searching for that next best performance.

The faster you run the more selfish it can become.

I see a lot of runners who seem to define themselves by how fast they can run.

Their lives seem to be over if they run a bad race.

One of the best pieces of advice I ever received was by the coaches I have had the great fortune to work with.

They all say the same thing.

You can’t do this forever (at least at a top level).

What are all the top runners who are training full-time going to do after their competition days are over?

If they are barely making minimum wage now training full-time what happens after they are done?

Far too many runners get caught up with times, performances, how much money they can win at races, age group awards.

All great goals but don’t lose sight of the things that matter most.

Your friends (at least those who still seem to care or stay in touch) and family who don’t care if you win or lose, run an Olympic Trials standard or DNF.

They love and care for you either way.

Your health matters.

Their are people who don’t have the health we have and yet when I see runners bitching and whining over a bad race they can make amends for a few weeks or months down the line, makes me scratch my head.

What is more important in life for you?

I fell into this trap for many years and as I round out my last year of competitive running and the pursuit of new personal bests I have one thing on my mind.

Running up to my own standards.

These are not relaxed or easy but they are mine.

I don’t need to measure up to someone else or get caught up in the limelight of what other runners are doing.

My workouts are not going to make you a better runner just as much as your workouts are not going to assist me in my own pursuits.

Why are you competing?

Find your why and stick to that reason.

What Should A 12 Week Marathon Training Schedule Consist Of?

I have written extensively over the past 4 and half years here on rundreamachieve.com regarding what it takes.

I have created training programs for runners as well that can help assist you get to your goals faster.

The best advice I can share with you is to dig into the archives page and take a serious look at what the antioxidant glutathione does, how it is produced in the body.

This is a major factor many beginner to advanced runners are missing out on.

They’ll do the workouts and than wonder why they miss their goals in the race.

Racing is far more than just workouts.

It is all the other little aspects of preparation which all have to fall in line before you reach the pinnacle in the sport.

It takes enormous patience and focus, often times you are going to question yourself, your ability and if your time has passed.

Do not worry.

All the top runners in the world have come to that realization.

There have been numerous friends of mine who have questioned if they were finished and ended up enduring just a little longer only to run the race of their life.

There are men in their mid 40’s who are running faster than I have for the marathon distance.

Recently, we all saw Meb Khaflezghi, at nearly 41 years of age run 2:12:09 in the heat of L.A. at the 2016 Olympic Marathon Trials.

Meb didn’t get to the level he is by half-heartidly going about what he does and Meb has experienced setbacks, thoughts of retirement.

He is no different than you and I.

We all have to deal with doubts and anytime you are asking something of yourself that is going to take all your heart and focus you can best bet doubt will, from time to time, creep in.

Sift through all the posts I have written and find which ones works best for you.

I can guarantee you there is something that you will find that will help keep you motivated.

There are numerous 5K to marathon training articles I have shared for free with my readers.

The key really is to focus on the thing you can control and not the areas that you have no control over.

You can get enough sleep.

You can train at or below your goal race pace, whatever that may be.

You can get out of your comfort zone.

You have the power to run 90 to 100 mile weeks on single or double runs.

You can achieve more on 40 miles a week than many runners can’t seem to achieve on 90 so don’t get too caught up in mileage.

Long slow miles make for long slow runners.

This is not to disrespect runners who may simply have fitness goals and not a particular race goal or time in mind.

We all are different.

Whatever your goal is whether it is to run your first 5K, marathon or ultra marathon, pursue it and be willing to endure the setbacks along the way.

Do not define your worth by how fast you run or don’t run.

There is far more to life than just running and competing.

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