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The Elite 3 Hour Marathon Course

3 Hour Marathon

The 3 hour marathon is a highly exclusive club.

Did you know that in 2011 less than 2 percent of marathoners around the world broke the sub 3 hour marathon.

3 hour marathon

I have been fortunate and blessed to have broken the sub 3 hour marathon in 11 of the 12 marathons I have run.

My last serious attempt at the marathon distance was at the 2013 California International Marathon where I ran 2:32:57.

I feel a sense of duty and responsibility to give back to the readers of this site with what I know.

RunDreamAchieve has been around since November of 2011.

I've written over 500 posts over everything from weight loss, how to run a faster 5K to how to break the 4 hour marathon.

The majority of this site is free content.

I've lost count of the thousands of hours I have put into this resource for the past 7+ years.

The RunDreamAchieve Academy

I am currently working on an exclusive paid course for elite runners seeking to break the 3 hour marathon.

The RunDreamAchieve Academy is going to have specific training courses that are built for runners who want to take their running to the next level.

My focus on right now is creating a top course on the 3 hour marathon.

It will contain the top training strategies I have used since I started running marathons in 2002 on how to break the 3 hour marathon.

Feel free to visit the about page if you want to know more about my race history

It will be more than a generic sub 3 hour marathon training plan.

What Does It Take To Hold 6:50 Per Mile?

Not once, but 26.2 consecutive times.

I'll tell you what it takes.

A whole lot of hustle and drive to get up and out the door each day.

The sub 3 hour marathon is a very fast marathon time.

Where are you currently at?





Anywhere in between?

Are you at 3:00:59 or 3:00:09?

if you are reading this post it already tells me you either have an interest in this time or you are damn close to doing it.

My job in creating the RunDreamAchieve course is to help you do exactly that.

How Do You Get Under 3 Hours For The Marathon?

The biggest hurdle you have to get over is thinking about how far you have to go.

I get this and understand your frustration.

I was in a different time bracket but still focusing on the same thing you are.

My debut marathon was the 2002 New York City Marathon.

I was a part of an Armed Forces team that was running for lung cancer research.

We started in last place (32,189th) and were not allowed to start the race until every runner had passed the start line.

I finished in 2:43:36 and in 253rd place.

My first mile was 16 minutes flat. Let's just say it was an interested first experience running the marathon.

My goal was always to earn an Olympic Trials marathon standard.

It took me from 2002 to 2007 to finally do that.

I finished in 4th place and top American with a time of 2:19:35 at the 2007 California International Marathon.

My goal in writing this to not impress you but to impress upon you that I am someone that has done the work.

I know your frustrations as well.

I've had very poor races just like anyone else.

You are more than welcome to review the about page to review my racing history.

What Will Come With The 3 Hour Marathon Course

Each module will be an in-depth overview of the exact steps needed to demolish the sub-3 hour marathon.

I'll also end each module with some insight and coaching strategies to help you on your journey.

The course will end with a complete, 16 week training schedule that you can follow to break the barrier.

It is not going to be a cookie-cutter course nor will it be a generic 3 hour marathon schedule you can find online.

This course will be for the serious athlete not afraid to invest in their self-development.

The 3 hour marathon is a very fast time for 26.2 miles.

Very few runners around the world complete this distance with such a time.

There are runners within a few seconds and others several minutes away from this time barrier.

My job as your elite athlete training consultant is to get you there faster.

No matter where you are from. We all want to see how fast we can run.

I look forward to helping to demolish your current marathon best and seeing you break 3 hours.

Leave a message below if you have questions. I'd love to hear what has been your biggest issue in breaking this time barrier.


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