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So, wondering what is 10km in miles? The answer is 6.2 miles. That being said, I focus on overdelivering for the people who visit rundreamachieve. I hope these tips will assist you with your training and racing. I’ve had this website since 2011 and the focus was always on helping runners get to the next level. I am here in the united States of America so we usually use miles instead of kilometers like other places in the world. That being said, when it comes to running you have come to the right place especially if your search has to do with fitness and running.

One of the best ways to make your goal race pace to feel more in control is training far below it. Yes, easier said than done. That being said, with enough patience and willpower anyone can do just about anything they set their minds to. You are more than welcome to visit the about page if you would like to know more about my background. So, 10km in miles comes out to just over 6 miles in length. The current world record for men on the track is 26:11.00 set by Joseph Cheptegei on 7 October 2020. This time is an absurd 4:13 per mile pace. Also, this comes out to an insane 2:37 per kilometer for 10 straight kilometers. Furthermore, the world record for the 10km for women is 27:17.45 set by Almaz Ayana of Ethiopia in August of 2016. Almaz’s pace comes out to 4:43 per mile or 2:53 per kilometer.

How Fast is 10 KM in Miles Per Hour?

That comes out to around 6.2 miles per hour. So, you wouldn’t be running super fast but would be covering basically equal distance in the same amount of time. Again, 10km in miles is 6.2 miles. So, 10 kph equates to 6.2 mph. What has been the biggest issue for you with your racing? Have you had a tough time dealing with running out of energy? Are you hydrating well enough during your longer races? I ask this because I want to get to the heart of what is causing you the biggest problem. Remember, just about anyone can run slow for a few minutes, kilometers or miles. That being said, it is an art form to run fast for long periods of time.

10km in miles
Finishing 4th overall and top American at the 2007 California International Marathon

I have training plans as well as running courses here on rundreamachieve. My mission is to help you to start working smarter rather than having work so hard. How many athletes have you known over the years who work hard but still miss their goals? I have known a few. You also need to pay attention to what you consume as well. Nutrition plays a big part in middle to long distance running success. I was able to end up running 2:19:35 for the marathon because I worked smart and long enough. Yes, you will have setbacks on the path to success. The question is how badly do you want success? How long are you willing to work to get to your goal? A common problem is people give up too soon. There is a massive difference between interest versus commitment.

10KM in Miles Calories

How many calories per mile do you usually burn while walking or running? You burn about 100 calories per mile or every 1.6 kilometers. Also, you generally burn about the same amount of calories whether you are running or walking. Of course, you will cover the distance faster depending on the choice you make. What causes most runners to not sustain pace in their races? Often times, they simply have not trained adequately at, near or far below their goal race pace. The Kenyans and other top runners make it look easy for a reason. Why? Well, they have trained at very high anaerobic efforts in training. In addition, many of the Kenyans live and train at high altitude where there is far less oxygen. Of course, many world-class athletes also train and live at sea level as well.

So, the key to running faster and holding pace longer is pushing the anaerobic systems of the body. Furthermore, physiological adaptation takes time. It takes the body anywhere from 3 to 4 weeks to adapt to any stress load we place on it. So, be patient with yourself during your training. I provide a recovery week at the start of the 4th week in my training plans and running courses here on rundreamachieve. Remember, all of the benefits of the hard work that you do comes within the rest period. So, you need to slow down on those recovery days. The fact that you are searching for 10km in miles tells me you are more than like a runner. Perhaps, not but maybe you are. If so, I hope this post helps. Rememeber, 10km/h in miles per hour comes out to 6.2 miles covered within those 60 minutes.

10km Run in Miles

So, to run well over 10 kilometers you need to be able to clear lactic acid faster than it is building up. The only way to teach the body to do this effectively is training far below your goal race pace. I had as my goal to run 2:22:00 for the marathon which comes out to 5:25 per mile or 3:22 per kilometer. So, I started running my long runs at faster paces. I always tell those athletes that I coach and mentor online to not run slow every single weekend. Sebastion Coe, former world-record holder for the 800m, said it best…

I have always believed that long, slow distance running makes for superior long, slow distance runners

The 10km run is an aerobic event. That being said, you also need to train anaerobically as well on and off the track. The goal is to sustain pace longer than your competition. Also, teach the body to burn fat more effectively. So, you can call upon what you have far more of (fat stores) and conserve what you have far less of (carbohydrates). Yes, doing repeat kilometers, miles or 2-miles on the track is very difficult. That being said, once you rest and recover from those efforts there is a supercompensation effect that takes place. Your body bounces back to twice as strong as it was prior to the start of that workout. Of course, you will be far weaker immediately after you do that work.

Is 10K Harder than 5K?

Both are hard. Of course, if you aiming to run either simply for fun and to be out with your friends they can be far more enjoyable. That being said, if you are focused on racing these distances the 5K requires more speed than the 10K. Furthermore, the 5K is more anaerobic (without oxygen) as compared with the 10K which is more of aerobic (with oxygen). So, you need to focus on overall leg speed with both of these events. The 5km in miles is 3.1 miles and of course, 10km in miles is 6.2 miles. So, you are doubling the distance with the 10km race.

The faster you can perform at the 5K the more manageable the 10K is going to feel. Speed dominates at any distance but the 5K is more of a speed event when compared to the longer, 10km race distance. I’d vote the 5K has harder than the 10K simply due to the faster paces you need to hold in order to run a good time. My personal best for the 5K is 14:18 and 31:09 for the 10K.

Closing Thoughts

I hope this post has been helpful and has provided some help to you in your preparation. I also want to add the importance of extending the duration of time you spend training at your anaerobic threshold. Your anaerobic threshold is the point where your body starts generating higher levels of lactic acid while running. So, this is why it doesn’t feel very comfortable to run at AT pace. Generally, we race at our anaerobic threshold or very near to it. The best middle to long distance runners make it look easy for a reason. They have spend sufficient time training at, near and far below their goal race pace. Remember, make sure to jog on those easy days. Your body will thank you for it when it comes time to do the faster track or road workouts.

A big problem runners face is going into their races fatigued. They have spent too much time running too slow and not enough time running fast. Also, running too fast on easy days and too slow on days they really needed to train much faster on. A legitimate training plan, coach and running course can do wonders for your future training and racing. We have all three resources here at rundreamachieve. You can reach out and contact me anytime. Also, subscribe to the rundreamachieve youtube channel. I create 3 videos per week and provide a lot of free content there as well. Welcome to the RunDreamAchieve success team.

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