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Iwant to first point out that if I were not a max international associate I would still be writing this article for rundreamachieve.

I say that because I could go up to 10 middle to long distance runners, triathletes and ultra marathoners and ask them this question and get 10 deer-in-the-headlight looks all on the same day.

Do you know what riboceine or glutathione is and how it relates to your athletic performance?

This is a big enough reason for me to write about max international, their mission and products.

I want this content to go viral as more people know about what Kanye West had for breakfast than they do about Gluathione and how it is changing lives.

I was a preferred customer for a little over a month before I became a distributor (and still use their products) and I did that due to the fact that I was able to recover faster from my workouts, was sleeping better and felt more alert during the day.

I didn’t choose max international initially for the business side of the company, my mother was battling sepsis and hypothyroidism and wanted to purchase max international products for her.

She noticed differences in the way she felt and relayed how much better she was feeling.

I continue to send her product to help her in the healing process.

What Most Runners Are Missing

Glutathione, our bodies master antioxidant, is not an area most distance runners know anything about.

We are all too caught up with what Bernard Lagat ran in last week’s indoor track race or what the Kenyans ran overseas in some marathon competition.

We study how to run faster and read up on different coaching philosophies, but I haven’t known one distance runner who has studied as intensely on molecular and cellular health as I have in the past 7 months.

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There are over 132,000 peer-reviewed articles written about endurance performance and how glutathione plays a vital role in sustainment of aerobic exercise .

The problem is there are far too many runners, triathletes and ultra marathoners out there who are second guessing their abilities.

They have researched running websites well, know what shoes the world record holder for the marathon is wearing but don’t know anything about this and that is why it needs to be shared and absorbed.

This can change your running and health, period.

It could help save a life.

This is still run, dream, achieve and part of running success means you learn all areas of your craft.

You don’t go all out on one area and miss the one that could completely and radically change the way you perform in your workouts and in your races.

We, as endurance athletes, must be students of our body and find out how our physiology functions so that we can live healthier lives and perform at higher levels.

Recovery is crucial in training and that is the same whether you are a tried and true veteran or beginner to our sport.

Every cell in your body produces glutathione.

Runners do not realize that it isn’t very absorbable if taken orally, nor do they know how large of a role it plays in ATP or energy production within the body.

Like iron, if your body runs low on glutathione your immune system is weakened as is your muscle functioning.

 Dr. Herbert T. Nagasawa And Why Runners Should Research Him

Dr. Nagasawa is the creator of Max International’s ground breaking patented technology called Riboceine.

In, Riboceine, A Nutrient You Want To Learn About, I wrote extensively on what Dr. Nagasawa’s research has done for health of untold thousands of people as well as world-class athletes, beginners and national class athletes and encourage you to read it to learn more.

Education and background

Dr. Nagasawa received his Bachelor of Science degree from Case Western Reserve (formerly known as Western Reserve University) which is located in Cleveland, Ohio.

He then went on to complete his Ph.D in Organic Chemistry from the University of Minnesota.

Dr. Nagasawa furthered his education spending two years as a biochemistry Post-doctoral fellow at the University of Minnesota before joining the research staff of the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Minneapolis as a Senior Chemist.

He has held numerous leadership and teaching positions ranking from Senior Research Career Scientists of the VAMCS, then being promoted to Associate Professor in 1963 and Professor of Medicinal Chemistry in 1973.

Dr. Nagasawa also served as a Visiting Professor at Washington State University in 1990, as well as joint professorships in the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology.

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This is a man who has done his homework and has had as a lifelong goal to share his riboceine technology with the world’s poor.

A dream I saw realized while I was attending the 2014 Max International Convention in Salt Lake City in September as max international is increasing it’s world-wide awareness spreading to third world-countries and helping those without to live healthier and wealthier.

He has published over 165 peer-reviewed articles and journals and served for 32 years as the Senior Editor for the prestigious International Journal of Medicinal Chemistry from the yeas 1972 to 2004.

Why Should I Take Max International Products?

There are no side effects and all products are certified drug free by the Banned Substances Control Group.

One of the most important reasons endurance athletes should research max international and their products is the fact that they are the only products that have Dr. Nagasawa’s patented riboceine nutrient within them.

It is very difficult for glutathione to be taken orally and to be absorbed into the body.

For years scientists and physicians were not successful in raising glutathione levels within the cell.

Glutathione is not absorbed very well through the intestinal walls.

It is comprised of amino acids that help do the job by way of cysteine, glycine and glutamic acid.

Glycine and Glutamic acid can be increased by way of diet but it is much more difficult to absorb sufficient amounts of cysteine.

The most effective way, until recently, was to increase glutathione levels within the body by way of N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC).

It was expensive and required large doses for it to be effective.

Dr. Nagasawa’s decision to join Max International and allow all us to learn, research and consume their products (all of which can be viewed in the right sidebar), which contain Riboceine which effectively can increase glutathione levels within the cell by as much as 300 percent.

What Riboceine Has Done For Runners

The decision to first try max international products for my own training, health and racing needs was from learning about what riboceine and glutathione do.

