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Long Distance Running Tips: Strategies To Help You Run Faster In 2019

Long Distance Running Tips

The best long distance running tips are often times the ones we don't listen to. Have you ever had times when you felt as if you had all this potential and nothing to show for it? That was me in 2010.

Long Distance Running Tips

Furthermore, I was doing the best workouts of my life but getting no returns. I had a great of pressure on me but looking back. That being said, it wasn't pressure from my coach or the military unit I was a part of.

It was the undue pressure I had put on myself.

I wasn't listening to the long distance running tips I was given throughout my career.

Also, don't stress over things out of your control.

If you have a bad race, move on and learn from it but don't dwell.

In addition to that, enjoy the sport.

Sure, did having to earn an olympic trials marathon standard in a 10-month time-frame cause stress?

Yes. A 2.19.00 marathon time is not the easiest of tasks.

You have to want to succeed, as badly as you want to breath

How powerful is that? The truth is most people do not put all of their attention and focus into a task.

I have trained extremely hard to get from a 2.43 to a 2.19 marathon time.

Associate With Winners

You have to surround yourself with motivating people.

I had great teammates in:

Dan Browne (2.11.35 marathoner)

John Mickowski (3.39 1500m)

Kenny Foster (2.19.49 marathoner)

Golden Coachman (1.46 800m)

Robert Cheseret (13.13 5000m)

Kelly Calway (2.37 marathoner)

Joseph Chirlee (2.12 marathoner)

Furthermore, find people that are going to hope you in everyday to achieve your running goals.

If you're stuck at a certain time. The worst thing you could do is sell yourself short by giving up or letting go of your goal.

In addition, you have to want it bad in this sport. If you're trying to qualify for the Olympic Trials, win your age group in local races or lose weight, put all your focus on that goal.

Lastly, all avenues are hard but the best defense is having the same motivation you have to breath focused toward your preparation, period.

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