12 Week Half Marathon Training Plan PDF to Succeed

Are you seeking a 12 week half marathon training plan pdf to help you set your next personal best? If so, then I am glad you have made it here to RunDreamAchieve.

If you want to run a marathon, the key to successful training is having an effective 12 week half marathon training plan pdf in place. A legitimate 20 week marathon training schedule will gradually build your mileage up while offering variety of runs and workouts that suit you personally.

In addition, a 3 month half marathon training plan requires you listening to your body, taking rest days as necessary. Be sure to subscribe to the RunDreamAchieve YouTube channel. I focus on making new videos there weekly to help runners like you break barriers.

Base Building with Our 12 Week Half Marathon Training Plan PDF

Our 12 week half marathon training plan pdf is ideal for runners with an established running base who wish to step up their marathon efforts. Each weekend is dedicated to long runs which will increase in duration.

There will be a recovery week which reduces mileage slightly to help recover for subsequent buildups every 4th week. I also believe in doing a 10-day rather than a 3 week taper. So, this is factored into your 3 month half marathon training program.

The RunDreamAchieve 12 week half marathon training plan pdf also features weekly tempo and interval workouts. These workouts are designed to challenge both your aerobic capacity and introduce your body to the effort required of half marathon running. Also, they are completed at speeds significantly faster than what will be necessary on race day.

One of the key steps towards success in your training is staying consistent. Be sure to follow your plan exactly and dedicate enough time daily for runs and workouts as specified on your schedule.

Work on Your Leg Speed

Running a marathon can be a challenging task but with proper preparation it can be done. Remember, the goal here is to improve the body’s lactate tolerance. The world’s top middle to long distance runners run around 40 percent of their weekly mileage at or below their lactate threshold.

So, the 12 week half marathon training plan pdf helps you to improve your leg speed. In addition, build your endurance and stamina,

You will start your mileage at or around 30-40 miles a week. Our 12 week half marathon training plan pdf will gradually introduce midweek interval sessions and half marathon-specific long runs. If necessary, you may walk during small sections of your long runs, if needed. Remember, it takes between 3 to 4 weeks for the body to adapt to any stress load being placed on it. So, be patient. The body always adapts.

Prioritizing rest days, core or strength training sessions, and post-run recovery routines is of vital for success. So, to prevent an injury-free marathon experience and optimize marathon performance, listen to your body. Mileage and intensity will drop dramatically for your body to recovery 10-days out from your goal half marathon. I see a lot of runners dropping mileage and intensity too far out and it leaves them feeling flat. So, do not do that.

Be Patient

Our 12 week half marathon training plan pdf may seem intimidating at first. The reason being is that it requires long runs and workouts that exceed your current fitness levels. So, don’t get discouraged. Again, the body will always adapt if you are patient enough.

Success at marathoning lies in being consistent. You want to follow your training plan and devote enough time each day for running. In addition, cross-training, core work or strength training and eating a diet comprised of both carbohydrates and proteins.

Make sure you invest in supportive gear like running shoes and sports bras to make training more comfortable. I am also a big believer in running faster, varied-paced long runs every other weekend. I would not advise running long, slow and easy every single weekend. Again, the goal is to improve the body’s lactate tolerance. So, you want to get beyond running too easy, too often.

Week 4

Using our 12 week half marathon training plan pdf takes the guesswork out of your preparation. Also, 3 months is an optimal time frame for you to set a new personal best in the half marathon distance. The workouts you will be following are the same types of workouts I used to run 2:19:35 for the marathon and 1:07:06 for the half-marathon.

One feature that sets this training plan apart from others is its comprehensive approach. For example, weekly schedules, prompts, motivational strategies, and space to record runs and workouts. So, it is perfect for beginners and advanced level runners looking to run their first marathon or set a new personal best. Thus, making this 12 week half marathon training plan pdf ideal for newcomers.

RunDreamAchieve training plans and running courses include four to six running workouts with one day off per week. Of course, you may take an additional day off in the place of an easy day, if needed.

Run Longer and Faster

One major component of our 12 week half marathon training plan pdf is to focus on the long run. There are far too many runners still running too slow during their long runs. Yes, you still want to run easy but just not every weekend. So, we alternate a faster, varied paced long run one weekend followed the next with an easy, relaxed long run.

Your mileage also begins increasing and tempo runs will become part of your routine the fitter you get. Remember, it takes between 3 weeks to a month for the body to adapt to the stresses you are placing on it. So, be patient with your training.

Our 12 week half marathon training plan pdf also focuses on a few time trials to get you ready to set a new personal best in the marathon.

Be consistent to achieve success in any training plan. Make time for running and other forms of exercise. Remember, also set aside enough sleep and mental strength training sessions. A good diet and plenty of restful sleep are also key ingredients to peak performance on race day.

Speed Development

Yes, our 12 week half marathon training plan pdf is demanding. That being said, what you are trying to do is not easy. You will forget about the hard training you endured when you cross that finish line in record time. The plan features short work speed sessions ranging in distance from 200m repeats to 800-1000m intervals for short speed work sessions. Also, longer distance runs will help to build higher end speed and stamina and make race day feel much simpler.

Your long run should begin incorporating some tempo miles or fast miles toward the end. For example, speeds 30-60 seconds faster than your marathon goal pace.

It is crucial that you eat a well-balanced diet and get sufficient rest. So, you can train each day without becoming fatigued or sore. A well-rounded diet should contain plenty of proteins and carbs for energy as well as healthy fats for optimal health benefits.

Success Focused

An effective 12 week half marathon training plan pdf in place will help take the guesswork out of your preparation. Our training plans and running courses have helped many runners set new personal best. You may view our testimonial page to see what other runners are saying.

Of course, which plan or running course you choose depends on your fitness level, experience and goals.

Our plans offer an ideal combination of speed workouts, including intervals and tempo runs. In addition, long runs with segments of the the run at or below goal marathon pace. Also, distance runs that may seem intimidating at first but will quickly build into manageable distances.

Race Strategy

I always tell runners to focus on a negative split. So, focus on running the second half of your marathon faster than you run the first half. Proper energy expenditure and pacing is vital to set a new personal best in the marathon. The final week of the 12 week half marathon training plan pdf is very light. The last workout you will do is a 3 mile run at goal half marathon race pace 4 days out from your goal marathon.

Rest days should be taken seriously to make the most of this training block. You should also include stretching, foam rolling and ice baths to help maintain muscle health and strength.

Our 12 week half marathon training plan pdf was created specifically for runners who are seeking a new strategy. Also, for those aiming to earn a Boston qualifying time or Olympic Trials qualifying standard.

Closing Thoughts

Remember, the key thing here is consistency. You will get a huge physiological boost with each aerobic and anaerobic workout that you do. Yes, you will be challenged. There will be some days you want to quit. My advice is to stay focused and allow time for your body to adapt to what you are throwing at it. You will be rewarded for your hard work at the end of this 3 month half marathon training cycle.

Our 12 week half marathon training plan pdf is tailored specifically for new runners or those preferring a slower mileage buildup. Additionally, it incorporates various speed workouts like intervals, tempo runs and hill workouts into your weekly training. I hope that this post has been helpful. Be sure to keep in touch with me at the RunDreamAchieve YouTube channel. Leave a comment below any of my videos and I will respond to you.

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