I was diagnosed with anemia back in 2007 and remember how it felt to have all the motivation in the world to train, yet not be able to sustain paces in workouts or in races.

I began to second guess my ability and what I was capable of.

A blood test proved that I was extremely low on ferritin and iron levels.

Cancer patients have been found to have extremely low levels of glutathione as have patients with over 70 other major illnesses.

All of which have been documented on PubMed.

It took the advice from a Boston Marathon champion to learn what no other world-class coach had ever told me in the past.

We always think we have all the answers until we run into people who have more knowledge than we do.

You have to slow down and be willing to listen.

I used to be a pessimist about network marketing too.

Now I am a believer.

I did my homework and as I did with my running the past 23 years, I haven’t sat back and wished I could be a better runner.

Goals without action and faith are not goals at all.

As I write this informative post about max international I hope you’ll realize that self education and research is very important to me.

I want more endurance athletes to research for themselves what glutathione and riboceine can do and I hope by me writing posts like this it will get more interested in max international.

What Riboceine Does For You, The Athlete

As endurance athletes we want to perform to a high level or at least improve performance in some way.

This could be going from walking for 5 minutes and then extending it to 30 minutes for some to running a marathon in 3 hours for others.

Everyone has different goals for their running and their overall health.

Dr. Herbert T. Nagasawa’s ground-breaking patented Riboceine technology is at the heart of why max international has become a part of my training routine.

I take MaxATP mixed with Max-N-Fuze before and after my hard workouts to help recover and take two Cellgevity pills at breakfast and two at dinner, daily.

What makes riboceine so effective is that it helps deliver cysteine into the cell.

As I stated earlier, glutathione is composed of three mini acids, two of which (glycine and glutamic acid) are absorbed easily by way of diet but not cysteine.

Riboceine has been proven to effectively deliver cysteine into the cell and this is why glutathione levels can now be raised at a much higher extent at the fraction of what it cost in the past.

The National Institutes of Health and other scientific institutions have funded twenty peer-revised, public scientific studies unlike other nutritional compounds in the world today.

Why Endurance Athletes Need To Start Listening

Within 10 minutes of doing aerobic exercise glutathione levels drop by 40 percent.

How much more so, the faster we run?

There are 4 major influences glutathione has on your physiology and if you do not start to pay attention now you could be firing on only a few cylinders.

1. It is the primary anti-inflammatory of every single cell within your body (trillions of them).

Imagine the amount of inflammation that is created by doing a 10-mile tempo run, long runs or repeat miles on the track.

2. It is the primary antioxidant inside of every cell we create

3. It directly supports the production of Adenosine Tri-Phosphate (better known as ATP), which is the energy source that every and y cell contains for its overall health and functioning.

If we spend our week putting in high mileage or juggling life’s responsibilities, work tasks and missions, all of which create stress, we are not going to perform the way we want to.

Pay Attention To The Environment

Our environment and the air we breathe in all create free radicals and toxins within our bodies.

Glutathione is the detoxifier.

I heard a quote once that if the liver is the washing machine, glutathione is the detergent.

4. It is the primary detoxifier of the cells as stated previously.

Glutathione’s role is not to flush out lactic acid from our training but to clean the cells by way of lowering inflammation that was caused by the lactic acid in the muscles.

It plays a huge role in recovery and with overall endurance.

Do I have your attention yet?

I hope I haven’t lost you with any scientific terms.

It is becomes more simplistic, the more you read and research for yourself what max international is doing for not only endurance athletes but also for the lives of people with cancer, diabetes, autism to name only a few.

Glutathione role on improving health of the sick has been written extensively about.

The scientific research cannot be refuted.

The problem is people know more about reality television than they do about life changing nutrients and anti-oxidants that max international has shared.

The overall thing to remember.

Run low on glutathione and you can expect to run low on endurance as well.

What Do The Scientific Studies Say?

This is where it really begins to get interesting.

Studies have indicated that increase levels of glutathione and ribose generate increased power productivity and increase recovery capability.

It normal takes time to recover after works because ATP levels drop.

Research shows that without taking supplements like max international is offering, our skeletal muscles have limited ability to maintain peak performance after repetitive, high intensity training.

What is required for tissues to keep running at peak performance is high levels of cellular energy.

What Dr. Nagasawa has done is produced a patented nutrient contained within max international products that helps the heart rebuild energy more quickly.

Heart Health

Studies have confirmed that patients who have suffered from a heart attack were able to increase their ATP levels and heart function within 48 hours.

What was the result for patients that were not given supplementation?

Their heart functioning was still poor after 4 weeks.

It is far more than just a business venture for me.

Generating residual income is worthless without your health.

Time is more important than money so I want you, the reader to be fully aware that I am a student of health first and foremost and businessman second, a very distant second.

It is crucial for me to write about this on my sites because max international is more then just a network marketing opportunity for the world.

It is an opportunity to return life to sick bodies, hearts and minds and people have to listen, take the time to learn.

I hope you have a learned some key bits of information that will revolutionize your fitness levels, health needs and athletic performance and that you will join me on this journey as a max international preferred customer or associate.

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